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   Chapter 11 The Kidnapping of Alec Lightwood-Bane

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*****Magnus's POV*****

Magnus's day was going pretty well so far.

He'd just gotten done mixing up a potion for a client to pick up later. Bubbling purple liquid the scent of jasmine and sage wafted through the air, the heady scent making his nose tingle. Being one of his stronger, volatile mixtures it would need some time to cool off and settle before being drunk. The potion, oddly enough was to remove a particularly nasty case of the warlock flu.

One of his old associates had come down with the terrible disease, messaging the High Warlock of Alicante for help rather brusquely. Magnus suspects his choice had more to do with the resources he has access to than ability he possesses.

While it was true this potion could be made without a few drops of liquid Adamas, the mixture was much more effective with the Angelic metal. Living in Alicante, Magnus had been given rights to a sizable stock of melted Adamas for his wares and he looks forward to using the glowing stuff more often in the future.

With the potion simmering, he went back out in the living room, leaving the doors to the apothecary wide open (they'd been installed after Magnus had first started experimenting with the Adamas, Let's just say there were a lot of mini explosions that wafted the smell of smoke throughout the Loft). Out of habit, he slumps down into the plush material of the couch, his hand reaching onto the small table for his phone.

He turns the phone on with a click, his fingers wrapping around the glittery phone case that made up the phone's exterior. His husband would never understand his obsession with glitter, but Alec hadn't complained when Magnus glittered a phone case for him to have. Alec has two separate phones: one for work and the other for personal calls.

The personal calls phone was nicely covered in a case of sparkling blue green glitter that Magnus wholeheartedly believes matches the twinkle in his husband's eyes (they may be hazel, but there is some blue green flecks here and there if one looked closely enough....and let's just say Magnus has definitely gotten a close look at those pretty eyes).

Upon quick examination the High Warlock finds that no one of importance has texted him much of anything, though there are two new updates on Instagram. Magnus laughs at the sight of Clary dragging Jace to an art exhibit at a festival back in NYC, the blonde's exasperated look telling him all he needs to know about the dog style paint on his face.

I wonder how she managed that? Clary's own face paint reflected that of a cat. He taps out a quick comment asking as much before hitting send. Then he goes over to his contacts to text his husband, only to find that his husband had already texted him.

Alec: Izzy surprised me at the office today. I'm going to have lunch with her and then help her with the order of weapons she has to pick up. See you tonight. Love you! Xoxoxo

Magnus smiles at the sweet text, his fingers tapping out a quick reply. He is pleased to here that Isabelle is here; his sister-in-law may not know what Alec is going through, but she's always been a good ally in getting the tall Shadowhunter to unwind.

Humming to himself, Magnus goes to find Chairman. The gray and white kitten is found to be gnawing on one of the legs of a dining chair. Small, sharp white teeth are latched onto wood with great clumsiness, bits of spittle getting on the dark carved wood. Magnus scoops the kitten up into his arms, very gentle but firm in ripping the kitten away from his newfound teething station.

He taps Chairman on the nose with one finger. The kitten's little pink nose wrinkles at being prodded before letting out a small sneeze that Magnus can't help but coo over. His husband and kitty have such adorable sneezes!

"Naughty, naughty Chairman. We don't chew on the furniture." He tells the cat seriously. Chairman Meow mews questioningly at him as though he doesn't understand what he's being reprimanded for.

That doesn't surprise me one bit. His frown turns back into a grin as the kitten licks his neck, the scratchy tongue feeling ticklish on the expanse of his tan neck. Magnus let's out a small chuckle, thankful that the Chairman didn't reach for the several necklaces hanging from his neck.

Alec had once told him that if they ever got children (which couldn't be that far off for them if we're being honest) then the warlock would have to avoid wearing so many necklaces. He'd had a point: children just love tugging at pretty objects, Magnus's many necklaces easily falling into that category. I suppose I will when we do, but until then I'm going to keep them on. As an added bonus, watching his husband react to Magnus shirtless with only a few necklaces trailing over his chest was truly a treasure to behold.

