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   Chapter 9 Baju Valley (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4913

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Ed looked at the old man's piercing eyes for a second and looked away.

"I only heard of it in passing. Not sure where." Ed said. How could he explain that that was where he was from? That that was home?

"Fine. I will not ask if you don't want to say." Tie Nse let the matter drop.

"I want to test how many energies you can perceive before I give you this technique. Do you want it now?" he said slyly. Ed nodded and Tie Nse's smile widened.

"Good! Then it is time you accept me as your master." he said and Ed stared at him blankly.

"What? What? It's simple, bow to me and say, 'master teach me.'" Tie Nse instructed as he saw Ed unmoved face.

"You really are an old pervert." Ed said.

"What? You don't want the technique?" Tie Nse said loudly with his palm cupped around his ear, acting as though he could not hear what Ed said. Ed sighed and made a stiff bow while sitting.

"Old Pervert, teach me." he said and Tie Nse nodded his head proudly before he registered Ed's words and paused.

"How is that even a bow? Say master, that is the official ceremony for taking a master." Tie Nse fumed as he instructed Ed.

"This is as far as my waist bends. This is all I'm offering, do you want it?" Ed said and Tie Nse frowned.

"Fine I'll take it.....wait, you are talking as though you are selling me something. This is why I don't take disciples. This younger generation talk is too tiring." Tie Nse complained.

"So, what now?" Ed asked.


was the same one they were in.

"This is Baju valley." Tie Nse said and Ed turned to look at him. He could here howling from afar.

"This is where the entire Ohm realm sends the worst criminals." Tie Nse said solemnly. " no one can enter and leave as he likes. Even me. Appearing here is only possible because I have a key." his words caused Ed to frown darkly.

"Are you trying to kill me before I even do my spirit picking?"

"Don't worry, there is no criminal here at the moment. Every one dies within the first night. Even though you are like me, at the soul awakening stage."

"Exactly my point." Ed hissed.

"You must reach the other side of the valley. There, is an inn. I will be waiting there." Tie Nse said and vanished. Ed wished he could drag the old pervert back and skin him alive.

"Never take strangers as your master, Ed." he whispered to him self in anger, looking around the dark and eerie forest. He suddenly felt as though he was being watched.

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