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   Chapter 24 Parabatai and New Beginnings

A Hidden Past By Grace Estellar Characters: 35001

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****Alec's POV****

Dawn paints the sky with its pink gold light. Alec walks out of the kitchen blinking sleep out of his eyes, having just woken up not that long ago. Magnus remains back in the kitchen, putting on the final touches to the pancakes they'd made together. The bacon, eggs and orange juice sat on the table already along with set up cutlery and glasses. With quiet footsteps he makes his way over to the guest bedroom to crane open the door. Just like he had left him the night before, Harry lay sprawled out underneath the covers with his golden brown hair sticking out just like the crests of his wings were.

The youngest of the nephilim had a blissed out smile as he let out quiet snores, his green-gold eyes still shut. After the festivities of the night had ended, Alec had found a tuckered out Harry passed out on the couch. Pippa and Daniel had been more than happy to take the youngest back home, but Alec insisted on keeping him at the Loft for the night. And so the angel had taken Harry to one of the few guest rooms of their home to deposit the sleeping male in bed for the night before retiring for the night with his husband in their bed.

Through the darkness of last night, Alec had not gotten a good look at the youngest in sleep. As it was daylight now he could see the delicate features of the young man's face. Long, lashes cast shadows over Harry's closed eyes. His jawline was a fine cut angle that had a few small freckles towards the length of his neck. Harry's nose was somewhat like Alec's own, just as were his lips. All in all, the winged nephilim has an angelic complexion, possibly even more so than either of his siblings.

Alec ran one hand carefully through the already ruffled locks on his son's head, pushing a bit of the fringe out of his eyes. Harry reaches out in his sleep, his hand searching for something that isn't there.

"Carson? Carson is that you?" Harry asks, his tone filled with sleep. Alec wants to question who Carson is, but then those green gold eyes are flashing open, light entering his bright eyes like gentle sunshine.

"Good to see you're awake." Is what he says instead, at a loss for anything better.

Harry's eyes roll to meet his gaze, blinking sleep out of them tiredly. There seems to be a small flicker of disappointment on Harry's face, but it disappears to quickly for Alec to figure out what it's about.

"Good morning." Harry murmurs, letting out a small yawn as he does so.

One of the arms that the bronze winged man had left out of the covers twinges at his side. Alec notes the runes spiraling on that arm. There was a strength rune and angelic power rune that took up most of the space there, and what looks to be a faded equilibrium rune peeking out on the back of the man's neck. He finds it amusing that Jace has that same rune on the back of his own neck.

"Morning. making breakfast. It should be ready soon, so you're welcome to join us." Alec tells him.

Harry gives a small nod, pulling out of the bed with a small groan. "Sure. Will your wings be joining us?" He casts a knowing glance to Alec's back, where his wings were still glamoured. "It's best not to keep them glamoured for too long of a period of time, especially when your just getting used to them."

Alec feels a bit sheepish. He honestly forgot that his new appendages were still incorporeal. Frankly, it's surprising the glamour didn't fall away in his sleep, but as he is a powerful archangel now, he guesses it would make sense that it would.

"Yea. I forgot to do it last night." He takes a steadying breath before letting the wings materialize on his back.

The added weight doesn't bother him at all, so it ends up feeling like a key sliding into place as though it was always meant to be there. The white feathers are a stark contrast to the pitch black color of his hair and also, oddly enough, the color of Daniel's wings.

And here I thought we looked a lot alike. I wonder why they're so different though...maybe Daniel might know. Or possibly Pippa. Or maybe even Harry. I don't know...Out of the three siblings, Daniel seems to know the most about these sorts of things. And yet, he couldn't really make assumptions now could he?

"How do they feel?" Harry mutters out the question as he lumbers out of bed, heavy footsteps dragging him towards the bathroom connected to the guest room. Magnus had made sure that each guest room had its own, Alec found the magicked innovation very thoughtful.

Alec flexes the wings behind his back experimentally. Any major movements of the large appendages still felt strange to him. He had yet to fly again since the day he'd received his wings, so he was unsure how he would feel about flight the next time he did it. Flapping those powerful wings in the heat of the moment had been one thing. Adrenaline had got him racing forward, the urge to get to his husband a fast igniting flame in his heart. But now that adrenaline was gone, leaving him wondering if he even would be able to get off the ground if he tried.

"Good. Though I should probably stretch them out before the ceremony. You think you can show me that stretch again before we leave? I don't want them to be quivering during the ceremony." Alec said.

"Sure. Mind if I..." Harry reaches out towards one of Alec's wings, his eyes asking for permission to touch.

"Yes. Sure." Alec extends the appendage out awkwardly, allowing Harry to run his hand through one of the wings. Harry runs a hand through the feathers, smoothing out the ones that were out of place.

"Huh. Now that's odd." Harry pulls back, a lone feather in his hand.