He pulls Chairman away from where the kitten has burrowed into his chest, staring into bright blue eyes. "Come on Chairman, let's go get lunch." He murmurs before setting the little cat on the ground and heading to the kitchen.

The kitten sprints off towards the food bowl with a special sort of delight. When Magnus comes back out of the kitchen with Chairman's food the kitten is already waiting for him with an expression of 'what took you so long?'

Magnus pours the food into the bowl before setting it up on the table, effectively out of reach of the cat. Chairman mewls in protest and it isn't long before he finds tiny claws digging into his pants legs. Ring clad fingers pull the tiny claws off of his skinny jeans. Then he squats down to eye level with Chairman.

"Chairman, what do we do when we want food?" Magnus asks the kitten. Round eyes stare up at him for a few seconds as though processing his words. Chairman then rolls over before sticking a tiny paw up for a high five. Magnus accepts the high five graciously, placing the food bowl back on the floor immediately afterward. The kitten digs into his lunch with great gusto, Magnus watching his and Alec's pet with great amusement.

****Isabelle's POV****

Her brother came dashing over to the table she was sitting at just as her drink arrived. She'd gotten herself and her brother one of the café's specialty caramel coffees. A sweet dollop of whipped cream was drizzled right on the top so artfully styled that she almost regrets taking a sip. Keyword here is almost. Warm caffeinated liquid slides down her throat with ease, effectively waking her up and satisfying her immensely.

"About time you showed up. What did you forget at the office?" She can't help but ask.

The server, Monty she thinks his name is, is headed back to the kitchen. The man's hair was a slicked back silver white, his eyes a deep brown. He apparently took shifts here occasionally when the owners were out of town. Monty was the former owner, his son runs the place now. Lots of shops in Alicante were that way: passed down generation after generation.

The same runs true for the properties here. Being the Inquisitor, Alec has the rights to the Inquisitor's house in Alicante. As a Lightwood, and the eldest son of the family at that, he also has the rights to Lightwood manor. Magnus and her brother had already spent a few quiet weekends at the large estate.

Being located amidst Brocelind forest, it was a great place to get away for awhile. She plans to show the manor to Simon someday, as when they got married (which was definitely what they planned to do) and if things went through with the big change Simon was willing to undergo for her, they would both be Lightwoods together.

Izzy use to never imagine having children before (though she did treat Max like he was her baby back when she played house as a young girl), but now she imagines having children with Simon and all the joy that would bring. For now though, she would look forward to Alec and Magnus having children. The two men hadn't said anything about adopting yet, but she was sure it was only a matter of time.

Alec hastily slides into the chair across from her. "Uh...what? Oh, " he asked confused for a second before his hazel eyes dawned with realization. "Uh, I yea, just some unfinished work. Ran into an.....acquaintance of mine on the way out. Sorry I took so long." He murmurs.

"That's fine. Do I happen to know the person who held you up?" Izzy inquires. Alec rubs the back of his neck-a nervous gesture- though she can't fathom why he'd be nervous.

"Uh, I doubt you know him. If you've seen him, it likely was just in passing." He responds slowly, his voice testing out each word as he goes. Izzy has no idea why her brother is acting so strange about this. Unless....

"Is it one of my ex-boyfriends?"

Alec, who had been taking a sip of his coffee promptly spat it back out. The creamy spritz landed on his napkin and thankfully nowhere else. I'd hate for my outfit to get ruined. Too much of her things were ruined by demonic ichor. Things ruined by coffee did not need to be added into the mix. Despite the worry over clothes, she couldn't help but cackle at Alec's befuddled expression.

She would've thought Alec would expect this type of question from her. But it's clear he's not fully awake yet. It wasn't surprising really, she didn't feel at a hundred percent yet either. Morning coffee is a must with all Lightwoods, even Max was now taking a liking to the stuff. So far, he's only tried plain black coffee from their father. Max will probably have a sweet tooth too though, so I'm surprised he hasn't been trying sugar and cream mixed in yet.

