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   Chapter 2 Emperor sage academy (1)

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The Valley was buzzing with activity. The Emperor Sage academy was coming to hold an open contest; those chosen would have the chance to be outer disciples. All through, Jian Ou only dropped by for few minutes to see Ed before leaving; she never stayed as long as she usually did. Ed could tell she was serious about going with him to the academy.

She was not the only one serious about the up coming event; he had not seen his adopted brothers appear to taunt him even once through out this period. He enjoyed the solitude. It gave him time to explore this book. He also took his contemplation seriously, because that was also an option to leave this world.

Many did not know that he was close to his spirit picking and all he needed to do was stabilize his foundation before attempting to break through. He contemplated in his sleep and when he walked. Split attention; this was something people thought completely rare. He had never told a person about this ability.

He spent his time reading the book he had gotten from Jian Ou. He had learnt a lot. Most of what was written, he did not understand, but he learnt a lot about the Mist.

Apparently, the mist was part of a place called the Unknown Lands. In this place, space and time was like a lump of fluid; it mixed up and unraveled. There was no such thing as a time line here. This explained why there were different kings from different eras talked about as though they were of the same time here. He wondered if the king ever met face to face here. Did this place just mix up time lines or replicated the actual people in the real world? Reading on, he understood that this world appeared different for those living in it. Many people don't experience the same thing. He understood that the kingdoms he knew were referred to as mortal world here.

It was a place devoid of power, his world. The Mist was a like a passage way into the higher realms, where power was life. He understood that this valley was just a region under the Godhand Gate. He understood that there were many gates. They all led to different world. He scanned the book looking for the Gate to his world. Nothing. All that was written was that his world was locked during the time of the ancient kings. No one from the higher world can descend to the mortal world. Those of the mortal world must passed through points to reach other realms but can not return. It was written that the powers in the lower world used magic, a force that was not truly understood here. It did say that the Quest takers were the last people to cross the realms without care. It was their birth right, he had read. This made him glance at his space bag, where his sword was resting. He could almost hear it buzzing. The book said that Quest takers had to reach the stage of God eater to move that freely. The book made mention of legends of those who were so powerful, they could tear open the veil and descend.

Ed paled and closed the book. Would he have to become a god eater before he could attempt leaving? It had taken him five years to get to this stage and he was still yet to enter the spirit picking stage. Though others may think that was fast, but for him, that was too slow. How long would he have to stay to get back to his world? He had things to do there.

"Ed." he heard himself called. He rose from his bed to see the Valley chief arrive. The Valley chief always had him called and not the other way round. Even though he was shocked, Ed did not show any expression as usual.

He got up to welcome him; "Father." he said.

"Sit. I have come to tell you; concentrate on your contemplation. You do not need to make an appearance for the welcome ceremony. You only have to worry about raising your power. The emperor sage academy is arriving today. Stay inside and contemplate." he said and left thereafter.

Ed understood the Valley Chief did not intend for him to be around during the celebration. Though he was his beloved adopted son, he still was not flesh and blood. He had always known that the Valley Chief wanted him to never leave the valley. That way, he would be married to one of the family members and take over as Valley Chief.

Ed almost shook his head tiredly. They did not understand that no matter what they did, the moment he stepped out of this valley he would not return.

He understood that no matter his level of strength, he was an older person. He looked to be in his twenties, while the others trying out were in their teens. No matter his strength, he had taking too long to start cultivating.

Sighing, he concentrated on his reading as though nothing had happened.

That night, the Emperor sage academy arrived. They were received by the Valley chief and other tribal chiefs, along with their sons. They all smiled and bowed to the ones that had arrived.

"Valley Chief! It's been a long time. You have aged." a man in his forties said with a smile.

The valley chief laughed humbly; "Lu Guan, you have not aged a day. I see, you have gotten stronger."

"Well, it's fate, fate." Lu Guan said and the Valley chief just smiled. One looking would not be able to tell that these two were not complimenting each other but holding back from a good fight.

The guests were led to the reception hall, where they were entertained and drank through the night. It had gotten a long way into the feast when a boy of the younger generation decided to challenge the Valley chief's sons.

"Valley Chief, forgive me, I had heard of all your exploits and though I can not challenge you, a tiger cannot birth cats. I wish to challenge one of your sons." one of the young boys not older than thirteen said while sipping on his cup of wine.

Everyone in the hall paused. The chiefs of other tribes hid their smiles behind their wine cups as they relaxed to watch a show. The Valley Chief was aware that this was a ploy to embarrass him. He looked round and wondered which of the Tribal chiefs had told those from the Emperor Sage Academy of the disappointment of his bloodline.

His first son Hun Ou, too slow to understand this was a plot

had to stand up bravely and accept the challenge.

"It would be an honor!" he puffed his chest and said with confidence. Everybody in the valley knew this son of his has no talent in cultivation. From the beginning, he found it hard to do a stable contemplation. He wished he could get up and squeeze life from his shameless body.

