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   Chapter 18 Where Magnus Bane meets Armando Drake

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****Daniel's POV****

Daniel wakes up to the feel of arms wrapped around him. Bleary blue eyes blink open slowly to see Armando's tan arms surrounding his midsection, the muscles there are taught in their grip of him.

After sharing many a night together Daniel was used to this sort of treatment from the warlock. The two men would take their shared sleep time to hold each other, not bothering with the nuances in selecting whose turn it was to hold who and so on.

He turns his head back slightly to see his long time friend still snoozing away behind him. Soft morning light fizzles through the curtains, making tan skin gain a golden glow. This light also lets him see the smile stretched out on the planes of Armando's face. Daniel loves that smile, knowing that it has been awhile since he'd seen a true one from his dear friend.

So much has been going on lately. Not just for me but for Armando too.

He turns to face the warlock, careful not to wake the sleeping man. Both of them are wearing sleepwear of some form. Daniel wore an old gray shirt with a hole near the collar, making the seams fray slightly. He forgoes pants, only wearing some striped blue-white boxers. These were a bit flamboyant for his taste, which were often considered to be plain.

In their haste to get to bed, Armando had haphazardly tossed Daniel some clothes from his dresser. Having spent so many nights at the warlock's abode the winged nephilim kept many of his own clothes there. Without any light fixtures on in the room though Daniel had ended up with clothes from both his own and Armando's collection.

It wasn't that abnormal to share clothes, mind you, but Daniel knew he wouldn't be caught dead wearing most of the things Armando does. The other male dressed in one of two way-flamboyant or professional- and there was never an in between. Daniel always enjoyed what Armando wore, but he rarely thought he himself could pull off the other man's extravagant taste.

Armando would say otherwise...if our shopping sessions are anything to go by.

Daniel didn't often go shopping, but he was never one to turn down a shopping spree with Armando. They had been to a great many malls together, and Daniel can remember with great fondness all the Paris fashion weeks they attended in the past. Those times, while not his favorite activity were something he views with great fondness.

Daniel stares at his friend's face for a few moments, content to enjoy this moment of peace with him. With tonight being the time of their father's awakening he enjoys the short reprieve he has from the chaos. Overhead, the ceiling fans spins in lazy circles, the beaded strands attached to it clanging together in time with the whistling wind.

I have to be getting back soon. The others will be wondering where I am. Though at least they'll be happy to know I got some sleep.

He can recall Pippa's desire for him to get some sleep. Daniel hadn't been able to sleep well for the past couple days, his mind keeping him awake. Out of all his siblings, he is the analytical of the bunch, constantly worrying about what could go wrong. Harry told him that he thinks too much, and Pippa says he's a worry wart. Regardless, he can't alleviate himself of his concerned nature, even if it results in plenty of teasing.

It is with great reluctance that he pulls out of the bed. Daniel adjusts the covers around Armando, making sure that the other man remains comfortable. The sheets must've been changed recently; what had been amber satin was now a pale blue cotton, the comforter adorned with a few white swirls amidst golden stitching.

He stares at Armando for a few moments before turning to gather his things. He slips his clothes on with practiced ease, tossing the sleep clothes into the nearby laundry bin. Now that he was out of bed Daniel felt the cool chill of the room. For all his complaints about the cold, Armando loved to keep the thermostat down even in the colder season.

If he had gotten here earlier, Daniel knows he would've changed the 67 degree temperature to at least a 72. He takes it upon himself to make the switch in temperature on the thermostat. The little machine lets out a few whirring beeps as he does; this house temp controller had been updated as of two years ago.

If there was one thing Daniel knew about Armando, it was that he didn't replace household essentials unless he absolutely had too. So when the thermostat the warlock had owned for twenty plus years shorted out, he'd finally been able to convince Armando to get a new one. This shorting our was something of a godsend for the house as the previous device had stopped working properly a little over three years ago.

He's so caught up in fixing the thermostat and picking up a few other articles of clothing off the floor that he doesn't notice the stirring of Armando from the bed. Brown eyes blink open lazily as legs stretch out underneath the blankets in what the warlock always termed "the warmup stretch of the day."

