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   Chapter 17 Cain's betrayal

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 8143

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"Ever heard the tale of Cain and Abel?"


Adriana tried calling one more time. She had been at it all night and was exhausted. She didn't even realize she had slept despite all means she had tried not to.

The number you are trying to call is currently switched off.

She angrily tossed her phone on the bed. The force made it boomerang back at her. It hit tge ground before she could catch it, sending a loud echo in the room that  killed the silence.

"What do I even care?" She ranted to herself.

"I need some sleep. I'll think about it tomorrow." She muttered to herself.

She laid on the bed and cleaned her eyes to get some sleep.

Just then, her cracked phone lit up. Silent but someone was calling. Nathan was calling.


Thomas hovered over his daughter.

His shadow making her subconscious sense she was in danger and she roused.

"Dad? What are you doing here? It's so early."

"The perfect time to catch the blackmailer. We my dear are going to the creek."

Every bit of sleep that clouded Adriana's mind zoomed off.


"Can't we at least jave a relaxing time. It's Saturday for Laziness sake."

Thomas gave her a no.

"Just get dressed Adriana, There's some bread you can eat on your way. I really want this blackmailer out of my neck."

"Ok." Adriana groaned, sluggishly getting out of bed and taking her phone.

"Which reminds me. Nathan called you."

Adriana froze. Tapping her phone almost immediately her father said it.

12:12! That bastard.

"Does he call you that often? He's probably trying to get to spill something. I can only imagine the look that will be on his face when that bullet goes through his heart." Rodriguez stated.

"Y—es. Maybe." Adriana said, drained.

She planned to go into the shower and wait until her father left the room. She would then go back to call Nathan.

Like she planned, her father left the room and she returned and tried Nathan again.

"Pick up you prick."

The good thing was that his phone was on now but the bad news was he wasn't picking.

Adriana decided to send him a text.

My father has a plan. He's going to kill someone. Call me what you see this.

Before she could send it, Nathan called.

"Hello." She said.

"Hey Adriana if this is about last night em"

"Oh please. This is not about last night, it's about your plan. My dad..."

Adriana suddenly squeaked seeing a dreaded

oud bang followed.

Rodriguez felt something wheeze before him.

He instinctively to where the sound and the wheeze came from.

A man with a scar lining from his head down to his collar, a straight line.

"You betrayer"

More shots followed proclaiming that the mission was compromised.

Nathan burst out of where he was hiding.

"Thomas stop this madness. People are going to gwt hurt."

"So you're not the one in the mask."

Adriana turned to see the gunman pointing the weapon right at Nathan. Her father's words repeated in her head.

I can only imagine the look that will be on his face when that bullet goes through his heart.

This was against her belief but she would rather die than watch Nathan fall.

She raced against time to save Nathan, jumping in front of him at the last moment.

A shot followed.

Time stopped and all eyes tyrned to Adriana. A bullet in her stomach and crimson pouring like tap water.

Before anyone could react, Nathan was fired. The bullet hitting square in his chest and sending him flying off the cliff.

Thomas turned to his Hitman seeing his daughter bleeding out.

"You shot her you bastard."

He then rushed to his daughter's  side.

"Adriana! Stay with me. Please."

Rodriguez walked up to the man weeping over his child drifting slowly to the heavens.

"She's gone."

Another shot. Fired by none other than Rodriguez himself.

A bullet to the head, Thomas could still see what had happened.

"It was you all along."

"Yes. It was all my idea."

News Flash: Couple killed by mad father. Bodies yet to be found.

Is this the end?

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