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   Chapter 12 A Brief Reprieve (time for some Clace and Sizzy)

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******Jace's POV******

Jace and Clary were currently at some kind of festival/ art exhibit thing out in Central Park. Patrons had their tents set up all over the place, different patterns flicking through each flapping piece of plastic patterned in different colors. The easels held beautiful paintings of many different colors and shades. Vendors that weren't advertising their art were busy selling other wares such as cotton candy, soft pretzels, smoothies, ice cream and many other treats.

They'd just eaten some hotdogs from one of the stands, a small trail of ketchup on Clary's face from the hotdog she's just downed. The bright sunshine overhead lit everything up with a warm golden glow. Several young girls were parading around, many of them exchanging giggles as they passed by Jace, their hushed whispers about his handsomeness and attractiveness were much appreciated.

But they don't know that I only have my eyes set on one girl.

He gives Clary a soft smile that she warmly returns, the corners of her eyes crinkling. Jace loves that smile, it's so filled with love and so very tender. If anything he appreciates even more now than when he first met her.

There was a time when I didn't think I'd ever have this. When I met Clary, it was as though the world opened up to me in a way I'd never seen before. Jace had been filled with agony back when he thought she was dead, and once again when she forgot just who she was to him.

"You can see me?"

"You're Jace."

The stunning memory of that day at the gala always makes his heart ache. He'd spent an entire year silently watching her from the shadows, wishing he could bring her home....that she would remember. For an entire year Jace Herondale felt off his axis, like a planet no longer being pulled by gravity. So when she did remember, it was like being pulled back into orbit once more. His bright, beautiful sunshine had come back to alight upon him once more and he never plans to lose her ever again.

I love you more and more with each passing is that possible?

Jace didn't know the answer to that question. A younger version of him would've questioned how he'd become this way, how he'd become so gone over a girl. That Jace had grown up with love but without truly knowing himself. Yet the man of now never once questioned it because being with Clary was all he ever wanted and more.

Discreetly, piano playing hands slide over to the pocket of his jacket to brush over the square box resting there. Jace didn't know why he'd brought it with him, today was not the day for that. Yet the box kept on being carried around with him wherever he went as though the Shadowhunter was the only thing that could keep it safe.

Someday soon Clary we'll have our forever, I promise.

For now, he had other things to do. "You have some ketchup on you face." He murmurs to her gently, gesturing to her face.

The wooden table they are sitting at has a small top with only a foot or two of distance between them. A silk red cover was thrown over the wood to cover up the warped feel of the table, though Jace can still feel the grooves of it from where his left hand rests wrapped around his cup of water. The palm of his hand like the cup was covered in droplets of water, giving him a wet handshake feel.

"Oh. I didn't realize." Clary says. She reaches her nimble fingers into her purse, presumably to grab one of the napkins she'd stuffed their earlier. Having been to this festival last year, the redhead knew just how messy the food and art could be here.

"No no let me." He tells her. Jace reaches across the table to sweep his thumb over the ketchup on the narrow planes of her cheek, effectively wiping it away. The blonde pulls back before licking the thumb clean. It wasn't ice cream or that sugary sweet funnel cake concoction Clary made him try earlier, but the tangy taste of tomato sauce still tastes good.

"Gross!" Clary says with a laugh. Jace rolls his eyes, mismatched orbs capturing the midday light with sparkling intensity. He entwines their fingers together where their hands meet. With the steady grip on her hand he can feel her pulse beating underneath the padding of her palm.

"You know you love me." He teases back, reaching over so their lips meet.

Clary makes a quiet noise into it. The hand not gripping his finds the back of his neck with finger touching just above the fine hairs of his scalp. Jace can taste the tang of hotdog and ketchup in the kiss as he deepens it. If not for the table separating them Jace was almost certain he'd be pulling his girlfriend's body close to him.

