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   Chapter 20 We meet again

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 6814

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"The devil once said to the damsel, 'You look ravishing' "

"Are you alright?" Ema asked the dumbstrucked man.

"I think we've met before. Have we?"

Who was this man? Was he trying to flirt or something?, Ema wondered.

"I don't think  we've met before. I spent all of my life In the village."

"Oh." Rodriguez uttered, still displaced.

"Pardon me, i have to go."

The man then walked off. Ema thought it was quite odd.

"Did I do anything wrong?"

"No." Mr Contreras replied, " just drop that there."

Ema Dropped the heavy merchandise she was carrying and proceeded outside.

The man had really messed with her and the name Adriana was stuck inside her head.

Did she have a lookalike?

Her Dad joined her soon after to get more wood. He saw how disturbed Ema was and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yes Dad. Just a bit unsettled. Your boss was all over be like he saw a ghost. Do you know why?"

"Nope but why are you so worried?"

"I don't know. Maybe I just need to-"

"You know Ema, if you want to get the makeup your mother sent you, you can go."

That was something she needed. To be far away from this place.

"You're right but the way you said it, it sounds like you think I'm lazy."

"I didn't say that." Her father chuckled, "You can go, I'll be alright."

"Ok but I don't know anywhere here, I'm stuck with you."

"Well we'll just be would with what we are doing and I'll personally take you there."


Ema picked up a bundle of the treated wood and advanced to the shed.


"No! This can't be happening." Rodriguez swept all on his table off in frustration.

"It can't be her. I finished her. She could just be her lookalike. Yes."

Rodriguez collapsed to his office chair staring out. He could still see the girl.

She was agile like a man and went nack and forth the shed.

Her features were just like Adriana. The short hair, the round face and those observant eyes.

Could God be put of models to recreate the same haunting face?

The door creaked open and

ave sworn she had seen her before.

"I'm sorry, Do I know you?"

"Forgetful you. What's your name again? Riana?"

"My name is Ema."

The woman stared oddly at Ema for a bit before continuing.

"I saw your husband. He was acting all drunk. What did you give him?"

This was all getting weird. Ema was  regretting coming to the city. People seemed to mistaken her for someone else. Making two in one day.

"My husband?"

"Yes. He's just down the shoe section."




Email walked to the shoe section wondering why she was even taking this step.

Was it just curiousity?

The shoe section was big and she might not even know who he was.

She kept on walking down a straight line at the shoe line, taking brief stares at the men she passed by.

None of them seemed to make a ruckus about who they thought she was.

It's time you gave up.

It was off no use. Ema turned back. She was gere for a reason and she was making her innocent Dad wait. She would just get tge makeup and leave and stop worrying if she had a lookalike.

But then someone said that name.


So someone like that existed.

Ema turned back to see the most gorgeous man. Wheat haired and packed, it was a common phenomenon in the village but there was something different in this man, He was odd and 'very' indeed.

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