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   Chapter 28 Lucid

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Mrs. Contreras didn't answer and the awkward silence was getting disturbing.

She could say no and he, could not let that happen.

"Are you having second thoughts, Mrs. Contreras?" Rodriguez said to the phone.

"I—just don't want her to hate me, I feel bad enough hiding the truth from her."

She was indeed having second thoughts.

Rodriguez then instantly knew he had to step up his game if he was going yo stand a chance in pushing her to his side of the battle line.

"I know Mrs. Contreras but you don't know what family she comes from. If you have the internet, just search on the Romero's. She comes from a wealthy and influential family herself and I'm sure even if she remembers nothing, She still has her flaws."

Rodriguez then went on to mention some of the flaws.

"But if I manage to stop her from seeing the Tocci, How do I stop her from remembering?"

"Hypnotism, " Rodriguez answered. "I have done research on the best in the country and if we succeed in keeping her from Nathan, It will be my way of saying Thank you."

"Ok." Mrs. Contreras said, giving in to his demands.

Rodriguez smiled to himself, happy to have won her over.

"Well then, Mrs. Contreras, we have a deal."


Mrs Contreras ended the call and tried to think.

Did she make the right choice?

She had just thrown morals that had been instilled in her since childhood to keep her secret.

She didn't want to be the monster under the bed in Ema's story but she also didn't want to lose the gift given to her by God himself.

Why then would he want to strip it away from her.

"Heaven helps those who help themselves" she muttered to herself, an evasive mechanism to deny the evil she just did.

The phone buzzed and she received a text from Rodriguez telling the next line of action.

The first task was to question if Ema considered the deal Mrs Tocci offered her.

Mrs. Contreras did just that at dinner.

"Ema, you've been quiet all day. Is anything wrong?"

"I'm okay mum." Ema hurriedly replied to get ger mother off her back.

"Evasive, What's wrong? Are you considering going to the Tocci

The old Nathan was returning but that would surely ruin her and Rodriguez's plans.

She poured out the pills that repressed that side of him each time he took it and shoved into his mouth while he was still stunned, Before choking him to make sure he swallowed the pill.

Nathan felt his vision get fuzzy, "You're working for him."

The maid heaved heavily when the threat was successfully taken care of.

"I can't wait to get out this miserable hell hole, " Camille grumbled.

The house telephone suddenly rang.

For someone who had just done something terrible, Camille shivered.

"Who's it?" Her boss Miranda yelled from downstairs.

"I'll check, " Camille replied, making a stupid face intended for her boss.

"Hello, Who am I talking to?" She said when she picked up the phone.

"This is Ema, the girl from earlier today. I—'ve been thinking about your deal and I accept the offer."

Camille almost threw the phone at the wall.

She couldn't believe the bitch had jumped so quick at Miranda's offer.

She couldn't tell Miranda about this now. It would jeopardize their plan.

She had to act fast.

" I'm Camille and about Mrs. Tocci, Well—Sorry but she's presently not at home. I'll relay your message when she returns." Camille said slyly.

"Oh— ok "

Camille could tell she was disappointed and might not even call again.

That would be a relief but still 'Rod' had to know.

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