As he couldn't do that, the blonde let's his free hand travel to the back of Clary's head, pianist fingers threading through wildfire hair. She must've washed it last night. The hair feels cool to the touch, a slight dampness permeating it. Jace has always been attracted to that hair just as he is to the rest of Clary: the bright reddish orange flame coloring reflects the young woman's personality perfectly.

Clary breaks the kiss, a gentle glint in her eyes. "I sure do." She agrees with ease.

"It's because of my charm and muscles right." He says with a grin, flexing his biceps demonstratively. Clary rolls her eyes, an unamused expression flirting across her face. She places a careful hand on one of his biceps, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"While those are lovely, that's not the reason why I love you." She continues on when he opens his mouth for a witty reply, a pale finger placed over his lips to keep him quiet. "Neither is your charm, though I do find it very amusing." She giggles at his disgruntled expression.

Jace pouts at her, pressing a kiss to her finger right before she pulls it back. "Shouldn't we be getting going? There's only so much public humiliation I can take." He waves a hand at his face, where a dog askew face painting had been done. Clary had been adamant about the two of them getting their faces painted.

"It's a couple thing Jace!" Her words echo in his mind, as does the promise of having an extra special fun surprise later if he went along with it. So the blonde had agreed, letting her drag him over to the vendor who was painting people's faces.

The elderly woman working there thought it would be great if Jace's paint was done as a golden retriever in likeliness. Jace hadn't agreed to that (he's supposed to appear tough after all....and puppies just aren't that tough) yet Clary had agreed with her and who would he be to deny his girlfriend. That, and she had a cute kitty face painting done on her own face, making her look quite adorable. Not that she wasn't already.

"Aww. But there's another exhibit we have to check out before we go!" She exclaims. "And besides, you look adorable."

Jace huffed. "Adorable is not supposed to be a word used to describe me. Handsome, charming, eloquent, strong, any of those would be preferred." He said.

"Of course." Clary says loyally. "But just one more exhibit please! Then we can head back to the Institute to get ready for your surprise." She says this enticingly.

Clary pulls him to his feet with two extended hands that he accepts readily. Jace sighs, not really wanting to go to yet another exhibit with his face painted like this. They'd already been at the festival for well over three hours now; the whole duration of their stay the blonde had felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the artisans and vendors. It was rare for the Shadowhunter to feel so out of place anywhere, so this occurrence truly is strange.

And making me feel uncomfortable. He sweeps a hand over his face, the feel of crinkly recently dried paint made his face itch. The last time any paint had been on his face was when Alec, Isabelle and he had been little kids. Their sister had them sneak out to a carnival together while their parents were on a business trip. When the little girl saw the face paint vendor she just had to do it, effectively assuring that Jace and Alec would go with her. The three had a lot of fun that night, and surprisingly never got caught either.

"Fine. Though don't expect me to enjoy it." He says with a huff, his arms crossed over his chest. Clary gives him a beaming smile, the corners of her mouth lilting widely. The cat paint on her face moves with it too, the whiskers curving upwards. The two end up staying for another hour more before finally heading home.

******Pippa's POV******

The three travelers fly silently across the sky, slipping into the Portal Pippa opens in midair with ease. Harry gives them a proud salute before Daniel, father and she go in. The blonde decided that he would return Wayfarer before rejoinin

d glass windowpanes on the left side. Simon did not need to touch the reflective surface to know it would be freezing. This would not bother him, but the his girlfriend and friends on the other hand....

"Excuse me sir, but is there any way that we could sit somewhere warmer?"

The man blinks, the rims of his glasses reflecting a silver gleam. "I'll see what I can do." Then he disappeared.

"Well that sure was helpful." Jace snarks sarcastically.

Clary gives him a sympathetic smile, as does Izzy as the group takes their seats. "You did your best Si, but I don't think he's going to check." The host had already disappeared back to the stand outside the building, not once asking anyone else of the staff passing him by about the whereabouts of the availability of other tables that weren't near the cool windows.

*****Time Skip*****

Dinner goes without interruption until the very end. Simon had just finished his last piece of steak (drenched in blood of course) and was happily enjoying as close to a food coma as he could get. Izzy and the others were in the same state just about, the food being so tasty that they'd just had to eat everything (that and leftovers didn't last long at the Institute).

