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   Chapter 20 Come forth, Wings of Light

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*****Alec's POV*****

When Alec had arrived with Harry and Daniel, he'd found their surroundings to be serene and peaceful. Being so high up off the ground, the High Grounds had a breathtaking view of the town below. A dense forest of trees stretched out behind him with wind rustling the branches every so often.

In front of him was a sandy lot of clay and construction. A few old pillars lay on their sides off to the right, the moss and vines growing on them signaling that they'd been there for some time. A broken placard lay discarded next to the pillars, the writing on it looked vaguely Italian, though Alec could not be certain as the carvings were so old that they would've likely only been legible with some extra help from...well warlock magic is all he can think of.

The sky was a setting sun orangish red, dotted with white fluffy clouds. If Alec squinted he could see a trove of ominous black clouds in the distance. They hinted a more than what he could know. All he knew was that a storm might be on the way.

If only he knew...

And then there was Pippa in the center of the field. Around her was some sort of carving depicted into the earth, a thin trail of feathers and a few drops of golden liquid around it. The drawing oddly reminded him of the pentagrams he'd seen his husband make many times before.

But, unlike those pentagrams meant to summon demons this drawing seemed light and airy, not dark and foreboding. Alec felt at peace seeing it, his mind recalling good times when he was younger. The drawing was calling to him; the drawing was calling him to his past. Alec looked away, not sure how to feel about the carving that seemed to be calling out to him; that wanted him to stand in the center of it all and take in something Alec was still unsure of.

"About time you boys got here." Pippa said.

She rises back onto her feet, putting her hands on her hips as she stares at her brothers indignantly. The redhead had been crouched over some of the feathers, her green eyes glowing with what Alec could only describe as heavenly light. All three of the siblings seemed to have this light in their eyes whenever their magic is activated. Alec has no idea if they know about it or not, he doesn't think it's likely that they do.

"It's not my fault we took so long." Harry pouts.

Pippa turns to Daniel, one eyebrow raised questioningly. Daniel just shrugs, a hand going to rest atop the whip coiled on his weapons belt. Pippa's green eyes alight on it, widening in realization. Then her expression is softening, the redhead giving Daniel a small smile of sympathy. Alec wonders why carrying a whip around is so important to Daniel, but he decides that for now it's best not to ask.

"So, um, how does this whole ceremony work?" Alec asks.

Harry gives Alec an approving grin. "Well, we'll wait until dusk and then you'll stand in the circle where Pippa will stab you with that, " he gestures to the vial around Pippa's neck. "in the neck, all stabby like."

To demonstrate, Harry pokes Alec in the neck with his index finger. The surprisingly sharp against his neck, the coolness of that finger making him involuntarily flinch. He may not be the most ticklish Shadowhunter around (arguably that is Jace out of the four Lightwood siblings....not that he'd ever admit to it).

That didn't mean he wasn't sensitive though, especially on the length of his neck. Though admittedly, the situation would've been even worse if Harry jabbed right between the collar bone. He is even more sensitive there, something his husband has explored in depth in their late night love making sessions.

"Ack! Was that really necessary?" Alec swatted Harry's hand away.

Pippa snickered. "No. It wasn't, though Harry has never been one to do things in halves."

Harry grinned. "Fair enough. Pippa, since it's your vial why don't you explain."

And so Pippa does. Harry's explanation wasn't that far off from the truth. Alec learns that he will start to experience a headache again as dusk comes. The pain will be so much worse than before, and once he reaches that extreme level of pain the siblings will push him into the center of the circle, where the feathers will light up around him, basking him in heavenly energy.

At this point, dusk will have fallen, with sparks of the fallen sun and the rising moon firing off to aid in the outburst of energy along with the stars. And then he will be given the vial to to be injected with. It didn't matter if it was himself doing it or Pippa.

Judging by the uncomfortable grimace the redhead bore at the mention of injecting her own father...Alec guessed it would be up to him. Some part of him was relieved by that information. It wasn't much control over the situation, but it was some. He'd been allowed to know what would happen if he didn't go through with this....that he would be almost guaranteed to explode.

Without my core piece, my body won't be able to take the strain of heavenly energy.

