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   Chapter 26 It'll come back

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 7184

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Rodriguez exited the house before he could hear more of what Ema or Adriana had to say.

She's playing a game.

Rodriguez knew it and he had the proper way to deal with it.

She would wish she remained dead.

His driver opened the front door of the car to let him in before shutting it.

"Where are we going?"

"To meet someone."

Chale failed him horribly and he and his family was surely going to suffer the consequences of the inconvenience.

Now he had to make new schemes. Ema finally made it to the Tocci house, he needed a new plan and surely one that was fail-proof.

Ema's family especially her mother was reluctant and had this distrust about Miranda. He could surely use that to his advantage.

But Nathan...

Yes! Even if Emma was just a lookalike there was a possibility she could help Nathan remember. He had to remind the maid to fulfill her tasks.

He picked up his phone and called.

"Hello, Baby."

He could feel her flushing already. He just had that thing with women.

"Rod, you're calling early, is anything wrong?"

Of course, things were not favorable for him right now and she of all people should know that.

"Camille, Don't be such an idiot. Of course, there is a problem."

"I knew it. You never call to say hi or just be romantic. Why did I agree to us?"

She was seriously not pulling that card out now!

Women were like dogs, faithful and fierce but they could also be distrusting. Camille was at his side, he had bought her over with love and she had bought it, he couldn't lose that, at least not now.

" Baby you know the situation at hand. As long as that girl is in the house, I'm at risk of losing everything."

"I know." She admitted, " But what can we do? Mrs Tocci wants her to stay."

They could do something but Rodriguez wanted Camille to hammer the nail hard.

"Discourage the Contreras, especially Mrs. Contreras and if that doesn't work...Just increase Nathan's dosage."

The driver turned at him wide-eyed when he said this.

"What are you looking at? Do you want to end our lives!" Rodriguez snarled.

The driver returned his attention to the road, apolo

anding there, covered in vomit and grime staring at her like his dead bride.

It was now or never.

" I have to use the bathroom, " Ema said and rushed in.

Safe at last.

Ema then sat on the toilet seat. The desperate urge she felt to pee before was gone. It was replaced by an awkwardness she couldn't seem to displace.

She got up expecting Nathan to come knock on the door soon since he would need to clean up. He didn't come so she got up and washed her face in the sink.

Getting her head cleared, Ema stared into the mirror placed in front of her.

She imagined meeting her lookalike alive and wondered if the experience would have been thrilling or dreadful.

It would probably be the latter.

Ema got over her 'shock of the moment' and got out of the bathroom.

She almost screamed when she saw Nathan in the way.

Had he been peeping inside?

She was about to raid him with questions when her eyes caught a paper-like thing he held.

A photo.

A photo of the girl that looked exactly like her smiling at the camera and hugging Nathan. Nathan the other hand, looked serious-minded like he was off for a seminar.

Her head suddenly began to hurt and images flashing all in a rush.

She received blurry images of her and a man together, all looking like something in a shattered mirror but she could clearly make out what was going on in the pictures her head concocted.

They were...kissing.

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