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   Chapter 10 A Plan Set in Motion

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*******Alec's POV*******

Alec was so done with life.

Let's be clear, the day started off pretty well. He'd woken up to breakfast in bed; Magnus had brought him Belgian waffles and his favorite brew of coffee (that has a surprising amount of sugar as it turns out, though nowhere near Magnus's intake).

The two chatted in bed and snuggled together for about an hour before it was time for work. Alec quickly had gotten ready before stepping into the Portal his husband had whipped up for him, sharing a goodbye kiss right as he was about to leave.

So, Alec had been in a good mood that morning. But of course, some unseen force just couldn't leave him be. It was as though someone was trying to make his life miserable, but then, no matter how one interacts with the people standing in front his desk now there was no way for Alec to feel nothing less than fully aggravated down to the last nerve ending in his body.

Horace Dearborn's projection was before him, as was Lazlo Balogh's. The two weren't actually in his office physically (thank the Angel) but there presence was still outraging regardless. With the renewal of the Accords coming up in only a few short weeks, every member of the Council was trying to get a word in for how the newly drafted Accords would be.

So far, Alec had done a lot of work to secure more rights for Downworlders. It was a great thing that made the Shadow World a better place to live for people like his husband that he holds so dear to his heart. Unfortunately, there were some people who wanted this work undone however, and two of them were standing as holograms before him.

It's likely a good thing too, because at the rate their going I might've decked them by now if they were actually here. Something tells me Jia wouldn't like that. The Consul was also familiar with the annoyance that is Horace and Lazlo, the men not so subtly insulted her daughter Aline a few months ago. The youngest Penhallow is currently engaged to Helen Blackthorn, the two women spending some quality time in LA for the next few days with Helen's many siblings.

And I thought my family was big. For Helen, there was six siblings: Mark, Julian, Livvy, Ty, Dru, and Tavvy. He'd met them all at the Christmas party last year in Idris (the youngest of the bunch Octavian was upset about going to bed early and wanted to stay up with the adults).

The siblings had all been relatively pleasant, especially their basically honorary sibling Emma Carstairs. The girl was an absolute sweetheart that totally admired Jace in some form or fashion (not that his blond idiot of a brother needs the ego boost).

Besides Helen, he found Julian, Emma and Mark to be the most interesting, though he hadn't been given much of a chance to interact with the younger children to gain perspective on them that night. I'll have to see if they want to visit some other time in either here or New York.

He can already picture his Mom having a great time with all those kids. Maryse had been giving not so subtle hints lately that she'd love to have some grandchildren. As Alec is the only married child of hers so far, her hinting had been falling on to him and his lovely husband.

"Mr. Lightwood, I have something more to say." A grating voice brought him out of his thoughts.

Horace was dressed in a light blue suit that matches with his pale eyes. The man's hair is continuing to gray just as it had been before, with slight wrinkles appearing around his forehead and eyes. With the askew eyebrows on the man, he gave off the appearance of a perturbed screech owl.

Alec felt a flicker of annoyance that the man refuses to use his full last name, it's Lightwood-Bane thank you very much, but elects to ignore it. He'd tried to correct Dearborn the first few times granted, but now it seems to be an unnecessary hassle. The other man had made it clear a long time ago that he didn't view Alec's marriage to Magnus kindly. And I could care less what he thinks on the matter!

Beside Horace, Lazlo was watching his companion with mild interest. Like his unwanted associate, the other man was also dressed in a suit, this one a sleek maroon red. He didn't like Lazlo much either, but at least the man dressed with style. At least that's what Magnus would say.

"What is it Dearborn?" He asks, forcing the politeness in his tone. The aging man's form flickered with light, so transparent that he could see the set up candelabra stationed behind him. The candles were not all lit, reddish flames dancing with the air conditioning of the room. Alec is so glad they finally got the air system updated, the old air conditioner had hardly worked. How Imogen survived in this office is beyond me.

"My associate and I want you to consider the newest proposal we've come up with for the new Accords." Horace tells him, gesturing to Lazlo and then the stack of papers sitting on Alec's desk. One of the interns had brought it in this morning begrudgingly. Sandra knew it was unlikely that the Inquistor would want anything to do with the suggested proposals of Dearborn and Balogh, but regardless he would still at least look over it.