Alec stares at the fluffy thing curiously. He doesn't spot anything out of the ordinary on the white feather, save for a few gray spots on the edges of it. It is those spots that make him realize somehow that this feather is not his own, especially when the feather immediately darkens the second it touches Harry's hand.

The youngest lets it drop with a yelp.

The blackening thing spirals to the ground with the slow grace of an unimpeded journey through the air. Hazel eyes turn blue and golden green eyes flare with golden light as the two beings watch the object's descent downwards. When it touches the beige carpet a sort of shadow energy flares up from it before the feather is then evaporating into thin air, vanishing as though it was never there at all.

There is silence for a moment, both of them processing what they had just seen.

"What in the world was that about? I know that wasn't my feather." Alec asks in concern.

Harry's eyes darken at those words before fluttering shut. The youngest takes a steadying breath before opening them again, a sort of impassive look crossing his features. Alec has never seen this expression from Harry before; he would be lying if he said it looked good on the man.

"Don't worry about it. This should not concern you."

"But how did it get there?...Whose was it?" Alec's mind searches for an answer. As none of the three siblings have white feathers, he would guess that it comes from another angel. But which one?

Harry shakes his head, his eyes still trained on the spot on the floor where the feather had been. One of his hands snakes through one Alec's wings, presumably sifting around for any more of those shadowy feathers. He checks the other wing too before pulling back with a satisfied look.

"I don't know how it got there. But I didn't find anymore on you, and I think that is what's most important." Harry says, giving a reassuring pat to his shoulder before walking away.

Alec trails behind him. An uneasy feeling remains in him as he closes the door to the room, leaving behind where the feather had once been. He has a feeling that whatever this feather has to deal with is far from over, and that upon gaining his new powers he might have attracted a brand new danger lurking in the shadows just below the surface, waiting to strike.

****Magnus's POV/Time skip****

Magnus watches with a happy sort of pleasure as Simon approaches the Silent Brothers, his brown eyes determined and a smile tugging up the corners of his mouth. As it had been agreed, only a small group had gathered to watch Simon's transformation from vampire to Shadowhunter.

He felt lucky to be among that group, and he understood Jem's reasoning for drinking his own granted vial of Heavenly Fire in only Tessa's presence by Blackfriar's Bridge. Brother Zachariah (or Jem, as that is his actual name) had unwillingly joined the Brotherhood a long time ago, back when it had been the only way for him to survive. After so many years, for Jem to finally get to be himself again...well, Magnus could not be prouder.

And he was certain that Will would be feeling the same pride in his parabatai too. Will Herondale had been Jem's lifelong friend and parabatai and brother. Losing the witty, charismatic Herondale had broken everyone's hearts, especially Tessa's and Jem's. It was a relief now that the pair would finally be able to find salvation in each other, holding each other close just like they had always deserved.

Simon Lewis, please step forward. One of the Silent Brother's projected, the man's sewn eyes and lips making it impossible to tell what the centuries old man was feeling.

Simon follows the man's instructions, standing in front of the Silent Brother silently. As so many ceremonies at the New York Institute had been done, the group found themselves in the same room that Magnus and Alec had gotten married in almost two years ago. Memories of that beautiful night made a smile blossom on his lips. He casts a covert glance at his husband who stands beside him. Alec is also smiling, one of his hands playing with the wedding he wears each and everyday (barring hunts when it remains on a fortified chain around his shirt because Alec will not let something so precious get stained by demonic ichor).

Right beside Alec is his sister Isabelle. Clary and Jace watch quietly by Magnus's side. The group appreciate the soreness of the moment as a soft morning light spills through the stain glass windows. The rest of the world continue to spin on outside of this room, but for now the small group of friends was allowed to have a momentous occasion that would benefit them all.

With this ceremony Simon would no longer be immortal. Instead, he would be a Shadowhunter, and he would be able to marry Isabelle and have children with her just as h

my God." Izzy said.

"Where thou diest, I will die." Clary states, her eyes fierce with the light of the flames.

"And there will I be buried." Izzy responds with equal fervor.

"The Angel do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me." They say the last line together.

It is at this moment that the flames grow even more vast than before, the blue-white light of the holy fire just about swallowing the two women full. Pippa has seen many parabatai oaths in her life time, including the very first parabatai oath, but she can tell that there is something extra about this pairing. The winged nephilim knows they will be great partners, and friends for life.

"You may now mark each other with the parabatai rune." The Silent Brother proclaims into each of the nephilims' heads.

Only Maryse and Magnus are left staring around confusedly at the Shadowhunters, not hearing the voice themselves. Pippa finds it surprising that Brother Zenitel did not project to everyone in the room like he did with Simon's ceremony earlier.

