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   Chapter 29 Dead girl, Dead mom

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 8219

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"She called Miranda." Rodriguez read the text again.

It had taken him from his wife's warmth at 10 in the night.

It didn't take him to guess who Camille was referring to.

He stretched his aching joints in the small space the closet had.

What to do now?, He muttered to himself as he searched for Mr Contreras' contact.

"Hello Mr Contreras." He acknowledged when the call went through.

"It's me." A hushed voice whispered back.

Rodriguez could not believe she still held on to the phone. She must really want Adriana badly. All in favor of him though.

"Adriana reached out to the Tocci's. How?"

"How am I supposed to know? The phone was in my hands all day." She snapped.

"We'll fix it." Rodriguez retorted and cut the phone.

Immature, He mumbled before the closet's door creaked open.

"Rod, Why are you here?"

"I was just checking—what to wear tomorrow, I'll be leaving quite early."

"Oh... But you were talking to someone." She chipped in.

"Babe, You worry too much. It's just a client."

"At 10?" His wife quizzed, still doubtful.

"Yes. Why are you getting so worked up?" Rodriguez said and approached his wife, leading her outside the closet and back into the bedroom.

"I don't know. It's just that these days you've been…distant. You haven't been eating, you've been so stressed and we don't have time for us anymore, Now night calls."

Rodriguez could tell she let it all out. He hadn't noticed she was disturbed by his new habits.

It was best he kept her out of it. She was heavily pregnant and he knew she would rebuke him. This was his cross to carry.

"I know." Rodriguez admitted facing her, "But tomorrow I promise you I'll take a break from work and we will go on a date."

"I don't want to be a bother..."

"I insist." Rodriguez cut in.

"Ok. Since we haven't had time for ourselves, I was hoping you'll just stay at home with me and we'll continue designing like we used to."

"Ok then." Rodriguez gave her a smile and got ready for bed.

She did the same and when she was comfy, she said, "And no phones. It always distracts you."

"I surrender."

Rodriguez remained awake until his wife drifted back to sleep.

He really hoped Mrs. Contreras had a way to fix this or he would.


Mrs Contreras paced around the room wildly and continued complaining to her husband on how betrayed she felt.

"How did you even know she called them?" Her husband asked, sipping a cup

he ro—."

Before she could finish, a crazy being just jumped into the middle of the road, out of nowhere.

"Watch out Walter!" It eas however too late for her warning to be put into action.

Walter tried his best to maneuver the car but the lady in front of the car being stunned moved away from the danger but in the right sense, she was only going right at where Walter turned to.

The car hit her and sent her flying a foot away.

The car stopped right then. Walter was unconscious, the airbag had taken the air out of him and he was facedown to the wheel and causing the horn to honk due to the pressure his head applied. Mrs Romero was for a moment happy to be alive. Other than hitting the chair before her hard until she got a knot in her head, she was fine. The sickness she felt before suddenly disappeared, replaced by fear of the unknown.

A thousand thought immediately cascaded her mind.

She hit someone with her car, she could be charged for manslaughter, Was the girl dead? She had to find out.

She got out of the vehicle and approached the girl.

Mrs Romero could see that she was limp and began to fear the worst.

She took the victim's hands and felts its pulse.

Good Lord, there's a pulse.

It was weak but it was something.

She hadn't wanted to see the person's face should the person have been dead since it would haunt her nightmares.

When she turned to have a good look on the person's face. Her breathing stopped.

This was the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone.

The bleeding head and the swollen lip could not hide the fact that she was staring at her Adriana.

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