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   Chapter 6 A Discombobulated Return to Reality

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*******Magnus's POV*******

It had been quiet after Jace had left. Magnus knew if he opened one of the windows he might hear the distant sounds of the Shadow Market (there was some festival or another going on). He hadn't felt much like celebrating though, not with Alec being passed out on their bed.

So, instead he snaked his phone out it's spot between the couch cushions (it had fallen there when Jace arrived) and began to text Maia. He hadn't told the New York Alpha that Alec and he weren't going to make it tonight yet. No time like the present right? He sits back down next to Alec as the phone rings, his had brushing through his husband's unruly locks.


Maia picks up on the third ring, her cheerful voice coming out of the speakers. Magnus appreciates that he'd become friends with this assertive wolf. She'd proven to be a good person to talk to no matter what time of day (and a great shopping buddy along with Izzy and Clary). What really amused him however was how well Alec got along with Maia. The two hit it off right away, much to everyone's bafflement. Alec had been annoyed at everyone's confusion; Maia had just told them Alec was a good friend to have, you just had to get to know him first.

(Bold for Magnus, italics for Maia)

"Magnus! Hey! Are you calling in to tell me why both halves of Malec missed our dinner time at Taki's?" She asked. Magnus's gaze drifts over to the alarm clock on the bed. He winced when he saw the time read 10:00 pm. If they could've gone, Alec and Magnus would've been two hours late. Their dinner time at 8 pm had been blown off, What with Alec being unconscious and all.

"I'm terribly sorry Maia. Alec came back from a rather dangerous hunt and just passed out. I still haven't been able to rouse him. Do you mind if we rain check dinner for....let's say tomorrow at the same time?" Magnus was hopeful that she'd say yes. Alec and Magnus had both been looking forward to going to Taki's. Their busy schedules had kept them from going thus far, so they were determined to finally see the establishment Maia was so proud of.

"Oh, sure. Rescheduling for tomorrow should be fine. Is Alec okay?" He can hear the worry in her tone. Magnus smiles a little at it, glad that Maia cares about Alec.

"He should be just fine. I've checked him over half a dozen times already." Magnus told her.

"Knowing you, I'm sure you were more thorough then you need to be." Maia teased.

Magnus couldn't help letting out a small chuckle. "What can I say, I have every right to check out what's mine. And the same goes for Alec for me."

"You two are adorable." Maia responds. He talks to the pack leader for a little while longer, his cat eyed gaze focused on his husband's sleeping form.

*******Alec's POV*******

Alec's vision swam when he first came to. He had to blink several times for it to clear, blurred images seeming to dance overhead. There were voices too, both of which were awfully familiar but remained unrecognizable to his sleep addled brain.

He lets out a small moan, trying to focus. It was the first real sound he'd made in the past hour, during which one of the voices had seemingly disappeared. This noncommittal noise drew in the remaining figure hovering over him, who was finally starting to come into focus.

"Alexander darling, are you awake?" The sweet voice belongs without a doubt to his husband.

Magnus's toned figure comes into view now. The Indonesian man was hovering over Alec's prone form, clad in a black silk robe and a pair of boxer briefs. His husband's hair was free of product now and it came down in soft strands around his forehead. Alec wants to reach up and run his hands through it. For now he lets his hands rest aimlessly underneath the covers.

"Mmm...Yea, morning love." Alec's voice was husky with sleep.

Magnus had once told him his voice was extra sexy with that husky edge to it. The Shadowhunter wasn't sure he agreed, but hadn't argued when his husband had leaned forward to kiss him. The two had a steamy make out session after dinner that night. It had led to an even steamier christening of the dining room table.

Thank the Angel Jace didn't walk in on us this time. He loves his parabatai, but it was like he had a built in timer of knowing when the two halves of Malec were...up to things. It drove both of them insane.

Magnus leans forward to plant a soft kiss on his forehead. "I was worried about you, Jace told me you collapsed during the fight. And that there was a huge flash of white energy that killed all the remaining demons. Do you remember any of that?" The warlock asked.