When he'd been told about this the first time Alec had been very much freaked out. Death by explosion sounded both terrifying and unappealing to him just as it did morbid. The fact that it was his failing body's fault was even more disturbing.

To think, training all your life to be a Shadowhunter and then this happened. All that training done in by an overdose of heavenly energy. Though at the very least, this whole mess would be solved once Alec's grace was complete. He was still unsure how to feel about all the power he was about to gain, along with the immortality too.

Mostly, he felt excited.

The reason he felt this way had to do with one person and one person only: Magnus.

If this works, I'll never have to leave him. I can stay, I can actually stay.

The weight that had been in his chest ever since the first argument Alec and Magnus had. And no, he's not thinking about the talk they'd had after Camille had so rudely kissed HIS boyfriend. The two had been so angry that night, lost for words for words and unable to express what they truly felt on the situation.

The hurt he'd felt....the anguish....Alec hated those feelings.

And it was even worse since it was about Magnus. The Shadowhunter had never blamed his husband for this problem, for immortality. Magnus was born with this ability to live forever if he so chose. Alec could not fault Magnus for something he was born with, no more than his warlock could fault Alec for being mortal.

Izzy had been right when she said that relationships between immortals and mortals did not last for long. Getting over that gap in lifespan was understandably too difficult for most people to bare. Yet, Alec and Magnus had done it. He would never regret marrying the man he loves, even if he would have to deal with growing old while Magnus didn't. Even though he would have to deal with leaving Magnus behind someday.

....But it was a great relief to him that he no longer had to.

"Does that all make sense? We can go over it again if you'd like?" Pippa asks.

Alec shakes his head. "I've got the gist of it. You can give me the necklace now if that would make things easier."

"Y-Yea I-"

Daniel stops his sister from getting any closer. The winged nephilim had disappeared during their conversation to canvas the perimeter only to materialize as soon as Pippa had finished her conversation. The three siblings were certain that no one would come up here, yet it was better to be safe than sorry. Alec could appreciate that sentiment; he couldn't recall how many times canvassing the perimeter on missions had kept himself and his siblings safe from peril.

"Not now. You'll give it to him when he's ready." Daniel states firmly. Harry gives the eldest a perplexed that Pippa mirrors. Alec also feels confused.

"Why not now bro?" Harry asks.

"In case you both hadn't realized, we don't need Alec to try doing any of this too early. And we know he's going to be drawn to the vial and the circle soon if he isn't already." Daniel tells them.

"Are you?" Pippa asks Alec. Her green eyes still hold that fiery glimmer in them from the activation of her essence.

"I mean, yea I guess..." there was no point in denying it after all.

"Huh. Well I'm glad you caught that then." Harry tells Daniel. "I'm gonna go fly for a bit, seeing as there's nothing for us to do right yet."

"Alright then. Come back soon." Pippa waves as Harry springs off the cliff with whooping glee.

Alec's heart plummets as the youngest leaps-that old integral fear of falling to your death still there- only to recover as massive bronze wings unfold to take flight into the sky. The cascading orange sunlight makes golden brown feathers appear that much more like fragments of sun. This light matches so well with Harry, and it gives off the appearance of a golden halo over his head as his face is silhouetted with fading light.

""You guys said you used to come here all the time right? When exactly was that?" He had a feeling he knew, yet some part of him wanted to hear it from them.

Daniel and Pippa shared a look of what was clearly nostalgia. Like Harry, sunlight did wonderful things to the redhead's complexion. The flame-colored wings behind her seemed all the more vibrant, as did her hair.

Daniel was likely the least improved by the sun, his midnight wings reminding him of shadows trying to hide away from the harsh light. He suspects that those starry wings will look much more stunning in the moonlight. Perhaps they'd stick around the High Grounds long enough for Alec to see it. He had yet to see the siblings flying at night.

"Yes we did. Back when we were children this is where you took us to fly and to train." Daniel trails a hand gently down the whip coiled at his waist. He seemed to be doing that a lot for whatever reason. "You were a good teacher. I'm sure you still are now too."