"Let me guess, this is the complete opposite of what's currently planned for the Accords." Alec says, having to hold back an eye roll. The constant low burning headache was back again, though the heat of it was manageable now so Alec took that as a good sign. It wasn't like there was much he could do about it in any case.

Lazlo responds this time, his nasally voice almost as unpleasant as Dearborn's. "I think, as does my friend that this would be a large improvement from what is currently set for the new Accords. And I think a fellow Shadowhunter like yourself should want Shadowhunters to go back to their golden age." He says with an even tone.

Alec inwardly groans at this. He'd heard the golden age of Shadowhunters pitch all this morning. It was getting on his already frazzled nerves. "This 'Golden Age' you both speak of never existed. It was a time of oppression where we squandered down our allies. That is not something we should be trying to repeat." He tells them.

Sometimes, these conversations could go a little haywire. To make matters worse, people like Dearborn and Balogh wouldn't always take him seriously because of his young age. The two men seemingly forget just what family Alec comes from. As a Lightwood, he was well-versed in politics from an early age, taught how to be prim, proper, and educated in all fields. He'd taken to law and politics with ease, excelling at it as though it was as simple as simple as clockwork.

Dearborn was about to reply when a knock sounded on the door. The sound reverberated in the quiet room, a break from all the annoyance. Alec clung to that sound like it was a shining salvation for him.

"I'm sorry gentleman, but I must get going. I'll look at the documents and we'll discuss this matter some other time." He pressed the round black button on his desk, causing the two projections to dissipate into thin air. Hastily he stashes the two men's proposal in his desk to be looked at when he was in a better mood.

"I wonder who this might be?" He ponders aloud to himself. Heading over to the door, he stands before it for a few moments, imagining who might be on the other side. With a calloused hand he reaches out to the doorknob and opens the door. He is surprised immensely with who is on the other side, though it is a good surprise.

"Izzy!" He exclaims as his sister's sleek form comes into view.

"Hello big brother! It's so good to see you!" Izzy responds with a sly smile, no doubt pleased she'd surprised him.

******Pippa's POV******

Pippa and Harry were sitting on the balcony of the Gard, their legs dangling over the edge of the cobblestone lining. They'd watched Daniel go into the building, his head ducked down inside his black hoodie and even darker ripped jeans. The eldest always made himself look smaller when he hunches over like that, and it drove Pippa crazy sometimes.

Daniel had always been a bit shy, it was a part of his charm, but he hadn't started acting as though he wanted to appear insignificant until after.... Until after Sara passed away. Ever since they lost her, Daniel had been somewhat lost to the world.

There were times when he'd stare off into space next to him, or make idle comments that someone would've appreciated. There were so many little things he did, so many little quirks that's emphasis was no longer needed. And those are just the few I notice.

She wishes she could support her brother more, but she was unsure how to go about it. Of course she was always there for him, but the blue eyed male rarely felt like talking about his ailments. More so, each of them were dealing with their grief in their own way.

This whole thing about bringing back their father was also a part of this strange circle. Sara had still been around back when they'd started planning to resurrect their father. If she'd written a will, I'm sure it would've been on there to bring him back. The older woman had such a strong resolve about the resurrection; it was what Pippa draws on even now when her motives begin to feel questionable to the outsider.

Sometimes Pippa questions what they're doing. She's not unaware of the life her father has built around himself, not in the slightest. If anything she's proud that he's started over so well. When his grace had been given a new corporeal form, she'd wanted to rush to him right away. Her siblings had felt the same way, but they ended up holding back when they remembered the Angels words.

"You must not interfere with his life until it is time for the reawakening. Only then can you begin to make yourself known."

The waiting game was agonizing if she was being honest with herself (she chose to be aloof about that experience). Her parents had taught her that it was best to let your emotions flow through you, experiencing them internally before letting them out. That way, you would express how you truly felt properly.

Emotions weren't black and white, they were like symptoms. Unlike her mother- who was laid back and whimsical- Pippa took on a more wild edge, a brash boldness striking through her green eyes and her curved smile.