"No!" Alec exclaimed a bit angrily. "This has nothing to do with any of them." He said harshly.

Alec's track record with Isabelle's boyfriends (both ex and current) was not exactly.......good. If he wasn't outright threatening them he'd be glowering at them from a distance. Simon was very much freaked out by Alec, though Izzy didn't exactly see why. But Isabelle wasn't fooled, her brother-in-law has told her that Alec has said that out of all of Izzy's boyfriends, Simon is the best. So he can say otherwise all he wants, but I know better.

"Okay okay. I won't ask. If you don't want to tell me I could care less." She admits.

Alec dips his head in agreement. "Sounds good to me. Waiter!" He waves over at Monty, the menu gripped tightly in his hands. Upon hearing Alec's voice, Monty lumbers on over to their table. Being the early morning there were hardly any customers around.

"Mr. Inquisitor! I was wondering when you'd come here again. I didn't realize this pleasant young lady here is your sister. Miss, what's your name?" Monty asks Isabelle, extending a hand for her to shake.

"It's Izzy." She shakes the hand firmly.

Before becoming Head of the New York Institute, she had not learned how to do a proper handshake. So before Alec had left New York with Magnus to head to Alicante, her brother spent a few weeks teaching her everything she needed to know.

That included having a good handshake, as a lot of business people are very observant about that for some reason or another. So she grips Monty's hand tightly, so much so that she can faintly feel his pulse point underneath the palm of his hand.

Being an elderly guy, Monty's hands are weathered with age. Veins are scrawled along his skin along with old splotches of white hair. If she had to gu

en't underneath the trees like last time. This go around the trio was standing out in a clearing where an abandoned construction site is located. Father said the project to build a school up here had been abandoned years ago due to difficulties with the location of the building site.

Apparently it was too high above sea level and the cliffs near it were dangerous for children. These two bits of information were what is unnerving Sara now, her pearlescent wings twitching behind her with unease.

Father was standing a little ways away, his blue eyes zeroing in on his children thoughtfully. What Daniel would give to know what his father is thinking sometimes.

"Daddy I'm scared! You're not going to make us jump off the cliff are you?" Sara asks, her little body trembling with fear. Their father's gaze softens on the little girl as he moves forward to stoop down to be eye level with her.

"Of course not my pearl. There's no way I'd make either of you do a nosedive. It's a much too complicated maneuver and you're both much too young." He runs his long fingers of his right hand through her hair.

Sara presses close to Father in a tight embrace that the archangel returns in full. Daniel watches them for a few moments, the word 'nosedive'. The eldest had seen his father do a straight dive from the cliffs before, his powerful white wings curling around him as he spiraled down.

At the last possible moment, Remiel would shoot his wings out to catch himself, using that energy to surge himself back upwards. It was risky move, but it also was an amazing one. Daniel can't help but want to do it too, as though being able to nosedive would make him even more like his father.

Blue eyes focus on the cliffs before flirting back to his father and twin. The archangel was so focused on consoling his daughter that he wouldn't be paying to Daniel for at least another minute.

Now is my chance!

Daniel raced over to the cliffs with confident strides, his black sandals kicking up dirt as he ran. The loose shirt and pants he is wearing do little to shield him from the gusts of wind. Deep ink black wings with hues of blue flap outwards ready for take off. The drop from the cliff can easily be seen by the small boy now, the city spread out like a painting below.

"Woohoo!" Daniel cheers as he jumps off the cliff in what he hopes resembles his father's own dive.

"DANIEL!!!" His father's voice shouts in alarm, his twin's voice joining along with the deeper baritone.

The eldest twin could hardly hear them now as he spiraled down. Black wings were tucked in close to his body, making him propel to the earth at an even faster speed. Normally oncoming earth would freak a person out, but for a winged nephilim like Daniel he just felt exhilarated.