Alec sat up in the bed, causing the now maroon coverlet to billow around his hips. He screws his eyes shut at the dappled sunlight coming in through the patterned curtains. Without the gigantic skyscrapers of New York, Alicante was filled to the brim with sunshine. Alec loved it, but he could do without being blinded in the morning.

He tries to recall last night, his mind foggy. "I remember meeting up with Jace. We were fighting some Blixer demons and my headache was acting up again." As if on cue, the slight buzz in his head returns. For some reason though, the pain wasn't anywhere near as mind blowing as it had been before. It was a little baffling to be honest.

"Do you recall anything having to do with a wave of light?" Magnus pressed.

"Uh....not really. But I do think there was something else....I just can't remember what it was." He murmurs. Alec understood that there had to be more, his mind struggles to uncover more of what happened the previous night. Despite his efforts, he continues to come up empty.

Magnus sighs, a tight smile on his face. "It's alright. If anything it's understandable you can't recall anything right away. You've been through an ordeal."

"I'm sorry to have worried you Mags, it wasn't my intention." Alec told him sincerely. Magnus sat down next to Alec and pulled him into a tight embrace. After being married for over a year, Alec could understand what Magnus was meaning to say by mere body language. Just as so, he understood now what his husband was telling him.

I know, but that doesn't mean I'll ever stop worrying.

*****Time Skip cause I do what I want*****

Since it was the weekend, Magnus and Alec spent an easy day in. They'd had some chocolate drizzled crepes Magnus had portaled in from their favorite café in Paris for breakfast alongside some hot chocolate that Alec insists was the best money could buy (the perfect marshmallow to chocolate ratio was everything for this special concoction).

They'd cuddled on the couch afterwards, watching Project Runway for a few hours. Alec would never admit it, but the show had grown on him (or more so Magnus's excited expression at getting to watch it). The warlock had been even more happy to introduce his Shadowhunter to his favorite classic movies. They were currently watching the Titanic now, the credits rolling before them.

"I can't believe they didn't just let both characters live! It's ridiculous to go through all that drama and romance just to kill one character off." Alec flared at the credits with disdain.

Magnus laughed at his husband's scornful pout. "Alexander dearest, not everyone can have a happy ending like ours." He gestures to their clasped hands, their rings gleaming in the artificial lighting of the apartment. "Such is the tragedy mundane culture loves to show on screen."

Alec huffed, not entirely convinced. "Well, I still think it's dumb." He responds with ease.

"Fair enough. We're all entitled to our opinion." Magnus glanced at the clock hanging over the television. It was right above two light sabers hanging on the wall, one blue the other red. They were both gifts from Simon from the first time he'd taken Izzy to Disney World.

"What're you looking at the clock for?" Alec asked, placing a kiss on the hollow of Magnus's throat.

"Well, remember the dinner we were supposed to have with Maia yesterday? I got it rescheduled for tonight at the same time." Magnus tells him. Alec perked up a bit at that, he'd been looking forward to seeing Maia again.

"That's great news! Should we go get ready now then? It's already 6:30 and I know you like to have at least an hour to prep." Alec asks.

"You're not wrong about that. Let's get going." Magnus rose from the couch, tossing the blanket that had been draped over them back over the couch. A tan hand reached out to Alec which he gladly took. Magnus pulled him up, the pair making their way back into the bedroom.

******Pippa's POV*******

The Portal swooshed closed behind them, it's spiraling vortex closing just as easily as it had opened. The siblings were taking a break today in one of their favorite flying spots. Harry and Daniel w

hurt. But at least Spider-Man's new film is coming out soon."

Simon grins at his girlfriend. "I knew you were a Tom Holland fan."

"What can I say, he reminds me of a certain nerd I love." She grinned up at him, flashing a pearl white smile.

Simon was beaming at her, leaning down to kiss Isabelle. Maia let out an 'awww', Bat discreetly high fives Simon from behind, and Magnus watches on amused. Alec found himself gagging at the lovey doviness of the couple (though deep down he was happy his sister has someone who loves her so much).

Ugh..I wonder how much longer it'll be until they get married? It had been two years since the pair had gotten together, during which he'd had to deal with their lovesick glances and makeout sessions all over the Institute whenever he came to visit.

