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   Chapter 16 Needle prick

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 7235

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"If love was an object, it would be a kitchen knife."

Adriana pushed away, sanity coming back to her in a rush.

"Nathan, if we cross this line, there's no going back."

Seeing he did not care, she walked out on him.

"Wait Adriana!" He begged following closely.

Adriana turned to face him, her eyes basked in tears.

"Why me? I've always hated you and I'm sure the feeling was mutual."

"For some time, yes but when I was with you Adriana, I felt something  that I haven't felt in a long time."

"What did you feel?" She asked, more in a hush.

"I felt love."

Adriana burst into a fit of laughter making her cheeks huge.

"I've always had fantasies of what it would be like if we met differently, if I wasn't a bitch and you never met my father."

"But it can be different now. I'll say it again Adriana, I've never felt this way for anyone before. I just want you in my life."

By this time, they were already near Adriana's ride.

"I wish it was meant to be Nathan but my father will always resent you. I don't want him to see me as a tool in your conspiracy and then he lost his daughter too. It'll kill him."

"I think he'll understand." Nathan assured, holding Adriana's hands and staring into her dark irises.

"It won't Nathan! Because I'll always put my family first."

Nathan was stuck. He didn't stop her from going, He didn't stop her from starting her car and he didn't stop hwr from zooming away.

It was clear, that he would still be insignificant no matter what.

"How did it go?", Rodriguez texted.

"Terrible. She said No." Nathan sent back.

Rodriguez sent a sad emoji with a try again.

Nathan was so not doing that. He was not a puppy which came back even after being flogged by it's master. He was human and his heart was shattered.

Adriana couldn't be forced to be his and he could really see how divided she was. If she remained at his side. She would look like a betrayer  and Thomas will definitely hate him more. She had made a good choice but without him in it. He just had to accept it.

The drill now was to get the papers back and get back his old life. The future was bright and miracle

wife then continued, "You know when I first met my wife. She wanted nothing to do with me. She rejected me twice and her brothers bashed me to warn me to keep away but u didn't. I tried the third time and she said yes..."

"You don't understand." Nathan cut in, " I think she's scared of what her father would think of her if she loved me."

"Well, you can always try and I thought you wanted to take your mind off her." Rodriguez joked.

"Well maybe alcohol would help."

His helpful wife dashes into the store ti bring out a bottle of McDowell's.

She was an energetic woman who cherished working.


Nathan served himself a glass of the alcohol and sank in.

The gin got in quick and Nathan soon began to think of something else other than Adriana.

"So we go there at 6 in the morning, Get it all done and everyone gets their happily ever after."

"Yes. Everyone gets their happily ever after." Rodriguez repeated, with more Glee.

Nathan's phone buzzed. One look at it and his face turned pale.

Why was Adriana calling him?

He rejected it and to prevent her from Calling again, He switched off.

It was gonna be a big day tomorrow and he wanted absolutely no distractions.

Don't you want to hear what she has to say?, A tiny voice in his head asked.

Another swing of the gin and he felt fuzzy, killing that thought and forming new ones, ones that made him feel like he was on top of the world.

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