Alec gives him a faint smile at that. He's unsure if he would've said more if he'd been given the chance, but it was at that moment that a bolt of pain shot through him, so white hot with pain that he almost collapses to the ground. If Daniel hadn't swooped in to catch him, Alec suspects he would have.

"It's happening now isn't it?" Pippa's voice sounds over him. Alec can feel his vision trying to blur, the ache behind his eyes preventing him from having clear vision.


A loud crash sounds overhead. Despite the blurry vision, Alec knows thunder when he hears it. The sound is so loud that it makes him wince with even more pain. Here he'd thought all the over headaches had been bad. This one was on another level from all the rest. Alec struggled to take in lungfuls of air.

"Guys, we have incoming!" Harry's voice rings out.

Alec can hear the frantic flapping of wings as the youngest lands, he strains to see the golden child, despite the protests of his aching body. Idly, Alec can sense that Daniel and Pippa have pulled him back onto his feet. Another pair of hands-Harry's-joins in to aid them. Alec wishes he felt more relief from that motion. Too much of him is fixated on the pain to feel much else.

"What-what do you mean?" Alec asks, exhaustion clouding his mind.

He couldn't see the demons that were incoming, with leathery wings and ichor plastered black tentacles slicking the sky with ominous dark energy that chases away the remnants of fluffy white clouds. Not for the first time, the world becomes red and he cries out, unbidden in pain.

****Pippa's POV****

"Tentacuflit demons!" Pippa exclaims, her green eyes wide as she spots them flying towards them.

The red, bulging eyes of the creatures are ominous as they are bulbous. The harsh red light of them seem to be glowering angrily at the winged nephilim below. Unlike her father, she could make them out as clear as day. The inky blackness of them almost blended into the thunderstorm brewing overhead. If not for their red blotchy eyes, Pippa doubts she would've spotted them from so far out.

"Raziel warmed us this might happen. That the outburst of heavenly energy might attract unwanted attention." Daniel mutters. Her older brother has his blue eyes narrowed at the sky, his bow appearing magically in his han

s the source of the noise, unable to find who it came from. It was almost as though a ghost had been speaking to him. He first thought it was Veronica...though he was confused as to why she didn't make her presence known if that was the case.

"Veronica? Are you here?" Alec asks, his voice weak.

There was no response from her, but there was from someone else.

"What are you waiting for Alec?! Step inside the circle." Daniel orders.

The eldest sibling is busy dealing with a horde of five demons in the sky, squelching tentacles with their sticky suction cups trying their hardest to wrap around Daniel's feathers. The eldest continues to evade however, his bow and arrows making quick work of two of them with two notches of arrows on his bow. The whip on the man's weapons belt remains oddly complacent at his side. Apparently there was no purpose for it being here after all.

"I- Okay." Alec lets out yet another shaky exhale. Though he is still apprehensive about stepping into the ring of glowing feathers, he takes the leap, or rather step of fate in trusting the winged nephilim by stepping into the circle.

The temperature in the air drops immediately once he's fully inside, the blasts of cold air blundering into him from all sides. The numbing feel of this wind relaxes his pained body considerably and he can feel the pained tension leaving him. The force of the wind however causes his already weakened body to fall over though, leaving him to seize up in pain once more.

The sun overhead was almost fully set now, that perfect time between day and night.

Dusk was finally here.

"Ugh...I...I have to...use the vial." He reaches an unsteady hand to grab at the glowing tube, yanking it off the chain just like he was supposed to. Alec found that the tip of this vial had sharpened into a needle like point, perfect for jabbing someone with, or in this case himself with.

Let it be said that Alec was never a fan of needles. He'd been stabbed one too many times by demons in the past for him to still be a fan of them. That being said, Alec was strongly drawn to this needle, and even more so the contents inside.

"It is time to fulfill your destiny." The mysterious voice says in his head.

Alec takes one last bracing breath.

Then he jabs the needle into his neck.

Everything, and Alec means everything, goes white. The objects and people around him disappear, leaving behind a world of nothingness.

A blank space.

And then something strange happens.

His whole body goes from aching in one moment to suddenly being overwhelmed with feeling. All his pain melts away, in its place leaving warmth, safety, and most importantly: love.

