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   Chapter 26 Deleted Scene 1

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****Magnus's POV****

"I do love vacation, but I have to say I'm glad that we're back." Alec says with a happy sigh.

The two men had decided to walk back up to their shared loft together after returning home from Rome. Magnus had made up a portal delivering them right in front of their home, both of them too weary to do any work today.

Magnus hums in agreement. "Me too. Though as long as I'm with you I could care less where we are."

Alec gives him a sweet kiss for that, pressing his body weight up against his husband. The two men molded against one another like puzzle pieces meant to fit. Sometimes Magnus found it hard to believe that he had found happiness like this. A younger Magnus would've scorned him for feeling this way, mistrustful towards most the entire world. Such was not the case for him now though, and the warlock feels grateful to have been proven wrong. And even more grateful to have such a wonderful husband by his side.

The two continue to trade lazy kisses as they make their way up the stairs. If not for Alec's steady grip on the railing, he suspects that they would have crashed down on the hard steps. Their front door pops up way earlier than Magnus would've liked, probably a result of the fact they weren't carrying any luggage with them. Being a warlock, one of the perks was that he could portal all their things back home, making the painstaking carrying of the several bags they'd brought with them (they were mostly Magnus's) an unneeded task.

A thought occurs to him as Alec jabs the key into the lock. "Do you think Sheldon will still be here? I hope he's been taking care of Chairman."

Alec grunts as the door finally unlocks. "Sweetheart, you and I both know that it's Simon. And I'm sure that he's still here. He did promise to house sit too while we were away."

"Honestly I didn't see the point in that. With our home warded and in the heart of nephilim country, I don't see how anything bad could happen to it." Magnus murmurs.

Alec gives him a fond smile, though his hazel eyes hold a hint of mixed emotions. "Maybe not now, but Alicante was broken into by several hordes of demons not that long ago, so you n

n scratchy and bitey." Simon winces as he rubs one of his arms, right over where several of the inflamed pink marks are. At Magnus's worried look, Simon rushes to reassure him. "But don't worry. I'm just fine. Dandy as I'll ever be. Oh, and your house is great too. Nothing happened while you were gone."

Alec's rolls his eyes but does not comment much. If anything, a pleased smile seems to be tugging at his lips, almost as though he was proud that Chairman attacked Simon. Magnus wants to smack him, but seeing as he loved that smile, he resorts to turning away from Alec to ignore the needless amusement.

"I'm terribly sorry Simon. Is there anyway I can make it up to you. At least let me heal up those scratches." Magnus's hands flicker with healing blue light.

Simon gives a nod. "Yea. Some healing would be great, but you don't have to pay me."

"No no, I insist. Alexander, go grab some money from the safe. You know the one." Magnus says without turning to face Alec.

"Sure. I'll take Chairman with me." Alec agrees easily.

And so for the next half hour, Magnus was busy at work healing up the cuts and bites that littered Simon's arms, face, legs and most surprisingly, his back. All the while Alec played with Chairman in their bedroom. The door to it was pulled shut but that did not prevent Magnus from hearing the sound of Alec's laughter.

So while their arrival home had been strange, Magnus found it pleasant anyways.

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