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   Chapter 28 Deleted Scene 2

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****Simon's POV****

It was a cold night as Simon shut the door on his apartment. He could feel Isabelle breathing behind him, each puff of air sending tingles down his spine that were in no way from the chill in the air. The young Daylighter knew he should feel sleepy after the night of festivities, but instead he felt amped up and gearing to go.

Isabelle shuts the door quietly, her face somewhat drawn. Understandably the Lightwood woman is tired. She and Clary were to become parabatai tomorrow. What's more, she had finally ended the seemingly endless saga of searching for her older brother Alec. All the stress had melted away from her tonight, leaving behind excited anticipation. Clary and she had spent long hours talking into the night, and when that wasn't happening he was at her side.

Like always, Izzy had been a sight to behold at the party. She had dressed in her usual fashionable style that would make jaws drop to the floor. But that wasn't what had Simon feeling so warm and fuzzy inside. No, it was the way she would smile at him; the way her kisses were featherlight on his lips and jawline to leave him yearning for more; the way her smaller hand interlinked with his own.

God, he loves her so much.

"So, I guess we should get some sleep then." She presses a kiss to his cheek. "I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll see you in the bedroom."

"Yes. Sounds good. I'm just gonna get changed then." Simon watches her disappear into the bathroom before making his own way into the bedroom.

It was just as he had left it. As Isabelle spent most her nights with him now, his bed was well-kept and his shelves neatly organized. Band posters from various bands and Star Wars regalia lines the walls haphazardly with no real direction to it. A few socks lay around the stuffed laundry basket beside the dresser from when he tried to shoot them in from his bed this morning.

He quickly changes out of his party wear and into some sweatpants and an old band t-shirt that has a small hole at the bottom. The red fabric was slightly faded from years of washing. At this point, he was surprised the old thing still fit, considering that he had gotten it back in his high school days.

Back before everything changed....

While it was true that Clary could not fully remember all the events that took place back when they first met the Shadowhunters, Simon can with absolute clarity. Jace's cockiness, Alec's general annoyance, and Izzy's flirting rattled around in his head sometimes. From the get go the Li

the soft chime of her voice.

"What's up Simon? I can hear you thinking."

Simon's brows furrowed. "I'm not sure how you could. I wasn't saying anything aloud."

Izzy shakes her head. He cannot see the movement, but he can feel the shake against the muscle of his arm. Her hair is a tangled mess behind her head, the black strands silky smooth. As always after showering, Isabelle smelled delightful. Today, he caught a whiff of strawberry as he took in an unnecessary inhale of air.

"Uh...well. I guess I'm just thinking about tomorrow. Like, are we really certain that this who, w conversion into a Shadowhunter thing will work for me?" He voices his concerns in a rush. Once he's done, it feels as though a ginormous weight has been lifted off his chest.

Izzy seems to contemplate his words. "Hmm...I'd be lying if I said with absolute certainty that this will work."

Simon can't help letting out a disappointed groan. He was not upset over his girlfriend's honesty, but instead annoyed with himself for being hopeful for certainty.

"Great. I never should've asked." He feels miserable.

"Hey now, let me finish." Izzy squeezes his arm gently. Simon quiets down, wondering what she will say.

"While it's true that I'm not a hundred percent certain, I can say that it's extremely likely that this will work. We did test a sample of your blood on the heavenly fire after all, and it garnered positive results."

"I guess that's reassuring." He murmurs.

"It's going to be okay Simon." Izzy tells him reassuringly.

"I-" Simon swallows around the lump in his throat. "I hope you're right."

Izzy sighs, her voice a mere whisper as she responds.

"Me too."

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