"Going so soon?" Armando asks, letting out a tired yawn.

Daniel grins at the sound of his friend's voice. As he was facing the door, hand on the knob he wasn't able to see the returned smile on Armando's face. Even so, the winged nephilim knew it was there. You couldn't go several hundred years of being close to someone and not pick up on their habits. Daniel and Armando are no exception to this unspoken rule.

"Father's resurrection is today. I have lots to get ready for and I didn't want to disturb you. So I was going to leave a note." He tells the other man.

The sound of Armando's feet landing on the hardwood floor resounds in the room as the man gets up. Daniel listens idly to the sound of the man pulling on yet another one of his robes. As it was a Sunday morning, this robe would either be white or gold. Armando wasn't exactly the most religious warlock there ever was, but he seems to enjoy the irony of wearing religious colors on Sundays.

Sunday is the day of rest in most religions. How ironic that it will be the day that I have the most work for the week.

Armando also seemed to understand the irony. "Of all the days the resurrection would take place, how odd is it that it would be a Sunday of all times."

Daniel lets out a noncommittal noise as Armando comes forward to hug him from behind. The winged nephilim relaxes in the hold, his wings becoming putty like in the warlock's presence. Armando spins Daniel around so that they're facing each other, keeping one hand embedded in the nephilim's black feathers.

He can feel the warmth of his essence lighting up at the touch. Like angelic grace, essence is in tune with that of a winged nephilim's emotions. Being around Armando always mad him feel warm, happy, safe...and most importantly: loved. They may never take their relationship farther, but at least he knows they have these moments of peace, these moments of absolute trust.

"Yes. I wouldn't have chosen today of all days if I had a choice." He agrees.

Armando lets out a sigh, pulling at one of the feathers with a small tug. "No. I know you wouldn't have. Just be careful, alright? I don't want to see you getting hurt." Serious brown eyes bore into Daniel as the warlock's expression becomes somber.

"Of course. I'll do my best. And I'll call you if I need you. So it'll be okay yea." Daniel doesn't know who he's trying to assure more, himself or Armando. It doesn't seem to work for either of them, as Armando's frown only deepens.

"I could come. I have an appointment with a client, but I could always reschedule." Armando murmurs. The two men are so close that Daniel can feel the warmth of the other man's breath as it ghosts across his face, the faint scent of gin unmistakable.

Daniel lets out a small chuckle. "You and I both know a meeting with the warlocks of the Spiral Labyrinth is not just any client. They wouldn't take kindly to your absence."

Both of them knew he had a point. This meeting had been scheduled months in advance by the labyrinth, for reasons unbeknownst to both of them. Usually only warlocks were able to go to the location of where the essentially warlock government was located.

Daniel had been permitted to go there a few times with Armando, back when the ruling body was just getting started. The group had been callous and unkind to him back when he first met them about five hundred years ago, and he doubts that the old warlocks thought any better of him now.

Nope, to them I'll always be the first nephilim. The start of all their problems.

Daniel was no idiot; he's seen through history how badly nephilim of the past have treated Downworlders. As most of the Downworlders were immortal like him, they had faced nephilim caused adversity throughout the ages, and gained a steady resentment of those with Angel blood over time. He could not defend the actions of many of the past nephilim, but he did know that the newer generations were becoming better.

But Downworlders aren't all willing to give these new nephilim a chance. He is reminded of the fae in this instance. The Seelie and Unseelie courts both have an intrinsic hatred of those with Angel blood.

Despite their airy nature, Daniel has found them to be both vindictive, dishonest and psychopathic in nature. Warlocks may be considered the most dangerous of the Downworlders in the Shadowhunter's Codex because of their magic, but Daniel knows that the warlocks wouldn't act on impulse.

Faeries on the other hand are another story entirely. Just look what they did to the lost Herondale. He can keenly remember Tobias Herondale and all that came with him. Daniel was never one to forget someone threatening his family.