Then again, as the parabatai ceremony was one of the most sacred of ceremonies there were, she supposes it would be unusual for him to do so. Most Downworlders and Mundanes have no interest in seeing this ceremony. In fact, Magnus may very well be the first Downworlder to ever witness a parabatai ceremony outside of faculty members at the Shadowhunter Academy.

Hmmm...has Armando seen the parabatai ceremony then? It had been a few centuries ago, but Armando Drake had taught at the Academy once upon a time. She vaguely remembers how annoyed her friend had been while teaching at the school. Some shadowhunter's just didn't have any respect for Downworlders....and that was putting it likely. Pippa is happy that things have changed for the better since then; Downworlders were finally getting the respect they deserved.

She is dragged out of her thoughts by the sound of sizzling flesh as glowing adamas touches skin. Intrigued, Pippa watches Clary and Izzy mark each other with the scrawling L shaped rune. Despite the slight discomfort the rune brings upon initial marking, the two women do nothing but smile at each other during the whole process.

When they are done, each bares the parabatai rune. Izzy's resides on her left arm, just a little ways below her shoulder. Clary's parabatai rune rests on her right arm, the opposite side of where her new parabatai's rune lies. The two L patterns are a reddish color now, but rapidly are shifting into the deep black that all runes are meant to be.

Pippa feels so proud of both of them, and she can tell that everyone else in the room is too.

****Daniel's POV****

Once more the Loft is filled with partying people. He can hear the raucous laughter of Clary and Jace as they continue on their dizzying dance after having consumed a decent quantity of alcohol earlier. Simon and Isabelle are not much better, but at least they remain over by the bar, chatting with Maia who deliberately put herself in charge of the drinks (because she and Magnus are the best when it comes to mixing drinks). Bat is a steady presence a little ways away from her, having conversation with Lorenzo Rey and Andrew Underhill.

Magnus and Alec sit together on the couch, listening to Madzie go on and on about some new magic trick she learned. Pippa seems to be having a rapt conversation with Aline and Helen, the two women look even closer than the last time Daniel had seen them in Alec's wedding photos.

Jia and Robert Lightwood speak with Harry over a few glasses of vodka having what definitely seems to be a casual discussion about Clave law, something Daniel didn't expect to see in his youngest brother whom so often loves to proclaim that he's the life of the party. To be fair, the only one of the siblings who could usually beat him out of that title was Sara, but he would rather not think of his twin on this celebratory occasion.

It would only bring him pain.

And so he continues to casually sip from his own glass. The taste of vodka and gin mixed together burns as it slides down his throat and into his stomach. It successfully warms his insides, but does little to remove the underlying pain in his side, or the pain in his heart. One would think that he would no longer feel pain from a rune that connected him to someone who had to be gone. Apparently, they would be wrong.

"I thought I might find you here." Armando murmurs.

Daniel feels strong arms wrap around his middle to pull him back into Armando's embrace. The eldest of the winged nephilim sets down his drink on the balcony ledge he'd been staring out from before easing back into it.

"I wasn't sure you were coming." Daniel leans back into him, his head falling back on the warlock's shoulders to stare into his amber eyes.

"Are you kidding me. I wouldn't miss it."

"Hmmm. But you can't deny, you're not exactly the partying type." Daniel said.

Armando shrugs as they pull away from one another. "Neither are you."

"I'm here because of family. Socializing at these sorts of things is just meh for me."

Armando grins. "Fair enough. So, how've you been?"

Daniel turns to stare up at the night sky, watching the stars glittering there. Armando joins him on his left, breathing out small puffs of white air from the chilly cold of the night. Daniel wasn't a fan of interaction with most people, but he found Armando to always be an exception to this rule, just like he was an exception to so many other things in his life.

"I've been doing well. Dad's back, so that's pretty great." Daniel tells him.

"I'm sure. But, there's nothing bothering you?" His friend asks.

Daniel sighs, fiddling with his glass of well-mixed alcohol. "Nothing I can do anything about right now I suppose." He recalls the unusual occurrence at his father's awakening, and Harry's finding this morning. There were still so many things he is unsure of.

Armando nods. "Yes, some problems can be like that, hmm."

Daniel turns to face his friend. In the darkness of the night, Armando seems even more mysterious. His amber eyes glint with silver light, reflecting the stars. Daniel has the urge to stare into those eyes much longer than what would be appropriate, among other things. He doubts Armando would mind.

Usually Daniel wouldn't be so bold, but with liquid courage spurring him forward he finds himself confident in what he says next.

"What do you say we get out of here? I'm all for parties like this one, but I think we would have even better company alone at home."

Armando casts a knowing smirk at him. "You read my mind Lightwood."

The two bid the rest of the partygoers goodbye before making their way back to Armando's house for the night. Daniel may still have doubts about what is to come, especially with Raziel's warning flashing in his mind. And yet, he knew with his family they could get through anything.

This was only the beginning of their story.

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