So all was well until Izzy checked her phone, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion at whatever was written on the screen. He peers over her shoulder to get s better look but is unable to catch who the sender of the message might be. His girlfriend furiously taps away at her phone, her pleasant smile she'd been wearing all evening slipping away between one moment and the next.

At the other side of the table, Jace and Clary were still initiating small talk with a few kisses in between. The people sitting at the other tables had shot them some rude gestures, but Simon knew that the duo could care less.

I think we're all just so happy that Clary is back. For well over a year, Simon had done his best to accept that he would never be able to be with his best friend anymore. The whole prospect had been so disheartening along with everything else Simon had lost, if not for Isabelle he is unsure if he would've been able to pull through.

But I did and I'm all the more stronger for it.

If Izzy could be there for him, it was only natural that he could be there for her too. And so he sidles up to her not so subtly, placing his chin on her shoulder. From here he could smell her hair, the scent of wildflowers and honey relaxing to his nose and soothing to his body.

"Iz, is there something wrong?" Simon asks her, letting a hand slide down the small of her back in a smooth sweep where it came to rest just below her rib cage.

The furrowing of Izzy's eyebrows deepen. "I'm not sure what's going on. I need to call Magnus." She murmurs back quietly. Simon's not sure why, but for some reason he casts a glance over his shoulder, spotting a familiar figure darting through the restaurant to their table.

"Uh....Izzy, I don't think that'll be a problem." He tells her. Clary and Jace, who were in their own little world just moments ago also look over and spot the figure coming over to them.

Clary's eyes widen in surprise. "Magnus, what are you doing here?"

Indeed, Magnus was here, though he didn't look much like himself. The High Warlock of Alicante was dressed in what was likely casual wear (well as causal as Magnus is willing to go). Skinny jeans cover his legs with their flimsy material, his patterned red button up long sleeve shirt rumpled. A few gold necklaces were strung haphazardly around his neck in an unusual fashion. The man wasn't wearing makeup and his hair was hardly styled.

What's going on with him?

Simon doesn't have to wait long to find out the answer. Magnus is all to adamant on telling them why he is here, his face jerking to Isabelle so fast he'd be surprised if the man didn't get whiplash. Magnus completely ignores Clary's question in his response.

"Isabelle. Do you know where Alec is? He said you were hanging out with him earlier today." The warlock asks this as though Isabelle is his only hope. Simon feels a rippling sensation fall down his spine. The feeling is not from the cold.

Izzy looks confused and worried in increasing increments now. "No. We hung out earlier when I came by to get the weapons order, but I haven't seen him nor heard from him since I left Alicante." She replies.

Magnus visibly pales at that, his hands are fisting at his sides are held so tightly that the knuckles are turning white. The warlock's body is trembling with a strange shocked horror, blinking a few times as if to take in the worst news he has ever heard.

"No no no...." He mutters, ducking his head down. The man reaches an unusually ring absent (except for the wedding ring obviously) hand into one of his jean pockets to pull out his phone. Normally Simon would've felt amusement at the glittery phone case, though tonight he had a sinking dread creeping into his heart.

Jace must've gotten up and out of his chair when Magnus came over earlier. The blonde is standing, mismatched eyes narrowed. "Magnus what's wrong? What's happened to my parabatai?" His tone isn't demanding though it is firm. Clary remains seated in her chair, one of her hands curled around Jace's own in a show of support.

Magnus looks up and Simon is taken aback. Unglamoured cat eyes are in plain view now. The vampire and the rest of the occupants of the table have hardly ever seen Magnus's true eyes, the warlock keeping a tight lid on letting them be seen unless he was stressed out or in the comfort of his own home.

Magnus takes a shuddering breath before replying, his eyes misting slightly. "I-I can't find my husband....Alec has been taken." Shocked gasps filled the table, and Jace's eyes darken at the words.

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