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   Chapter 12 Tears for thought

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 7753

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"love is a drug, can be used and abused"

The bed felt like a bush of roses with prickly thorns tearing at her skin.

Adriana tossed around, shivering as her sleep became a plagued nightmare.

Sweats drenched the bed and her grunts and pleas for help went over the top.

"No!" She suddenly shrieked getting breakthrough from the demon.

Nathan got in as quickly as he could and joined her at her bedside.

His room was opposite Adriana's.

"It's alright." He pacified her, clutching her tight in his arms.

Adriana's fingernails bit into his skin like pine needles but he hardly cared. Her soft skin touching his, intoxicating.

"What the hell are you doing?" Adriana demanded when she came around.

She was as of before a scared child waking from a bad dream but now, her bossy demeanor had returned.

"I thought..."

"Leave my room." Adriana ordered.

There was one problem though, Nathan did not want leave.

"I will if you tell me what you were dreaming about?"

Adriana sent him a deadly gaze.

The words of her father echoeing in her head.

Get to know him!

"A bad dream about my brother."

The topic caught Nathan's attentions swiftly as he grabbed the office chair that was once his closer and sat rapt with attention.

"What happened?"

"He was blaming me for still keeping you alive."

Nathan didn't miss the sarcasm. Was she joking? Or could it be true?

"From what you've told me, i believe your brother is haunting your dreams only because you haven't let him go."

Adriana turned sour.

"Says the fellow responsible for his death. Tell me Nathan, how do you sleep at night?"

"With a light drink and homework. You know my sister died right?"


Nathan could not believe her, she had been studying him for years and he had mentioned Aurora's death once or twice to Thomas. The was no way they would miss that.

"I hardly believe that!"

"That a monster had a sis?"

Adriana didn't answer. She could sense the hurt in Nathan's voice.

Don't get close! Adriana remembered.

"What was her name?"


"I've always wanted to name my daughter that." Adriana revealed.

Nathan and her shared a puzzled expression before she burst into a laugh.

"My mother wanted to name her daughter that so bad but Adrian followed and it's belie

uts felt empty and unimaginable pangs surged from within.

She has been the cause of it all.

"Nathan?" Adriana whimpered walking to him with great difficulty. Her body felt numb.

"Stay away from me!" Nathan yelled out, when her hands came to close.

"You killed her and I did too! If o-nly I made the right choice."

"I have lost people too Nathan...I didn't know she wild go this..."

"Ahe wouldn't take her life for betraying a friend. Some of us might live with that guilt but others are not that strong... She wasn't."

"I know how you fe-"

"Do you? I don't think you've ever cared for anyone apart from your pathetic self."

"Stop Nathan!" Adriana yelled. Hot tears pouring out from her lids whike she clenched her hands to her ear to block out his vile words.

"I won't stop! If you've ever cared for anyone, you wouldn't have done that to someone like her?-"

Stop! Adriana lunged for Nathan slapping him repeatedly but it was of no use. He grasped her hands firmly, no damage done.

"I wish you live well with that guilt Adriana. It would be gone by tomorrow anyway."

The door closed, so did Adriana's bravery. She sobbed.

Not because someone died but because of the words Nathan sent her.

I am not a monster! I am not a monster! Arrghh! I am a monster!

Who was she fooling, she was a monster! She was the one who pushed her brother down the window, angry that her father never showed up to her performance. All this year's she had blamed Nathan but maybe it was her.

Maybe it had always been her.

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