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   Chapter 40 Reckless souls

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 19955

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Rodriguez noticed his wife staring at him and decided to scold her for not helping.

"You know honey, you always insist on doing everything but today, you don't seem to want to help. Are you alright?"

She was stunned.

"I'm alright. I just don't see the need to go with them. We can go on our own."

"Nonsense. You hardly relate with anyone, I'm doing this for you."

"Are you sure or is it something else?" She spilled before she could think straight.

"Ok. What's wrong?" Rodriguez demanded, getting closer to her.

She could barely breathe seeing him so close to her. Her self defense instinct went haywire.

She almost compulsively took out the knife she has hidden on her to protect herself.

She hadn't slept last night, not with the fear that he would kill someone and when she did, the terrible nightmares interfered.

"Maybe you shouldn't go." Rodriguez put in.

"I'm going!" She almost yelled.

She had to keep a watch on him. He was a maniac and was dangerous to everyone.

"Call the police!", A part of her murmured.

Maybe it was right.

Rodriguez left her and she used the opportunity to search what was in the basket Rodriguez had fixed up.

Nothing much, just the checker blanket and some sandwiches.

She heaved and fixed the basket back before Rodriguez returned.

Grrrinnnggg! His phone rang.

She picked it up and checked the caller's ID.


She picked it up and listened.

"Boss, I have been watching the girl. They're getting ready for the picnic. She doesn't suspect anything."

A lump made her instantly stop breathing.

Rod was spying on Adriana, This was bad!

"Hey." A voice said behind her and she instantly felt her spine get the chills.

"Who's calling?" Her husband quizzed as he approached her, more like speedwalking.

She instantly cut the phone and turned to face him.

"It was Nathan." She lied.

"What did he want?" Rodriguez queried, collecting his handset from her.

She was glad she had already deleted his call history.

"He just wanted to know if we'll meet him at his house?"

"Of course we will, " Rodriguez replied and resumed parking.

"Which Park are we going  exactly?" She asked, wanting to know how much information her husband knew.

"Friendship park." He answered.

Fuck, he knew!

Seeing him concentrated on what he was doing, she contemplated hitting his head with a vase.

It could render him unconscious but it could also kill him.

"Tell the police before it's too late." Her conscience advised.

Her belly ached just then. It felt like a message from her child.

She couldn't just bring herself to do it plus she had her secret fears.

What if she was taken for acting as an accomplice?

She did know of the murder and said nothing.

A million thoughts bothered her but she didn't know what path was safe.

She left for the bedroom and took her phone.

It was either she informed the police or Nathan.

Her mind went back to the drawer. She approached it and opened it.

The metallic device laid there most probably thrown carelessly by Rodriguez.

She took it out and examined it.

It would take her nothing to use it against Rodriguez.

She immediately pushed away the dark thought.

How could she even go that far?

She made up her mind to call Nathan but backed down at the last minute.

"Hello?" She heard Adriana say.

She couldn't say it. She just couldn't do it. She was too weak to betray her husband. The golden band on her ring finger burned forcing her to remember the vows she made to Rodriguez on their wedding, To stand with him.

She cut the call and sat on the bed feeling empty and wondering what to do now.

She felt helpless and desperate at the same time.

Adriana would be in constant danger near her husband and here she was, being selfish.

But, at the right moment, she remembered Miranda.

She grabbed her phone and furiously searched her contacts.

She found it and instantly called.


"Hello Miranda, can I talk to Adriana?"

"Oh, she's gone with Nathan already."

"Good. Does she have a cell phone so I can call her?"

"Yes. Nathan got her one yesterday."

Thank God, She said aside before speaking.

"Can I get her number?"

"It sounds urgent, is everything ok with you and Rodriguez?"

"Oh yes."

'Just that he's now a maniac.'

"Ok. I'll send it to you if that is ok." Miranda said.

"It is. Thanks, Miranda."

She cut the phone and tried to think of what was going to happen next.

She planned on telling Adriana that she might be in danger and since Adriana didn't know who was calling, she would be worried but at high alerts.

"Honey! Its time to go!" She heard Rodriguez yell from the sitting room.

"I'm coming." She sent.

Her phone chimed, checking it she saw it was a text from Miranda.

She silently prayed she could so what she had in mind before heading downstairs.