"I suppose you're right. But, " Armando paused to brush some lint of Daniel's shirt, the white speck of it fluttering to the ground. "considering who you are, and who you are to me I'm sure they wouldn't mind." He murmured.

Daniel's heart quickens at that, mind whirring with possibilities. There relationship was always that of ease, a friendship with no strings attached. Trust was not an easy thing to come by for either of the two men. Having this friends with benefits relation gave them a sort of safety net they could always fall back on regardless of the situation.

We may not be with anyone, but at least we have each other.

Ever since Sara's....well, neither Daniel nor Armando have been in a relationship. For the winged nephilim, life without Sara was hard to make sense of. He tries but ultimately will fail. As for Armando....there was no particular reason for him not to be in a relationship.

And yet as the warlock is a private man he could just as easily take decades before having a boyfriend. In that way they were alike. Attachment just didn't come by easily, not the deep long lasting kind at any rate.

There had been a time when he was younger and still grieving his mother that Daniel had hoped for more from Armando, to be with him as a boyfriend. But that sip had sailed a long time ago. Armando had made it very clear back then that he wasn't looking for a relationship at that time.

Daniel never asked again, but that didn't keep him from wondering...

What if things have changed?

"And-And what am I to you?" He asks hesitantly.

Surprisingly, the other man flushes, his cheeks reddening. There was a glint of something unreadable in his brown eyes. Daniel was tempted to use the ties that bond to see what that feeling might be. He refrains from doing so however, mostly because he promised not to use his special ability (o

m." Harry says.

"Wait, I thought it wasn't just Raziel involved in that whole decision making." Alec can't help but feel confused.

Pippa lets out a small huff as the beeping of a timer goes off. Hastily a tray gets pulled out of the oven with what looks to be some sort of baked concoction Alec has likely tried with Magnus once before. It is only after putting the tray on a cooling mat and taking off her fluffy pink oven mitts that she responds, her tone terse.

"I'm sure that's what he wants everyone to think. Raziel is just mad that yet another Fairchild was able to create new runes just like me." Pippa says, tossing her red hair over one shoulder. The movement is strangely poised despite the aggravation behind it.

"You can create new runes?"

Pippa gives him a surprised look, her green eyes wide. "Why of course. A lot of the runes in the gray book come from me. Raziel didn't just make them all." She says loftily.

"Wow. I didn't realize that." Alec murmurs.

"I'm not surprised. It's not exactly common knowledge who created runes. Angels don't need them though as they're already so enhanced, so I don't see why so many Shadowhunters believe Raziel is responsible." Harry spoke quietly. His bronze wings curve behind him with astute seriousness, an unusual trait to attribute to the youngest.

"So then why did he get so mad at Clary then? That doesn't make any sense."

"He got mad at Clary because he was freaked out by one of her runes." Pippa tells him. At this point the redhead is taking out plates to distribute food onto, her flame colored wings opening fluttering behind her with the breeze of a nearby open window.

"Which one?"

"The resurrection rune. If there's one thing Angels really can't stand it's death magic. People aren't supposed to be bringing back people from the dead. It messes with the natural order of things, and it could make the Angels of the void get involved, which is never pleasant." Harry explains.

Alec professes this information as best he can. Honestly, it makes sense that of out of all of the runes an Angel might get upset over that it would be the resurrection rune. He also feels a bit of relief that it wasn't the alliance rune that displeased the Angel so much.

A rune that binds Downworlders and Shadowhunters should not be something that angers Raziel. If it had, Alec would've felt partially to blame. He doesn't think he'll ever forget the desperation he felt while Magnus was trapped in Edom, nor the worry he felt when searching for Magnus in the hell scape. At that time he'd been so fearful that his warlock might die alone or even worse, after suffering torture from Lilith. The relief he felt when finding Magnus had been unlike any other, as had the peace in his heart when they finally returned home.

"I see. I guess that makes sense." Alec concedes. "Though I don't understand what you mean by angels of the void. Who are they?"

