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   Chapter 4 Emperor sage academy (3)

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The elder handling the contests looked cleared his throat and everyone looked his way.

"The rules are simple. All stages will have to fight it out till only two remain. We, from the emperor sage academy don't care about your level. All you have learnt before entering the academy matters not. The academy will brand you in our image. We wish to see those with strength and pure will." the elder said and the faces of the valley chief and the tribal chief distorted.

Usually the academies that come to recruit from the valley always check talent. Wasn't the emperor sage academy declaring that no one from the valley could even have half enough talent to qualify? Isn't this a slap on their faces? Strength? Many knew that there were many types of contemplation and occupations one could branch into. Brute strength only mattered for warriors. Warriors were the lowest kind of occupation. Were they declaring that no matter who were chosen, they would only end up warriors.

The valley heads and elders could only grit their teeth. The Emperor sage academy could do as they place across the entire Sage empire. The participants glanced at themselves, but said nothing. After all, they all wanted a chance to enter the academy no matter the means.

"People from other stages can challenge those remaining on the others if you are confident you can defeat them." the elder said, "this is a challenge stage. I will make this simple so that we can all leave here. Two people remain on the stage. The rest left behind can challenge them."

The Valley chief tried all in his power to keep a straight face. He was boiling inside but could not show it. Rushing a recruiting so that he could embarrass him? He laughed in his heart. Lu Guan, you are too vicious. He now saw that even though the Emperor sage academy intended to recruit people from the valley, the fact that they sent Lu Guan as their representative means no one good would get to the academy. Even if there were hidden talents, even his adopted son, may not make it through if he is not strong enough. Strength does not equate to potential. When those chosen get to the emperor sag academy and are tested, the lack of talent will show. If the valley does not produce talents to join the great stage outside, it would not have the opportunity to do so again as the empire will remove it's name from the list of places recruiting could take place. Lu Guan. So this was your plan, after all.

All those from the emperor Sage academy watching this disappointing recruiting had a hint of amusement in their eyes.

"Wow, so simple? I guess they prepared for nothing. Even the little stream academy recruiting is much more exciting, they had put up quite a show. I guess the emperor sage academy has lost it's lustre." a old man said. Those on the stand looked his way. Though he muttered softly, all those with spiritual energy heard him. Of course it did not help that the entire arena was silent.

The Valley chief also glanced at this old man. He looked completely ordinary and harmless. His words could pass as rubbish talk, so it would be amusing if the emperor sage academy took offense and harmed him. Their image as righteous protectors of the Sage Empire would be tainted.

The recruiting elder looked away, not before sharpening his gaze on the old man. "Begin!"

On Ed's stage, Lady Guan walked up and glanced at those on the stage. "Get down! Only Brother Ed and I will stand on this stage." she said, causing those there to shiver. Her words were clear to all in the arena. But only the audience paid attention as the other stages had their own struggles to handle.

"Lady Jian, you standing on the stage is okay, but we have the right to fight for the second spot. Why should we get down?" Ian Ou said, making Ed glance at him for a second before looking away. Ian Ou was one of his adopted younger brothers. The most Quiet amongst them. Ed could not remember when this brother had ever said a word to him since he arrived. He had one more brother after Ian Ou and Hun Ou; Kan Ou. Out of all his adopted brothers, this was one that made him frown. Even the angry Hun Ou had never caused a reaction from him.

Ed had always seen the look in his eyes and knew that this boy was dangerous. To what degree, he did not know. His quiet demure did nothing to dissuade Ed's feelings.

"I don't care! Get down and find somewhere else!" Lady Jian said and they all glared at Ed. He could care less about what they did, nor what Lad

y Jian herself did. All he knew was that he was not stepping off this stage. Slowing, his clan's men got down from the stage, till only He and Lady Jian stood.

The rest of the other stages had the same result; those who were known to be more powerful won and the others stepped down. The commoner's stage had the same result. Though it took a more tussle than the rest, every thing was more or less resolved.

"Now, the challenge. Go up and challenge those standing for a spot." the recruiting elder said. Many hesitated. They did not see the point in challenging people who took spots on stage out of pure reputation. They were going to loose either way. One person stepped forward.

"I, Lin Rue challenge Master Hunten Gi." the commoner girl said, glaring at the short and thin, Master Hunten Gi standing on one of the stages. Many frowned. A commoner challenging a Tribal Chief's son? They all turned to Master Hunten Gi and waited for his reply.

"Accepted." the recruiting elder said and many frowned.

"You are now accepting for those challenged?" tribal chief Gi asked with a frown.

"Any one challenged must accept. There is a reason why there are five stages. There are five houses in the Emperor Sage academy and standing on the first stage makes you an outer disciple of the first house and so on. Many of you may not know, but the houses are numbered according to strength, with Broken peak being number one." the recruiting elder said and they all turned to look at the first stage. That was where Ed and Lady Jian stood. The eyes of those on the other stages burned.

"Any one can challenge anyone. As long as the person on a stage has fought four times, he can no more be removed from the stage. If you win another and upgrade your stage, your will still have to fight four times to stay there." The elder said. The commoner stepped up to the stage and the other on the stage stood aside.

"To the death!" the commoner said and everyone looked at her strangely.

"Do you accept this condition?" the recruiting elder said.

"Yes!" Hunten Gi said.

"Son!" his father scolded.

"Begin!" the elder said without care. The commoner immediately planted her legs apart, stabilizing herself.

As far as Hunten Gi was concerned, there was no way a commoner girl without training could beat him no matter how strong she is. This point of view changed the moment she lifted her hand and swung a sword manifested from thin air. He felt his body pulled towards the sword and panicked. If he did not do something, that sword is sure to connect with his midsection.

His wrists were swift as his fingers pulled hand signs. He felt his body become heavy and his feet sit on the ground without making a move. When the commoner's word passed by, the pull stopped. But she was had only begun. He eyes flashed red momentarily before she sprang towards him for in a moment and threw a punch.

"Heaven's judgment!" she bellowed. That fist, that move, the energy being emitted, this caused the two elders from the Emperor's sage academy to stand up. Their reaction did nothing to calm the agitated tribal chief Gi.

All Hunten Gi saw was a tiny fist coming his way. He emerged his hand to block it, but as the fist came close enough, he felt the power the fist was emitting and this pupil shrank. Though there was no time, he still tried to withdraw the palm he had placed out to receive that fist.

The commoner girl's fist still connected with his palm as he tried to move it way. The entire arena gasped. Hunten Gi felt the pain before he looked down and saw the blood. His palm had been shattered to nothing. If he had not tried to move away at the last moment, his entire arm would have been gone. But he had no time to think cause, she did not wait for him to recover as she swung a second fist at his side ribs.

It only took a second for the feeling of danger to envelope him. 'I'm going to die'; as those words crossed his mind, he activated a shield he wore under his shirt and concentrated all of it's strength on his right arm which he moved to protect his rib.

The valley chief sighed as he shook his head. He could see that he was not the only one who did the same. Tribal chief Gi's expression turned grim as he rose from his seat only to be paused in place by the recruiting elder's spell.

"Interference is prohibited." the elder's voice sounded softly through the arena.

Hunten Gi's shield activated, "Turtle's shield!" he bellowed as the fist connected.

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