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   Chapter 22 Haunting the doppelganger

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"When Snow-White was reincarnated, She killed her enemy. It wasn't the Queen, It was her bastard father."

Ema woke up trying to get a hold of where she might be. The beeping monitor close to her and the mask to her face told her where.

An image flashed in her mind again, giving her the worst headache she could ever imagine.

That man at the car!

Ema couldn't just take her mims off the man's face. It kept on replaying in her head.

She got up from the bed getting a sharp pain from her foolish move.

She was on drip medication.

What happened?

The ward door opened and her father's gloomy face peeped inside.

"I see you are awake."

"What happened?" Ema asked her father, resting back to the hard bed now that she knew it wasn't an accident.

"You fainted seeing that man."


I wish I knew Ema.

"The doctor said your memories after the  accident might be returning. Do you remember anything?"

Ema thought hard.

"No! I feel pretty much the same. I—"

"What?" Mr Contreras quizzed.

"I just can seem to shake off the image of that man we almost hit. Why would i remember him?"

"Yo—u us—ed to wo—rk in the ci—ty with yo—ur mo—ther remember..." Mr Contreras stammered.

"But mom has never mentioned it to me." Ema said, doubtful.

"Yes. You had the incident when you and your mother were returning three months ago. You were attacked by muggers. You Sustained a grave injury to the head and a bullet wound."

"Oh. So when are we going home?" Ema changed the topic.

"I'll go call the doctor." Her father got up and walked out the room.

Mr Contreras walked in shortly with the doctor.

"How you doing Miss Ema?" The doctor asked concerned.

"Just tired."

The doctor scribbled inside his large notebook.

"Noted Miss Ema. I'll prescribe some medication to help with the tiredness. I'll also suggest some mental exercise to help with your memories and if you they do come back, you can visit here anytime."

"Thank you Doctor."

"Thank you Doctor." Her father repeated.

The nurse came in to help the patient with the necessary things.


"Dad..." Ema said when they were outside the clinic. Mr Contreras turned to face his daughter, worry of the unknown witten of his face.


"I've been thinking. T

the uptenth time.

"Tired mom! And i need to rest."

"Ok." Mrs Contreras agreed, " I made shrimp enchiladas."

"Geez Mom, can't we have something decent."


"Posole." Ema answered, taking hee seat at their small dining table.

Mrs Contreras gave a worried look to her husband.

"But we've never had that Ema."

"Maybe I had it in the city." Ema considered.

"The city¿" Mrs Contreras was concerned as well as afraid, "Honey can you help me with the food here in the kitchen?", Mrs Contreras gave her husband a sign to make him understand what she meant. They needed to talk.

Ema watched her father disappear into the kitchen with her mother and she made use of the time left to enjoy the silence, the sweet silence.

Silence broke when someone hit the door. Yes, hit! Knocking was nothing like that, it was like the lad didn't have manners.

Ema bet it was probably that pompous Village head' son.

She made up her mind to waste his time so he would earnestly get going.

She was glad her mother wasn't around to welcome him.

To be sure if he was the one. She peeped a hole she had made in the old wooden door.

Her heart leaped out of her mouth when she saw the scarred man from the would be incident earlier.

What was he doing here?

She was about to open the soor to question him when her spying little eye caught the sight of a metal object glistening thanks to the moon.

Her entire existence froze when she saw a gun.

It brought back a memory, one that involved a gun.

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