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   Chapter 21 Fight Like its Do or Die

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A/N: I know that I've heard this chapter title from a song somewhere but I can't remember which one. Anyways, hope y'all enjoy!

****Jace's POV****

Jace watches as Alec finally steps into the circle with bated breath. At first, nothing seems to happen from this action. The world remains oddly silent, aside from the many, many demons of course. His parabatai stands in the circle, staring at the feathers with some intrigue, exhaustion plain on his face. Jace doesn't need to see his brother's face to know how tired the man is.

Their rune burns with heavy exhaustion. If not for the many stamina runes scrawled across his skin, along with his insatiable desire to keep Alec safe, Jace knows he'd be finding somewhere to keel over to take a break. As he can't do that currently, the blonde takes advantage of his extra Angel blood. So many of his runes are lit with golden light as he stabs through demon after demon.

Tentacuflit demons are likely some of the biggest demons he'd ever seen. Not the most powerful per say, but definitely some of the biggest. Their ten foot height makes it impossible for him to see over them and makes it hard for him to reach vital organs without taking big leaps. He can't help but envy Daniel and Harry as they fly around. Their wings make it easy for the two siblings to reach the vital parts of the demons' bodies.

Jace grits his teeth as he swings his seraph blade through five tentacles at once. The demon he's fighting screeches in agony, dripping ichor everywhere. He rolls away from a spindly tail only to narrowly avoid a bunch of broken, jagged teeth.

Tentacuflit demons did have sharp incisors that were always on display, but when their opponent was close enough their second mouth would open to reveal a mess of blackened, mold encrusted teeth. Sulfurous gas releases from those mouths; Jace struggles to avoid inhaling the yellow puff of smoke. He deftly jabs his seraph into said mouth to watch with grim satisfaction as the demon disintegrates right before his eyes.

"How. Much. More. Of these are there?!" He hollers. Demons seem to be trying to corner him. Jace finds himself taking more and more retreating steps backwards as he takes on what is admittedly way too many enemies.

"Incoming!" A whooping voice shouts.

Jace has to jump backwards as Harry swoops down into view. The bronze winged wild child clips three of the demons with his outstretched wings, and Jace takes that as his opportunity to slice and dice all three of them. Harry gives him an approving nod as he lands, his wings shining like leftover shafts of sunlight that didn't disappear when the sun did.

Overhead, Daniel continues to fight on, the dark shadow of him almost impossible to pick out against the swirling mass of demons. What gives the winged nephilim away is surprisingly not his pale skin or even the weapon he uses. Instead, Jace picks out the tall man by his wings.

Powerful. Starry. Wings.

Jace remembers seeing only blackness the first time he saw those feathers. Now they were more lit up than the sky currently was. White, blue, pink, and green lights dart around on those wings like the aurora borealis up north. He is mesmerized by this wonderful light, his mismatched eyes having a hard time looking away as those wings move with great fluidity as the winged nephilim fights.

Do they all fight with such grace? I don't think I've ever seen someone move like that.

Then again, he'd never seen a winged man fight before today, so he supposed he had a lot to learn.

His attention is snapped back to Alec when he feels a surge of power in their rune. The parabatai rune on his abdomen shines with a brilliant white light, similar to the one that is now surrounding Alec's body.

The feathers crafted in a circle are floating in the air, each and every one, including the elusive pearlescent white feathers that sat on the ground for so long. Mesmerized, he watches as the feathers swish and twirl, colorful light seeping out of each of them.

His attention is drawn away as he can see glittering white light of the stars as they appear in the night sky. Light seems to spiral down from them, along with other light from places he cannot see. Jace pushes yet another demon to the side to catch a glimpse of Alec plunging the vial into his neck. His parabatai's mouth gapes open into what he's unsure if it is shock or awe. That's the last he's sees of Alec before a powerful white light bursts from the circle, enveloping everything on the cliff.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Alec exclaims.

"Alec!" Jace shouts.

His vision is whited out and he can only feel himself fall down onto his knees. The energy in the air is so vibrant, so electric, that Jace can hardly comprehend it, let alone continue to fight on. He feels himself clutching at his abdomen, trying desperately to get ahold of himself.

As it's impossible to see anything Jace finds himself unable to pick out Daniel and Harry's flying forms in the sky. He assumes that they're handling the situation better than he is, seeing as he has yet to hear either of the brother's crashing to the ground like sopping wet bags of cement. He imagines a fall from either of the jarring heights the two men were at could be fatal, though for all he knows these winged nephilim could be just as resilient as angels themselves.

The bright light seems to go on for hours, but the second it recedes Jace isn't blinking the remains of white out of his eyes. Instead he jerks to see where his parabatai is. He stands just where he'd been moments before, with the feathers of the circle drifting back onto the ground around him, all of them now a pristine, glowing white.

