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   Chapter 14 A spark of desire

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 7239

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"Choose your stand, fight for it."

"I think you made the right choice." Mrs Romero honestly answered.

"Really?" Adriana quizzed, doubting her hearing.

She had no idea why she had taken such a drastic step towards her father. She was going to ruin him and for a man.

No! You have to fix this.

Not that she would have the opportunity to fix her mistake.

Nathan was a smart ass and would have a plan of his own to sidetrack hers just in case she failed.

Adriana assumed he had already told someone if he hadn't even recorded their conversation and handed it to a trusted friend in his stead already.

She was freaking out.

"Adriana!" Her mother recalled her back to reality.

" Sorry Mother but that was done in the heat of the moment, I wasn't thinking right."

" I think you were doing the right thing." Mrs Romero maintained.

Adriana gave her mother a groan and continued to pace around the room.

"No mother! You've been against this since the very beginning. Your words must have gotten to me and now I think I'm doing the right thing betraying my father."

"You're seriously gonna make this about you now!" Her mother flared.

Your father killed someone and that against everything I taught you, even against the laws."

The room was tense.

"You're right Mother. I might not have seen it but I inherited this from you, abandoning family when they need you to most."

Adriana received a smack on the cheek for her vulgar statement.

"You dare blame me Adriana! Your father—He ruined our family and..."

"No! Nathan did!" Adriana cut in, her face flushed in rage. "Why did I even tell you all this?"

Mrs Romero looked down, drops staining the Persian rug and turning it from tomato red to a darker shade of the color.

" I know that is what you tell yourself  everyday but deep down you know who caused all this."

Adriana knew her mother's words made sense but it was difficult accepting it.

Her mother's warm hands caressed her face reminding her of old times they had together.

"I Trust you'll make the right choice and no matter how it goes, I'll be proud of you."

Adriana turned her face away, guilt

er, u want you to know I'm getting everything back. You'll come home. I promise."


" You told him everything!" Adriana yelled not caring if her father upstairs could eavesdrop on the conversation.

"That is irresponsible Nathan."

"We need more help of we are going to be successful with this. The first person hell suspect is me. I was thinking out of the box."

Adriana made her her hair into a rough bun and she continued to think.

"But how do we know we can trust him?"

"I trust him!" Nathan upheld.

Nathan could not help but see Adriana as a worrisome green. A lot like his sister.

"Can we stop fighting for once? It almost like you have something else against me."

Adriana walked to him defiantly, her stance screaming 'Dont mess with me!' but even irresistible.

"What do you mean?"

Nathan ran a finger on her plump pink lips begging for his attention unsure of what came over him.

The air became tense and Adriana felt shudders as his hand traced her velvety skin to even tender places.

"What are you doing?!" She slapped his hands off.

"I'm—sorry I must have had a lot to drink."

"Call him."

"Who—Rodriguez? I—'ll do that."

Nathan faced his phone screen just to cope with the awkwardness of the suituation.

He had to admit, He had a swing before coming to Adriana but was it the drink or was he acting on pent up feelings he buried deep inside.

He hoped it was not the latter.

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