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   Chapter 15 Stolen kisses

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 8430

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"Love is a game you can't win neither can you lose."

The afternoon as a tire one for Thomas. Nothing interesting had happened apart from the fact that he had paid a Hitman he sent after a blackmailer.

The girl Claire was  dumb as hell. Threatening to reveal his involvement in murders he had a hand in if he didn't relinquish the company back to the right hands.


He knew very very that Nathan was a threat now if Claire had even slightly revealed her research to him.

"How did she even father so much dirt against him?" He said, aside.

His phone pealed and he slid the screen to see who.

A private number. It better not be the hit man demanding more money.

"Hello?" Thomas greeted.

"Hello Mr Thomas." A baleful voice  aknowledged.

"Who is this?" Thomas asked, now relaxed.

It wasn't the Hitman so who was it?

"Just someone in need of a favour."

"What kind of favour?"

"I need something from you in order to keep my mouth shut."

The man's tone was getting suspicious

" Is that a threat? Who is this?"

"Someone who doesn't want the truth about Miss Claire's death out."

His hands went numb.

He had asked that stupid Hitman for a clean job and he got this. He was not going to be blackmailed.

"Sure, How much do you need?"

As a businessman, he had to think fast. If the blackmailer accepted monetary compensation, them it would be easy to get rid of him.

"The papers in your name."

This man had to be within this walls.

"What? You must really think I'm stupid..."

"Two days Mr Romero, Two days before the police find out the truth."

The blackmailer cut the phone.

Thomas wasn't done just yet. He checked his call history.

That stupid mercenary had to pay for disappointing him if he wants to even the blackmailer.

Thomas had one simple rule. He never trusted anyone, he had been disappointed far to much to rely on someone.

"Hello." He placed the phone to close to his ear, awaiting the reply of the other line.

"Hello Mr Romero." The somber voice replied.

"Kill Silas."

The man snickered a bit, his croaked voice reverberating over the line before it also went dead.

Now all he had to so was find the blackmailer.

He had an acquaintance In the police force who could help him but that would also least to questions as to why.

Fuck! This was all because of that dumb girl.

Browsing through the internet for any shady means to track a phone call.


Apparently an app known as GPS TRACKER could do just th

g else to say."

Others eating glanced at them, wondering what was going on and Adriana did not appreciate the attention she was getting.

"People are watching." She whispered.

Let them watch. Adriana..."

His hesitation, his starry eyes, the stance, she's seen this before.

"I don't want to hear it."

"Then I'll show you."

He drew her toward him with his starry eyes, he inclined his face toward hers and lay his mouth on her mouth, which was like a freshly cut out strawberry.

For a time too long, silence endued, the world was still and all that could heard was their breathing.

She could run now knowing well what would happen but the forces above had other plans. Her legs went jelly or maybe they just wanted what her brain had fantasied on Friday nights like this.

His lips were puckered and inviting. It was hurting he still hesitated.

Their lips touched, the Sparks lit.

She was filled with astonishment as he worked his way through her tongue slurping it like tasty chicken, Her body felt noodle as she battled to keep standing.

Flashes of how she resisted, ruled him, put him off played like she was watching it on Tv.

Why did she lure him on now? Joining him as her hands found their way to his neck, promising  ti choke the life out of him if he dared to stop.

I'd only she was stronger to push him away but she couldn't. She was starved. Her minds were at play.

Lust definitely taken control of HQ and it wasn't ready to give up power to rationale.

To think that she thought she had it all.

Up to now she had been missing the last igredient, but now she had it. Added to her spices, she was never going to let it go.

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