Alec looks just how Jace last saw him with a few noticeable differences. The first being the complete eradication of exhaustion. The heavy, purple bags that had been allocated under his brother's eyes had vanished, as had the worrying amount of sweat that slicked Alec's black and made his skin pale with eerie sickness.

Jace can't help but notice this feature first, as this was what he was most worried about. All that pain and trouble and suffering that had left Jace feeling ill at ease was gone now from the bond they shared. The relief the blonde Shadowhunter felt was almost palpable.

The wings on Alec's back are another story entirely, as are his eyes that for some reason seem to be a oceanic sapphire blue.

Two wings arch out from behind the the tall Shadowhunter, stretching out in what had to be somewhere around ten feet in length (per wing of course). Not a single part of those pristine white feathers isn't glowing with angelic power.

What's more, rainbows of color spiral with transparent shine along each shaft of feathers, the colors of red, yellow and blue being the most prominent. The blue magical light is almost the exact same color as his parabatai's eyes; these new colored eyes were still a mystery to him because really How did they change??

Underneath all of the sparkling sheen was trimmings of gold along each wingtip, almost unnoticeable to an untrained eye. But as Jace is a Shadowhunter, he can spot the marking with ease, just as he can spot the new wave of Tentacuflit demons surging down at his brother, ignoring the three men they were previously fighting to focus on a new target.

"Alec, above you!" He shouts out to his brother, one runed arm outstretched towards Alec who was likely to get mauled by demons soon.

Alec looks up where Jace points, his gaze fixed on the skyline. He suspects that his brother will become startled by the appearance of new opponents. Instead, Alec reacts the opposite way. The utter calm on the now blue eyed man's face is unnerving to say the least, as is Alec's lack of weapons to defend himself. Jace can't recall if he'd seen his parabatai armed or not earlier, but seeing him without a weapon does nothing to sooth his frayed nerves.

He's just about to toss one of his own seraph blades to Alec when he sees his parabatai raise up one hand skyward. Heavenly light spills from the Shadowhunter's no Archangel's (Jace doesn't know what to call his parabatai now) palm. There is a brief few seconds as the demons are a mere few feet away that it looks as though Alec will launch this new energy at his enemies in the sky.

He does something else entirely.

Jace watches with confusion as Alec slams this raised hand into the earth, white light spiking out like electric impulses as five fingers touch the ground. Immediately several pillars of holy light shoot out of the ground to strike each Tentacuflit demon in the air and on the ground right where their poisonous heart must be in their chests.


Jace watches in awe as the demons let out cries of outrage before disintegrating into nothingness. Splatters of ichor are all that is left behind of the foes Jace, Daniel and Harry had been fighting for what had become the past hour. When all the demons are fully healed, Alec wastes no time taking to the sky to fly away, the white gleam of his wings make him look like a giant star in the night.

"Wait! Alec where are you going!" Jace shouts as he recovers from his stupor.

Alec circles back to respond. "Got to get to Magnus. He could be in danger!" He calls out over the howling wind.

His parabatai swoops down to grab Jace up in his arms bridal style. The blonde finds himself being lifted well over fifty feet in the air. He can't help but let out a cry of surprise as they ascend into the air. Tanned hands reach out to fist at Alec's dark gear jacket before darting up to loop around his brother's neck. If he wasn't so flipped out over being so high in the air Jace would be snorting at how pathetic he was acting. Jace Herondale kills demons for a living after all, going up to what now had to be close to seventy feet in the air should be no issue.

And yet apparently it was.

"Come on Harry, Daniel! Let's get going." Alec calls over his shoulder before flapping off.

The powerful bursts of wind makes it impossible for Jace to hear the two siblings respond so he finds himself peeking over Alec's shoulder to see if they're tagging along. He is pleased to find the two winged men are following closely behind as they

werful white wings in front of him, connected to his very own Alexander Lightwood-Bane. His now winged husband stands in front of him protectively, a glowing white sword in hand.

With one calloused hand, the former Shadowhunter grabs the demon by the mouth, careless of the poisonous acid dripping out of it. Acid that seems to have little effect on Alec, as the sizzling liquid drizzles off his skin harmlessly.

"You and your kind will never EVER touch MY HUSBAND AGAIN!" He practically roars.

It is with swift precision that Alec slams the sword right into the demon's second mouth.


The tentacles of the demon flail along with its blackened wings as the creature lets out a cry of agony. Magnus watches with a sort of morbid satisfaction as the monster disappears into nothingness, not even a puddle of ichor left in its wake.

For a few seconds all is silent. Magnus stares in shock at the sudden appearance of his husband, caught off guard by the massive white wings jutting out of his back. They shimmer in the darkness, each feather tinged with prismatic light at the tips. A faint trail of gold spirals around the edges, a simple of archangelic status.