10:00 AM

Friendship Park Tijuana

'Friendship park' was nothing like those in the smaller towns. Theirs were miniature formal gardens for the elderly that had retired there for a quiet life.

They had benches, ornamental trees, flowers year-round and water fountains in clear lakes that were stocked with Koi carp. But not here, Here was ap park with acres of concrete interspersed with neat grass verges, rollerblading tracks, tennis courts, water parks, and skateboarder basins.

Adriana noticed the vendors were smaller. The music playing clashed from various sources, none of them were her favorite and it made her wonder if she would be able to take her mind off the world here.

The park had lost its purpose and was beginning to feel like a miniature party house.

The sun made it worse. Adriana regretted not bringing any sunscreen and relying on a stupid hat.

She didn't make her irritation known to Nathan. He had dressed for the occasion.

He wore a glowing Whit T-shirt that wrapped his body really well,

was him."

"Well...well...well..." Someone clapped from amongst the crowd.

The crowd path away and allowed the speaker to walk through.

Nathan looked up to see Rodriguez pointing a gun at him.

"What are you doing Rodriguez?" Nathan demanded, stiff.

"She's said it all Nathan, Are you so dumb not to believe the truth?" Rodriguez stated.

"You....tried to kill us?" Nathan could not believe his ears.

"I did but I failed obviously and now that the truth is out, I guess I should finish what I started."

"What are you doing Rodriguez?" His wife inquired, in tears.

"I did this for us, Honey!" Rodriguez defended.

"I didn't ask you to this Rodriguez" She muttered, holding her swollen belly, "If you do this, you'll destroy us, You'll destroy out child's future. Think about it, Rod."

"Why would you do this to us? To me... I thought we were friends?" Nathan inquired, still unable to believe all this was true.

"Friends? Hardly! You see Nathan, I used to work in a classy place before I met you. Guess what, I was fired and you know why because women were in the picture. We got fired and our lives got ruined because of his mistake. When I met you, you made the same mistake but I wasn't ready to suffer for your sins."

"You did all these to keep your job?" Nathan and Adriana asked in unison.

"Not just my job but to everyone I your company whose life you could have ruined. I was their savior."

"You're mad Rodriguez!" His wife made known. She fell to the floor and began o sob heavily.

The congregation gathered around we're dazed by what was going on. Someone had called the cops.

"I know you hate me now but I had to do this for all of us, Now I'll have to finish the job, I don't care what happens to me, " Rodriguez said, corking the gun and pointing it at Nathan.

"Rodriguez stop... Please! You're not beyond saving." His wife pleaded.

"I'm sorry honey but I've gone a little far. I am beyond saving."

Rodriguez put his finger on the trigger and aimed for Nathan's head. Nathan closed his eyes and expected the pain to come quick and easy.

There was no use fighting it. It was over.

He felt Adriana hold on to his hands and it made him open his eyes. Nathan felt his face moisten as tears began to pour, likewise Adriana.

There were no words but they could feel their hearts sing.

Always and forever!, It said.

The gunshot was heard and a body drop to the ground.

Rodriguez's wife held on to the gun in her hands shakingly and tried to comprehend what she had done.

"No...." She rushed to her husband trying every means possible to resuscitate him but all means proved abortive.

"I killed him, I killed him!" She kept on repeating and put the gun to her head.

Bang! Her body dropped right on top of his.

Three lives wasted for petty revenge.

The siren noises got louder and soon the park became a hood.

Nathan and Adriana held hands, ignoring all and just sitting like they were the only two in the world.

"I guess you're not the only one who ruined someone's life." Nathan began.

"Which means we were made for each other, " Adriana commented.

"I know it's the most stupid thing to stay right now considering all we have been through but I love you, Adriana."

Adriana smiled, wiping away a tear from her face.

"It's definitely not what should be happening right now but what the heck... You know Nathan, remembering everything, I got to know something I never really got to do."

"What's that? Kill me?" He joked.

"No. Remember our first kiss at that restaurant?"


"I so badly wanted to kiss you back."

"What's holding you back now?"

The ambulance sirens got louder and despite the feeling of despair in the air.

Two lovebirds held hands, staring at the destruction fate had made them cause to bring their reckless souls to meet.

They kissed passionately under the open sky, lost in time and place, not even noticing the heavy eyes on them.

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