Pippa was somewhat of an emotional outburst if that was a description for a person. Her father had described her as a burgeoning flame, her very essence rising up into the sky like a sparkling ember. Some would say she was too ready unload her emotions, and they wouldn't exactly be wrong.

The only one of us who ever balances out their emotions is Harry, the big sunshine goofball that he is! But then she supposes that expressing emotions is better than not doing so at all. Daniel fell into the latter category, the dark haired male rarely expressing his truest feelings. It was disconcerting at times, but her Father had been right that everyone is different, their wings a true testament to that.

Speaking of her wings, soft flame colored feathers rustled with the morning wind. The scene below was standard for the early morning. Shop vendors were setting up around Angel Square, tents of all colors, makes and models being pitched into cobblestone pavement. The fountain in the middle of the square was gurgling with shimmering clear water. Pippa watches the water cascade into the pool below, mesmerized.

"Pippa, can I ask you something?" Harry asks tentatively.

Pippa focuses her green gaze on her younger brother. He's sat beside her, green eyes filled with yellow-gold flecks here and there. It surprises her that his eyes have so much depth sometimes, though it's only an artist like herself that can really see the nature of their brilliance.

I'll have to paint him again soon. Out of her two brothers, Harry was the hardest to paint. The male would likely be diagnosed with ADHD if he was ever tested. Her little brother could never sit still; he was always up and about. When he wasn't up, his hands would fidget at his sides, each finger a flailing tentacle in the deep blue sea.

In this moment, those fingers were thrumming up and down Harry's pant leg as though they were spasming with electricity. When she did manage to paint him, the result was always stunning. Harry was filled with so much energy, a

black. The man who must be Daniel is dressed in a dark blue hoodie and black sweatpants, a surprising clothe selection for the humidity of today. Alec closes the door as silently as he can, though he knows that the stranger can hear it anyways.

"I'm assuming you're Daniel." Alec states bluntly.

A pale hand enters his vision as the stranger offers up a small backhanded wave before turning around. He's surprised by just how similar could be Daniel looks to him. The male looks to be an inch taller than him, a deflect rune stands out boldly against alabaster colored skin. Striking blue eyes gaze at him with deep interest, a small smile curving his lips upward.

"That I am. And I know you're Alec. It's good to see you again, it truly has been a lifetime." Daniel murmurs.

Alec stares at Daniel inquisitively, not sure what to make of him. It was like looking into a mirror almost: dark hair, expressionless face, tall figure, soldier stance. I can't get a good read on him Alec admits to himself.

It wasn't only that either, Daniel just feels different compared to his siblings, his very essence like a light against the darkness. His way of speaking is also strange, as though he's speaking with a slightly different dialect.

"You're not what I expected." Alec blurts out.

Usually silence didn't get to him, but for some reason Daniel made him feel the need to be more open. I guess him looking almost exactly like me doesn't help. Alec's hazel eyes drift to Daniel's wings, the twin shadows energized with faint light. If I had wings, would they look like that? He remembers the archangel faintly, but their his wings were somewhat of a mystery to him. He'd only get flashes of brilliant feathers, of gliding along in the sky.

Daniel flashes a faint grin. "I'll take that as a compliment I guess. So, I suppose you know why I'm here." The guy leans back against the windowsill, two hands gripping polished gray wood.

Alec dips his head. "I might have an idea. Though I'm more interested as to why you freaked out when you saw my sister?" He asks the winged nephilim. This question had been nagging around in the back of his head for the past couple minutes now.

Daniel's cheeks reddened slightly, as though he was ashamed. Long white fingers scratch at one wrist, lifting up the sleeve by a few inches. This seems to be a nervous habit of sorts as it lessens the redness building up on Daniel's face. Alec was surprised to see faint white lines there; they were minuscule and many in number. They weren't in any order of sorts, nor any sort of likeliness of a wound so he was unsure as to what they were.

I wonder where he got them from? I hope those aren't what I think they could be. A drop of worry punctures his lungs, leaving him feeling out of breath. He's surprised that he feels so worried for this other guy.

I hardly know him so why? Alec looks down at his hands, without iratzes he knew they'd be much more scarred, and it would not be from fighting demons. The thought of the same being true for Daniel on the guy's wrists made him feel sick to his stomach.

