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   Chapter 21 Demon Lands (7)

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Word of Ed's spirit picking had already reached all the powers. Old Iba understood the basis of Lady Mi spreading this news. The Jade Phoenix alliance was already considered the weaker of the two alliances. She hoped that the two clans paid attention to this development. If possible, send someone to kill this boy before he matures. As wicked as her thoughts were, the powers were silent.

After all, no one knew where Tie Nse was or what he was doing, nor did they know where he was hiding the boy. No one knows what he looks like or his name. As for now, he was but a myth.

Ed on the other hand was not aware of how his influence has risen in the past few days. He was still journeying through the desert. As they moved, he heard talks of a place called the salt bed. He could tell they were close to this place as they moved, because they had travelled through the last night instead of stopping to rest like always.

He had always wondered why a bunch of martial artists were travelling like mortals. They always stopped at night and went to sleep. He was used to sleeping at night from his time back in his world and did not mind it, but it did not stop it from bothering him.

He wanted to ask about this, but ignored it. Meryl was ignoring him since he said she looked like a snake and he hoped she would continue with her silence. But of course, hopes will always remain hopes. Meryl jumped into his moving wagon and sat when he started hearing shouting.

"What is happening?" he asked her.

"Stay calm, we are entering the salt bed." she told him.


"Al right, I will tell you this. We are not actually traders, we are a mercenary group."

"I noticed, even if you all acted like one, your captain is a martial artist and so is many of you."

"Most of us here are not from the mercenary group. They are travellers trying to get to the demon land."

"Then why are.." Ed started to ask.

"Just let me finish." she said hushing him.

"We are going to the salt bed. That was our primary mission. A few months back, we heard of news, .... wait... I can't tell you that. All you need to know is that we pretended to go deliver some high profiled goods to the Jhu tribe living in the desert. As we return, we pretend to be taken by storm into the salt bed. That way, no one knows we are there." she said.

"A mercenary group like your must have enemies. You don't want word of your trip leaked and people finding out and coming out to struggle over whatever you are looking for. What I don't understand is, why don't you suspect that I am one of them? Why would you tell me this?" Ed asked.

"I have already talked to the captain about this. He said that the winds are stronger around now. That means the illusions may be getting stronger in the salt bed. He wanted to know if you are interested in joining our mercenary group."

"You have already told me your secret; you are already leading me into the salt

bed. You are not giving me much of a choice are you?" Ed asked casually, completely at ease. The girl frowned. Does he have no fear?

"What about those that you had picked up from the tribe while acting as though you are delivering them to the salt bed?"

"You picked that up from what I said, huh?" she laughed darkly.

"They are going to die in there aren't they?" Ed asked.

"What is your decision?"

"The choice has already been made for me. So why ask?"

"Good. You are a smart man. You will be staying with me all through this." she laughed amiably.

"And after?" he asked and she paused. She looked closer at his blank face. She had not seen his expression change since she met him. Does he not know how to make another expression? Sure, he would be killed after he has overstayed his welcome, but he does not need to know that. She could not gauge his true though by looking at his face.

"What do you mean, after? You have already agreed to become part of our group, do you not intend to go back to the city with us?" she said.

"Look, I know you feel as if you can take care of yourself. A lot of people come to the demon lands thinking that they will be fine. Let me advise you. The demon lands is not like the outside world. You need to stay under a higher power to survive. You don't have to worry, now you are part of us, we will take care of you." she said and he almost laughed. But of course this did not show on his face.

His trust of these people had fallen to 0%. He was sure that they would get rid of him after they get what they want. They needed his ability to see through illusions; an ability he does not remember having. Well, he could just take this as a learning experience. There were so many things he did not know about himself. By going out and adventuring, he would have a better understanding of hi capabilities.

He felt the wagon shake as though it would break for a long time, but no fear crept into his mind. He still sat calmly, thinking about his next move. These people were powerful. Even though he knew he was strong, he had not truly fought those with power. When he was back at the valley, he had killed a chief, but this was only because he mistakenly touched the chief with his energy. He was sure that this would not have happened if the chief took him seriously.

Even though he had fought before, that was at the foundation level and he was sure how much strength he had now compare to others. All those he had fought before were on spirit picking below, so he should be able to beat those in his level easily. Since he could beat those at spirit picking when he was at foundation level, he should be able to beat those at spirit awakening while at spirit picking. But he was not sure just how different each of the levels was. He would only know when he fights. At least before he enters the demon lands and his cultivation is sealed, he should know what he is capable of.

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