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   Chapter 23 Adriana's ghost

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 6965

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Ema spun around like a drunk lad. Her head being bombarded with the erased files her rusty SD-Card forgot.

The shooting, The man, he had to be here to finish the job.

Ema landed on the dining crashing the cheap vase that adorned the plain table.

It obviously caught the attention of her parents. They rushed in to see their daughter unconscious.

"Ema! Are you alright?" Her mother laid a palm over her head, Yet no reply.

The men at the door knocked again, this time, the edges almost rooted out, if they continued this way, the house might even collapse.

"Open this door!" The men outside commanded.

Mr Contreras rushed to see who was there and praise God, he checked the hole in the door to see who it was.

Isn't that the man from the mall?

The moon seemed to be the evil men' nemesis and Mr Contreras eyes caught the silver weapon that would put an end to his entire household' life if he dared opened the door.

He rushed to his wife and whispered the danger they might be in.

"We have to leave now. The men outside have a gun."

Mrs Contreras did not argue. If they had enough time, they would be able to escape through the backdoor.

The men at the front door were already hitting the door with such force that they were going to break it down.

Surely someone caring enough would have called the police but it would take them hours to get here and nobody would be dumb enough to get out and make a confrontation.

Mr Contreras carried the unconscious Ema outside and quietly too with his wife following closely.

The old truck was at the back and Mr Contreras thanked the heavens for letting him leave it there. He opened the door leading to the backseat and dropped Ema comfortably inside.

He then proceeded to the driver's seat. His wife was already inside, rubbing her hands madly like they were stone cold.

"Start the car!" She almost yelled at him.

It wasn't a natural occurrence but he knew what she was so at edge, They were being hunted.

The man suddenly burst out the back door, firing wildly at them.

Three shots an

t failed to start.

Good for them, freeloaders!

"Trying to run away right? Well luck ran out on you today." Miranda ranted and banged the windshield before she noticed there was none and she misses whoever was next to the driver's face by a hair length.

"Madam, please.." The woman begged and showed her face. Glass was in her hair and fear written all over her wrinkly face. She seemed dire.

"Help us." The Driver pleaded.

"Who are you running from? The cops?" Miranda demanded, refusing to take pity just because they asked for it.

"If you are a mother, You'll help us. Some men are after us. We don't know why...Please."

They didn't sound legit enough but they were stammering and seemed to be genuinely afraid plus the mention of motherhood made something in her burn.

"Okay. Come inside quickly."

Miranda made a mental note to call the police on once they got inside. If they were being hunted, she wanted nothing to do with it.

The driver got out and went to the backseat.

He opened the door and began to drag a young girl out.

Miranda flinched.

She could be helping kidnappers.

She needed to question everything now.

"Who's the girl?" She demanded, moving closer to catch a glimpse of what the unconscious girl looked like.

Her spatula dropped when she saw who it might be.


"Our daughter, Ema." The elderly lady replied.

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