Images flash by in his mind. Memories Alec realizes belatedly. There are those with gigantic figures of gold, the wings massive with benevolent power shining in the angels' eyes. There is one of the universe, of flying together through it all with his angelic siblings. There is a confrontation; so much blood spilled on heaven's doorstep. There is a friend, no more than a friend, a bonded at his side smiling at him as they work together.

Veronica's graceful figure appears. She is smiling, she is laughing. They are married, they are having a family of their own. Images of children flock into his mind, though the images, just like many of the former, were moving way too fast for him to grasp fully despite all his attempts at trying.

And then there is the loss. Several. Painful. Heartbreaking losses. Alec doesn't think he ever comprehended all the people, friends and family alike he must've lost throughout his past. The grief of it slams into him with the speed of a solar powered train.

This pain doesn't last for long however as memories of evil beings take its place. So many demons he has fought and slayed. There is an ominous meeting that strikes him as frightful. The confrontation that follows is all the more deadly. No, not the first few. Those were victories, battles well fought and well won. But then they target his family; rage is what overtakes him then. He, the Archangel does everything he can to protect them.

He saves his children, but at the ultimate price.

His heart, his mind. Both feel like they were splintered into thousands of tiny shards, the shining fragments scattering into space as all shattered graces do. These are infinitesimal in size yet they all hold an infinite weight. He can remember Them crying over him, hugging him close. Alec can feel all the love they feel for him, the agony of their loss. The last things he sees are the the blurred faces of his children, the people who love him so much. He closes his eyes, and the memories of that tragic day fade.

Alec gasps painfully for air, trying to process it all. There was something from those moments he finds is impossible to grasp, as though a piece of him is safeguarding information for his own safety.

Thankfully, happy images return. He's brought to things he can remember. Meeting his little sister for the first time, meeting Max. Those twin memories of excitement at the wonder of new life fly into him. And then there is Jace, and all the feelings that come with him.

Alec can feel the bond they share and how exalted it is between them. They are parabatai. The two boys bond together over fighting and click seamlessly together like two puzzle pieces slotting together. Izzy is there too, being brilliant as always. The three of them are a team and always will be.

Other images flash by of other friends that he has. Clary's he watches with some amusement; Simon he watches with some annoyance.

And then, FINALLY there is Magnus. The second Magnus flashes into his mind every other flickering memory rushes to the side to give the man he loves most all the space he needs to shine. Alec gives each and every moment with his husband his undivided attention. There is so much love in those memories, from their first kiss to their wedding to now. Alec feels so many emotions, the greatest of all being love. Love is the biggest emotion he will always feel for his man.

Bright light begins to gather around him now, the colors ever changing. He can feel the stroking of these multicolored lights as they touch his skin, the warmth of them as they meld into his body. The power Alec feels is unlike anything he has ever felt before. This power extends to his whole body, and he feels himself becoming in touch with the entire universe. He is now a being of light, the thought it nowhere near as troubling as it had once been.

He almost doesn't feel the new weight forming on his back because of this.

It is the feathers brushing along his spine that makes him turn, his eyes widening at what he saw. Wings so many wings furled out from his back. There were so many of them, of all shapes, sizes and colors. The amount seemed to stretch on forever, with thousands more continuing to compile on him. Alec understood with even more clarity the power he holds now, the amount of wings he has a testament to that.

Speaking of the wings, they all slowly but surely combined together. The form that remained was a sparkling white, with rainbow prisms of color radiating through seemingly each and every feather. Gold trimming lined the wing tips, so faint that it was hard to spot unless one was up close. Alec finds his wings to be one of the most amazing things he'd ever seen.

Is this how all angels feel about their wings? If they're like mine I wouldn't be surprised.

These wings make him feel at utter peace with the world, the sense of wholeness washing over him like a calming wave. Everything will be alright now, Alec is alright now.

Everything is going to be okay.

With this comprehension the world of emptiness begins to fade away as Alec is pulled back to reality. The last thing he sees, or rather, hears, smells feels experiences...honestly there are no words for the experience is this thing...maybe best described as a voice. There is but one message conveyed. One and one alone that says everything yet still nothing all at once.

"Welcome back Remiel. Welcome back Alexander. You are one."

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