The duo rarely fought, though at least when they did Alec wasn't there to deal with it. He'd received many a disgruntled phone call from Jace during those stints of time. His parabatai had played the peace maker between the two a few times before Clary returned. Now that the fiery red head was a part of the Shadowhunters once more, she also was a go to whenever the couple was going through problems. Only one problem had been studiously brought to Alec's attention, and he was still working out how to solve it.

Immortality is no small problem.

Yes, the biggest hurdle in Simon and Isabelle's relationship was the matter of immortality. It wasn't something any mortal and immortal couple could handle easily. Like Izzy had said, many of her relationships with immortals never got serious just because immortality was too big of an issue to get past. But Simon...he was a different story for his sister. Alec was working on a way to solve that problem, but for now the process was tentative and slow, he couldn't make any promises.

He was broken out of his stupor when he heard a rustling sound. Alec glanced away from his friends and family, his hazel eyes narrowing. The chef and waiters are in the back, and the hostess went home for the night so who could it be. His eyes darted between the tables; there were twelve in total four booths and eight classic tables.

Alec found the source of the noise rather quick. The perpetrator was a young man who looked around his and Jace's age. His hair was a golden brown, his eyes mostly green with flecks of gold. The flecks oddly reminded him of Jace's own golden eye. That wasn't what really caught his attention. No, it was the large golden brown wings sitting behind the man. They glistened with light, almost as though their very essence was sparkling.

Alec's eyes widen with surprise, memories from last night flooding his mind. He recalled the fight against the Blixer demons, the roiling pain he'd felt, and then the great burst of energy. Through the flickers of blurred vision he'd experienced before unconsciousness, he could remember seeing this guy.

And that wasn't the first time either! He could clearly recall seeing this stranger at the Institute too, his wings just as brilliant now as they had been then. Who is this guy? Is he an Angel? And how come no one else even noticing him. Magnus and the others didn't seem to notice the stranger at all...and he was sitting only a few tables away. No food was laid out in front of him, so he doubts this guy is a customer.

He keeps on showing up! And from what Magnus told me, I think this is one of the people who knows what's going on with me. I have to find out why he's here.

Alec wasn't about to let this opportunity pass him by. Hastily, he rose to his feet, muttering about needing to go to the bathroom. Magnus gave his hand one last squeeze before letting him go, the sound of the group's chatter receding as the bathroom door swung closed behind him. Alec didn't have to look behind him to know that the strange man had followed him into the stall.

Alec turns to face the stranger, keeping in mind the seraph blade stashed in his thigh holster. He was unsure how to start up this conversation, so he starts off with the facts. Alec keeps his tone cool as he speaks, not allowing any emotion to slip through his expressionless mask.

"I've seen you around at the Institute. And at the attack last night." He comments.

The stranger tilts his head to the side thoughtfully. "Yes, we seem to keep running into each other."

Alec wants to roll his eyes, the answer was just what he expected. Instead, he decides to come out with it. "I've been experiencing....strange things lately. You seem to have an idea as to why, so I'd appreciate it if you told me."

Alec didn't know how much this guy knew, so he wasn't keen on telling him just what those strange things entailed. Especially not that dream...I'm still not sure what to make about it. The stranger seemed to understand what he was getting at, golden eyes averting away from him.

"That's not something I can tell you. The plan must unfold accordingly." He said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Anger built up inside him. Alec needs to know what's going on with him. For whatever reason, this stranger was nonchalant about telling him.

"I'm sorry. If I could tell you I would." He murmurs. "For now, I must make my leave. We'll meet again soon." Alec heard the flap of wings, wind brushing his face and tousling his hair.

The strange man was gone, only a golden brown feather left behind in his wake. Alec snatches it up before it could touch the bathroom tiles, not wanting it to get soaked in the chemicals there. Whoever cleaned the place before closing had already done there job; the stalls were restocked with toilet paper, the mirror cleaned with what smelt like windex (the smell to pungent to be anything else), and fresh pink soap was in the soap holster. He shoved the feather in his pocket, using the restroom before rejoining Magnus and the others at dinner.

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