"I'm terribly sorry for how I reacted. It wasn't fair of me...she just looks like someone I knew." Daniel admits to him. Alec's eyebrows furrow at that. Who could he so important to Daniel that it would spur a reaction like that? He's about to ask when Daniel continues. "But that's besides the point. What's important now is that you prepare to leave."

"Leave?" Alec repeats, confusion written on the planes of his face.

Daniel nods fiercely. "Yes. The time for the awakening is almost here. We need to get you out of Alicante to a safe place where we can prepare you." Alec feels floored by those words. Leave Alicante? I can't possibly do that, do they not realize how important my job is? He has too many responsibilities as Inquisitor to just up and leave.

"By the Angel! Are you out of your mind? I can't leave here, I have work to do. And what about Magnus? What about my family? They would freak out if I just disappear." He explains to Daniel in an incredulous tone.

"I know this seems strange to you, but I assure you that it's completely necessary. Your family will understand once everything unfolds." Daniel tells him. "You have to trust me, trust us." A flash of hurt and worry is in Daniel's blue eyes now, though it disappears as quick as it comes.

Alec stares at the other male as though he'd lost his mind. "Trust you? Trust Harry and Pippa? I don't even know you people. Veronica says I should trust you guys, but that doesn't change the fact that I still don't know you."

Daniel's eyes widen in surprise when the name 'Veronica' is spoken out loud. "Mom has been speaking to you?" The winged man sounds surprised, and strangely hopeful. "Was there anyone else that might've spoken to you?" He asks tentatively, as though he couldn't help himself. Alec's mind is brought back to the little girl in the sunflower dress again, the ache in his head pulsating a bit more. He rubs his temples gently to sooth the ache.

"Not really." He responds. This wasn't technically a lie, as he hadn't exchanged much of any dialogue with the little girl before she up and disappeared. I just don't think that can be considered a real conversation, the girl was almost more like a strange memory than being like Veronica.

Daniel must detect the slight uncertainty in his tone judging by the small frown that spreads across the man's lips, but thankfully he doesn't pry. "Well, that's too bad. You have a lot of good friends who've passed on from this world, so I'm surprised Mom was the only person to come to you. That might be for the best though. I can see that you're very confused." He observed.

Alec murmurs his agreement. "Yes, confusion is likely the best term for me now. That, and I've got what feels like a migraine pounding away at my skull." He was relieved that the ache hadn't spread to the rest of his body like it did the other day, but he's unsure how much longer that small blessing will last.

"I can help you to understand, but I need you to come with me. Please, you're in grave danger." Daniel tells him. The sincerity in his tone sent ripples down Alec's spine, though he elected to ignore them. I'm not about to blindly follow someone, even if they do seem trustworthy.

"No. I'm not going anywhere with you guys. Not until I get answers." Alec replies fiercely before heading towards the door. He's surprised that Daniel doesn't move to follow him, the winged nephilim watching him silently fro, his spot leaning against the window. "I have a lunch with my sister to get to. You can see yourself out." Alec opens the door and leaves.

Daniel watches him go with his steady blue gaze. With Alec already walking down the halls of the Gard he didn't hear Daniel's final words spoken in the office. As soon as Alec had left, Daniel had strode over to the desk, his hands skirting over the pictures situated on it.

One in particular was two men in tuxes- Alec and Magnus- surrounded by their family and friends. Everyone was dressed nicely, the background in the room with wedded union rune decorations tells him that this photo was taken on his father's wedding.

Daniel picks up the frame gingerly, treating it with the upmost care the precious picture deserved. The happiness on his father's face in this photo as he gazes at his newly wedded husband sends a pang to his heart. It had been a long time since he'd seen his father this happy, and he would do anything necessary to protect that which Alec holds dear.

He sets the photo down carefully, his expression turning serious. With deft fingers, Daniel types out the signal to his two siblings on his phone, his blue gaze not once leaving the photo. Daniel can't hear them yet, but he can already picture Pippa and Harry taking flight into the sky.

"I have to do this Father. I wish you would've come willingly, but since you've declined we have no other choice." Daniel says firmly to the empty room. Then he turns to the window, sliding it open with ease. With wings the color of a starry sky he takes flight into the air, joining the flame and gold-bronze figures in the clear blue sky.

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