He still feels bad that Clary had to go through the whole memory loss ordeal in the first place. It hadn't ever made sense to any of them really, and the pain they'd all felt in her absence had been undeserved. He can recall how lost Jace had been during that year especially. Without his family, Alec doubts his parabatai would've made it through the rough experience.

Harry opens his mouth to reply but is stopped by Pippa who huffs. Her hands fist tightly in the material of the dish towel she is gripping. "I'm sure it does to most people. But considering the last rune she used was to SAVE THE ENTIRE FRICKIN WORLD FROM HER MONSTER OF A BROTHER I THINK HE SHOULD'VE GIVEN HER A BREAK!"

Alec and Harry both wince at her shouting; Pippa's voice is so loud it reverberates throughout the house. From somewhere nearby, Lucky lets out a bark bark. The friendliness of the animal helps Pippa to calm down somewhat, her grip on the ragged dish towel loosening up.

It is in this moment that Daniel decides to make his appearance. Night black wings are folded up behind him as he walks into the room, his eyebrows raised at Pippa's outburst. The winged nephilim is decked out in casual clothes and overall looks much more relaxed than the last time Alec had seen him, a happy smile plastered on his face.

I wonder where he was???

Another thought occurs to him.

Or who he might've been with????

"Hey guys, what did I miss?" Daniel asks, his blue eyes taking in the scene of the kitchen.

****Magnus's POV****

"Armando...long time no see." He utters out awkwardly. He can feel Clary and Jace shuffle over to stand behind him. There was no point in hiding now, Magnus is certain Armando would've known they were there even if they hid.

Armando squints at him, the muscles in his jaw twitching minutely but giving nothing away. The warlock was one of the few known warlocks to be older then Magnus himself. It unnerved him slightly that Armando has even more background then he does and is also the son of a prince of hell. The two of them rarely ever saw one another, and when they did it was often awkward.

But that doesn't matter. What matters is getting to my husband.

With that in mind he tries another greeting, plastering a smile on. "It's good to see you again. It's been what, a hundred years or so since the last time we saw each other at the Shadow Market in Paris? I've heard you're frequenting the Alicante Shadow Market now."

"Magnus Bane. What on earth are you doing here? With two shadowhunters no less." Armando eyes Clary and Jace with mild disdain.

Magnus sighs internally. He knew that the other warlock is reclusive so he isn't surprised that he reacted badly at the sight of Jace and Clary. Nor is he surprised by Armando's straight to the point attitude.

The two men had talked enough times that Magnus learned that the older male was not the type for formalities, and would more often than not jump right to the point. This type of attitude was pretty similar to his husband's own, but where he finds Alec's attitude endearing, Armando's scowl and harsh tone leave him feeling annoyed.

"I'm sorry to barge in with no notice, but there's something I need to talk to you about." Magnus tells him.

Armando's scowl deepens. "And I suspect you wish to be let into my home, with the likes of those two." He gestures at Jace and Clary with a flick of the wrist. Magnus can see the faint glimmer of orange magic in the palm of Drake's hand, letting him know he needs to do something fast if he hopes to ask any questions of the man.

"Well that's rude." Jace grumbles under his breath.

Clary elbows her boyfriend sharply in the ribs to make him quiet down. He feels great relief that Armando didn't seem to hear the blonde Shadowhunter, too busy examining one of the nearby flowerbeds growing next to the cobblestone path. This flower is a riveting shade of blue, specks of white filtering along fragrant petals.

"If my friends are a problem, then I'm sure they would be more than happy to wait outside." He casts Jace a warning look to not object. The blonde stares resolutely back at him with steady mismatched orbs, not saying a word.

Armando gives an approving nod. "Very well. Those two can stay outside while we talk." He flicks his wrist with sparkling orange magic to send the front door open before heading inside, not looking back once to see if Magnus is following him.

"You two stick nearby alright. I'll be back as quick as I can." Magnus tells his friends.

Clary gives him a reassuring smile. "Of course Magnus. Good luck!"

"Yea, good luck." Jace echoes her sentiment.

"Thank you both." Magnus doesn't waste any more time before following Armando Drake inside. The door closes with a resounding click behind him.

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