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   Chapter 11 Money's good heart

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 8044

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"Two can't play Cupid's game"

" This....This and this"

Nathan nodded absentmindedly as Adriana threw files at him. His mind was still transfixed to what had happened earlier.

The words Boulderfist which he had erect on top of the building for tge price of thousand was tossed down like it was nothing. Nathan remembered Thomas' smile as the words Tower  were reconstructed in its place.

"Are you even here?" Adriana quizzed seeing he was lost in thought.


Adriana questioned no further. She instructed him on what he had to do even if he knew it all. It was part of her torture.

The  conference room had been refurnished to meet her standards as it was hwr new office.

"Don't just stand there...Go and get something doing." Adriana spat clearly irritated.

Nathan nodded in submission and went out.

The door opened an hour later and Adriana grumbled wondering who that was.

Nathan's ugly face reared up.

"You again!"

"Are you done with the files?" Adriana asked with an eyebrow raised high.

"Yes." Nathan answered, mentally exhausted.

That was fast!

"Well...There's more..."

Before Adriana could finish her statement, Nathan spoke.

"I want to say something. What do you have against me? I know your father hates me for betraying him but you... Why?"

Adriana picked a pencil from her desk, tapping it lightly on the wooden board before her.

"I don't owe you any explanation!"

Nathan was disappointed. He just wanted to know why she had this much hate against him.

"It started five years ago, a couple of months after my father met you. I— used to have a twin brother. His name was Adrian and he was the most cheerful boy you'd meet. Unlike me, his twin, he was very outgoing and even defended me when I was being bullied. When my father began to pool his money into the Enterprise you both planned, our household began to suffer. He wouldn't give money for anything we needed. He was obsessed with being affluent.

My mother took over his responsibilities, catering for us alone despite being married.

When you betrayed  my father, my bother fell sick. My father was too agitated by his loss that he couldn't see how worse he was faring. When my mother got enough money, she took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, it was too late to be managed so he died."

Adriana sobbed, he beautiful face now ruined.

ell, let her in."

A woman in her early fourties came in dressed in a flowing black gown, tye type one would wear to a funeral and a white white veil. Her hair could not be seen as the veil hid it. She had a round face Albeit with gaping cheek bones.

"May the good Lord bless you." She said taking her seat opposite Adriana.

"What do you need sister?"

"I—don't want to sound ungrateful" the woman began, " Your company has really help the St, Nicholas Orphanage but I learnt you've cut off our budget and would not be giving charity to the Orphanage anymore."

The woman slowly began to sob and it brought Adriana who had a heart of steel down to the point of tears.

"Who told you that?"

"The CEO."

What!! Why would her father do this? There had to be something off somewhere.

"Could you return tomorrow, I'll see what I can do."

"Oh thank you! The children would also be delighted to see Nathan  if he can make it." The woman appreciated.

Adriana could see she wasn't aware of the new development and saw no need to shatter the good woman.

The woman left the room, turning back when she was at the door to thank Adriana again.

"You know, you and Nathan would look good together."

Adriana's cheek reddened. She was about to flare out disapprovingly at the woman but the woman was long gone when she found her tongue.

Why would she even think that?

The question still remained though. Why her father had cut an orphanage of the money they relied on to survive. It was barbaric and unheard of And who knew Nathan gave charity? Did monsters have a soft spot too?

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