"This is a game between the younger generation. Lets not interfere in this." Lu Guan said with a laugh.

"Jia lin, you asked for this challenge. Even if you are bored, you can not get up and disturb the Valley Chief's family like that. You must offer compensation if something goes wrong." Lu Guan said coyly. The Valley Chief gritted his teeth, trying to suppress his anger. The look on everyone's face said it all, Lu Guan was mocking him. By his words, he already assumed Hun Ou would lose.

"Haha! No need to compensate. If I, this young master can lose in a mere exchange of pointers, then I am not qualified to enter the emperor sage academy." Hun Ou said. The Valley Chief almost swallowed his teeth as everyone in the room blanched. Did this boy actually think he was going to win? He just made such a daring statement at a gathering such as this, was he stupid or did he have no intention of joining the emperor sage academy?

"Really? The honor of a man is weighed by the value of his words." Jia Lin chuckled at the naïve boy.

"Of course! Please go ahead." Hun Ou said. They all relocated to a training ground where the servants had begun to light up brightly with torches. With those torches, the stage was bright even in the darkness of the night.

Hun Ou and Jia Lin took to the stage and waited upon the referee, who was an inner disciple from the Emperor Sage academy. When the drum sounded, the challenge was considered to have begun.

On the sound of the drum, Hun Ou moved first, moving toward Jia Lin with a surprising speed. He kicked at Jian Lin as he bellowed, "Desert hammer!"

The air gave way as his foot landed. With one look, a person could tell the power in that kick. If that stage was normal, it would have collapsed. As the kick touched Jian Lin's cloths, there was a loud sound of bones cracking.

Jia Lin but looked towards his shoulder, where Hun Ou's kick had landed and smirked.

"A nice technique, a weak user. You had not compensated for the lack of strength in your other leg. Did you not consider that if that kick failed to harm me, there by letting the energy you just unleashed pass through me, it would have no where else to go?" Jia Lin said as he reached to grab Hun Ou's leg that was stuck in that position.

To others, the hand moving to touch Hun Ou's leg resting on Jia Lin's shoulder was moving swiftly but lightly. But to Hun Ou, it was like a devil's hand approaching him from the depths of hell. He felt the danger in that hand and did not dare for it to touch him. He pulled all his strength to move away faster, thereby doubling his speed. He may have escaped twenty steps back, but his entire core was spent. He panted as his eyes bulged in fear.

How did it turn out like this so fast? The battle had only started and before the time it took to boil a cup of tea, no.. Before anyone even put the stove on, he had no energy to continue. Shame? Yes, he felt it. The eyes looking at him from the crowd were full of mockery. Though he did not look back at them, he could feel their gazes touch his sweat soaked clothes and penetrate through his skin. But, they did not matter. The danger was the person approaching him. He was about to shout a surrender to escape, but a thought crossed his mind.

"Don't! I give up!" he said but when the person moving towards him did not stop, he shouted; "My big brother would kill you if something goes wrong." Only then did Jia Lin's steps pause.

"I have already surrendered. This was just a case of exchanging pointers, would you still continue?" Hun Ou asked.

"He has surrendered, so you win." the referee said. Hun Ou sighed a relief before using his last strength to get up and try to leave.

"I have lost. Thank you for a good game, I must go and have my leg checked." Hun Ou said and turned away.

"Wait! You are the first son. Who is this elder brother?" Jia Lin asked and Hun Ou smiled inwardly.

"Oh? He's the strongest in the Valley. I may not be good enough to enter Emperor Sage academy, but do you think any of you that came are good enough to fight him?" Hun Ou said and walked away.

The Valley Chief wished to bend his son over his knee and give his behind a beating that he would never forget. That statement was a clear provocation toward the Emperor Sage academy. The fact that Ed did not even show up to welcome them, now seemed as an act of arrogance. If he told the guest now that he had not had his adopted son appear because this was an important gathering and not a place where adopted children from the wild could appear, they would not believe him.

The other tribe chiefs all had guarded expressions and some even held expressions as though they were in thought. They wondered if this claim was true? Did they really think this in their hearts? They already assumed Valley Master Ed was going to get in for sure and he would be on top. This was because the extent of his strength among the younger generation, was known to them.

But his title of Valley master did not come by defeating all the young men his age and the geniuses in the Valley. It came when he killed a tribe chief with a lazy swing. What he was holding, they knew it was a sword, and it looked ordinary at that. They wondered if he had some hidden power they did not know about. They had increased the amount of spies in the Valley Chief's residence but got nothing. Many of the tribe chiefs coveted this power no matter what it may be.

What they did not know was that the look on their faces as they thought of Hun Ou's statement had already caused suspicion and anger among the guests. This son they did not know about, they were going to have to keep an eye on him.

Ed sat in his room oblivious of the trouble Hun Ou had caused for him.

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