A part of him wants to wait till he is just about to reach the ground to open his wings, but when a smaller cliff side comes into view Daniel realizes he can't wait that long. Caught off guard, Daniel flails a bit in the struggle to open his wings. The little hadn't realized that it took so much strength to force them open against the wind currents slamming into him almost full throttle.

"No no no no no no!" Daniel cries out with worry. He knows he's not going to open his wings up in time. Blue eyes screw shut, bracing for the pain of slamming into the hard packed dirt of the cliff.




Except the pain doesn't come. Strong arms wrap around his small dorm and pull him close. Daniel warily opens his eyes to see his father. The archangel's expression is tight with worry and concern and also relief that he'd gotten to his son in time.

Unlike Daniel, Remiel has no struggle opening up his wings to surge back upwards to the cliff Daniel had jumped off in the first place. The young boy feels a trill of excitement as they soar up into the sky, his previous fear an almost death put behind him now.

The pair alights down onto the High Grounds with practiced ease. Remiel doesn't let go of Daniel until they are at least thirty feet away from the diving cliffs. Sara rushes over to them as soon as they land, her whitish pink wings quivering behind her.

"Dan Dan! I was so worried!" Sara cries, her tanned arms pulling him up against her. Daniel returns the hug with ease, never having trouble showing affection to his twin.

He tilts his head over to meet his father's gaze. Remiel's eyes are glimmering with so much emotion; at the forefront a steady anger is reflected in infinite blue pools.

"Daniel what were you thinking! You're way too young to be trying to pull off a nosedive. If I hadn't gotten to you in time...." Father trails off, his eyes misting.

Guilt strikes in the boy's heart. He hadn't meant to scare his father. "I-I'm sorry Da. I just want to be like you." Daniel mumbles, extricating himself from Sara's tight grip on him. Both Sara and Harry always hugged so fiercely, as if each embrace might be their last. It was a bit boggling to the eldest sibling, who thought that neither of them know how to hug properly. At least Pippa could hug properly, the redhead's hugs sweet and gentle just like their mother's.

Father's expression softens. "I see. Well, please don't try it again anytime soon. I promise to teach you it, but only when I know you're ready." The archangel says firmly, leaving no room for protest.

Daniel accepts this with ease, as he also accepts the hug father pulls him into. Father's hugs are the most intriguing. It was as though a brilliant stream of warm light was encasing him. The boy can't help but tighten his hold, wanting to take in as much of that sensational light as he can.

Flashback end

Father had kept his promise. When Daniel had turned fourteen he was taught how to nosedive, his black wings much stronger than they'd been all those years ago. These wings were even stronger now, and they would do whatever it took to get Father back.

How ironic is it Dad, that the move you taught me with such patience and deliberation will be what I use to retrieve you?

Father and the gray stallion are but a short few kilometers away from the manor when the three siblings make their move. Daniel raises a hand to catch the filled needle tipped vial Pippa tosses him with precision of a well trained warrior.

Pippa and Harry then shoot down first to stop Alec in his tracks. The stallion rears back with an alarmed neigh at the sight of two people appearing spontaneously as they slip off the glamours for their bodies (not their wings mind you, making it look like they're floating in midair). The Shadowhunter astride the horse also shouts out in alarm, his eyebrows raised in horror.

Moving like lightning, Daniel nosedives down the the forest below. He slams into Alec within seemingly just the blink of an eye, locking his arms around the man tightly before lifting him up to the sky.

Not knowing what's going on, Alec squirms and yells out as they ascend into the sky with Harry and Pippa on their trail. The eldest sibling silences the man quickly by stabbing the needle into his father's neck. An almost clear liquid seeps into the Shadowhunter's blood, knocking him out instantly.

The fluid is a special concoction of Armando's making, it wouldn't harm their father in any way, just keep him knocked out for about twelve hours. With father as a dead weight in his arms now Daniel is able to fly with relative ease, Pippa and Harry flanking him on either side.

The second part of the plan was finally complete.

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