"Alexander." He breathes out when words return to him.

Alec whirls around at Magnus's voice, his wings folding up behind his back. Now that he's able to see his husband's face the warlock can spot another change in Alec in the form of blue eyes. These eyes spark with untold power, the danger of electricity in their depths. Between one blink and the next however, these dangerous eyes revert back to the hazel Magnus associates with love and safety and peace.

"Magnus, are you okay?" Alec asks.

The winged man steps closer to examine Magnus closely with a sweep of his body from his feet all the way up to his face. When Alexander seems to find nothing out of the ordinary on his husband he gives an approving nod, the remaining tension in his shoulders fading away.

"You came back." He says with a smile, his eyes misting slightly.

"Of course. I'll always find my way back to you." Alec says with a loving smile. The two stare into each other's eyes allowing everything else to fade away, even if only for a moment.

There moment of romantic peace is broken by an earthly disturbance. A shake in the ground is felt then, causing Magnus to stumble. Strong arms reach out to hold him up, Alec's grip on him both tight and reassuring. He swivels his head to see where Pippa and Armando were.

The duo had been joined by Harry, Daniel and Jace. Harry and Daniel has joined their sister in sealing up the rift. Armando stood by watching with narrowed eyes; Jace stood off to the side, looking like he'd spent some time flying in the air. The blonde's hair was windswept, his mismatched eyes wide like he was still processing what had just happened. Isabelle, Clary and Simon go over to stand by the nephilim, leaving behind all their now dead enemies crumbling into nothingness.

The rift gives one final groan before whirling to a close. In its wake is only a small puddle of murky pond water, the rest of it having been lost by the demonic portal. Magnus doubts the pond will be missed though, especially since he can't see any fish flopping around. No, this water hadn't had life in it for a long time, possibly even centuries.

"Yes! We did it!" Harry cheers, high-fiving Daniel. The blue eyed nephilim looks to only be participating in his brother's childish nature out of Harry's insistence, though Magnus can tell that the small smile on the man's face says otherwise.

Daniel shoots Pippa a wordless look. Pippa nods. "He's right. The rift won't open again."

"That's good." Daniel murmurs.

"It's more than good. Everything's better now." Simon said. The daylighter has one arm slung around Isabelle's shoulders. The pair are smiling despite the dirt and grime covering their faces and the exhaustion they no doubt felt from fighting all of those demons.

"Yes. And now we can go home. I don't know about you guys but I'm beat." Alec says with a small yawn.

Jace lets out an amused huff. "How so? We were the ones doing all the fighting. You just had to stand in one place and receive wings and heavenly powers. Which I've gotta say look great on you."

Izzy, Clary and Simon take a moment to take in Alec's wings as well. Magnus pulls away from his husband's hold, though he keeps their hands together, squeezing one of Alec's in reassurance. The young man looks flustered to have all the attention on him as Pippa and her brothers now are also taking in the two feathery limbs attached to Alexander's back.

"They're the same as they were before..." Pippa seems to brighten at the thought. "I'm glad. They suit you."

Daniel nods, running a hand through one of his own feathery appendages. Magnus watches as a lone feather descends downward, the sleekness of it making for an aerodynamic fall as it drifts to the ground.

"All wings are suppose to match their owner in personality. Father, while he has been reincarnated has not lost the person he was before. The core of him is unchangeable. He will always be good." Daniel explains.

" thanks I guess." Alec says, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, something he only does when he's nervous.

"Yes I agree. But I think that's enough excitement today. I for one am exhausted and would appreciate some time alone to get reacquainted with my husband." Magnus opens a portal behind himself and Alexander with a simple flick of the wrist, his other hand remaining intertwined with Alec's own.

"But there's so much to talk about." Izzy protests.

"That can all be done tomorrow though." Alec says with finality before shooting a look at Harry, Daniel and Pippa. "Do you three need to come with us to make sure I get settled back in? I don't really know how this wing thing works if I'm being honest." He confesses. Magnus can't help but send a look of disdain towards the three winged nephilim siblings.

They've had my Alexander for the past few days. As his husband I'm entitled to some alone time with him now, or so help me...

Luckily, Harry shakes his head. "We should check up on them, but that can wait until tomorrow like you said."

Magnus can't help feeling relieved at that. He wasn't sure what he would have done if Alec's children from his former life went home with them. Talk about awkward.

"So we'll be seeing more of you then?" Jace asks, though it's sounds more like a statement than anything else.

"Yes. I think we'll all be seeing a lot more of each other." Pippa says.

"And we'll drop by tomorrow. At your place....say around noon?" Daniel adds on.

Magnus wishes he could have more alone time with his husband, but he'll take what he can get for now.

"Sounds good. Now come along Alexander, lets go home."

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