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   Chapter 39 Love isn't everything

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 8233

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Nathan left the doorway he had leaned on to earlier and approached Adriana.

He had given her enough time to grieve.

The cops had already left and all that was left of the murder was the bloody words on the floor.

"What do you want to do now?" Nathan asked a frozen Adriana.

"I don't know." She answered and looked around the house that took her in. The only place she could call home for three years and now that she knew she was not alone, This happened. Fate would not just stop fucking with her.

She remembered the words her late mother had engraved to the ground with her own blood.


What could it mean?

"Are you ok?" Nathan inquired.

Was she ok? Why would he even asked that... Someone she knew just died and there was a high chance she could have if she hadn't gone with him.

She couldn't blame him, he must feel awkward from the situation and sensing his relationship with the Contreras, it was no wonder that he felt nothing at all.

"I don't know Nathan...Who would kill her?"

"Judging from her attitude, I'm not surprised at all, " Nathan answered sarcastically.

Adriana gave him a scowl and pushed him away.

She left the doorway and raced for the car.

She got in and waited for Nathan to come join her.

"Are you okay?"Nathan asked again, putting on his seatbelt.

"I don't know Nathan. All these feels like waterfall, the noise, the deep waters..."

"I know but we'll get through this together."

He put his hands on hers reassuringly.

"That's not all Nathan. I...think she was trying to protect me from someone..."

"Who? Her..." Nathan cut in, "I know you still have high standards for her memories but I don't think that's it."

"Then what's it!" Adriana yelled, "Explain to me why my father would try to kill me? I'm his daughter! Tell me why she died when I found out who I was? There is something else going on Nathan and I feel...I feel like I know what it is but I can't just put my fingers on it."

Adriana kept her gaze on Nathan wanting to know the logical reason he had for that too.

He was quiet, awful quiet.

"I guess you're right." He mumbled and started the engine.

"I know I am."Adriana muttered, "I just want to find out what the truth is before it's late."

Adriana expressed her secret fears. She suspected that whoever killed her mom must have a hand in her and Nathan's 'would be' murder. What she was afraid of was the person might have the intention of doing

erer and she had no idea, it was absolutely chilling.

She felt her belly stir and rubbed on it.

"How's the baby?" Rodriguez attempted to get close but she flinched back instinctively.

"Are you ok?" He quizzed seeing how worked up she became.

"I am." She assured.

"Your food is ready. Give me your bag while you get at it." She reached out for the bag but she saw her husband only clutch onto it.

That had to be the gun!

"It's ok. I can handle it. Go and get some rest." He said, changing the subject.

She didn't argue, she went to the living room to contemplate what she was going to do next.

It was a wonder she hadn't reported to the police yet but that was only because she feared for her child. It would grow up without a father.

The telephone close to her suddenly rang.

She picked it.


"It's Nathan. How's Rodriguez?"

She turned to her husband briefly before replying, "He's fine Nathan. How's Adriana?"

"Wait you know too."

"News spread fast."

"I wanted to tell Rodriguez I won't be able to make it to work tomorrow. Adriana and I plan on heading to the park."

She so badly wanted to tell him but she kept her mouth shut and continued, "Ok. I'll tell him."

She immediately felt a hand grab the phone from her.

She turned to see the sick man she married.

"Hey Nathan, I was thinking maybe we should join in. My wife here has been really tense lately."

"Sure. The more the merrier right."

Her belly ached again. Rodriguez could not be doing this for them, there was something sinister beneath the lines.

The question was, "Who did he plan to kill this time?"

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