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   Chapter 9 Homeless billionaire

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Tower, that name sounded to farmiliar to be forgotten. In fact, it had been his secret shame, something he had done in the past and regretted.


Six years ago

Nathan sat all by himself, recluse and with hate. He stroked his bruised hand just to feel something. His mother had bandaged the hurt fists before he was sent to the academy for healing, a subtle term for the mental hospital. He was believed to be suicidal and not in the average way.

He had taken it upon himself to get into fights and visit dark alleys to get hurt or maybe die.

It was not working well.


It was the other patient. The small box could only comtain that or less. His roommate was a man in his fourties, the golden age. He had a full beard, fairly unkept and had grown his hair to achieve the rockstar look. He looked a bit skinny too. Other than those, he was alright.

Nathan ignored the man's friendly gesture of starting a conversation.

"Why are you here?"

The man continued anyways.

Even in the silence, Nathan longed to answer. He was telling a complete stranger after all.

"Self harm."

The room returned back to it's deafening silence and if one concentrated well enough you could hear them breathing.

"What are you here for?" Nathan asked, slightly surprising himself.

If he was going to be here for some time, he best made friends.

"I'm here for klep- ehm!"

Nathan noticed the man's plight and stopped intruding.

"So they didn't take you to prison?"

The man was a bit hurt and almost looked like he would rush and hit Nathan any second soon.

"It more like a curse. I want to stop but I can't."

Nathan briefly took pity on the man. It was his condition. He was reminded od his sister who remained string when Cancer kept Fu*king with her. When her hair fell off, she showed the world. She was strong till the very end and died with a smile on her face. She was his sun and without her light, he was just an empty moon.


"No need to be!" The man retorted sharply just like his mother would.

"I one day want to be a CEO so I don't have to steal people's things or money."

That would be nice, Nathan thought.

All his life, he hadn't really had life goals. He always had everything within his reach and even if it was under his father's wing, he was satisfied but

Just then a fuzzy image crossed his mind, an idea!

Rodriguez joined them, his face pale like he had gotten a call from hell.

"Ehm! Adriana called, she threatened to cut Rory off Boulderfist if I let you stay here."

That cunning witch!

"I— don't want to do this to you Nathan—. You are a— good man..."

Nathan could see the man was battling with morality and his future. He would not let him choose.

"My mother will stay here. I will go back to that Witch. If she really wants be to be on knees. She'll meet me there."

"Thank you!" He appreciated Rodriguez. The latter nodded.

Miranda did not want and she didn't waste her time to disagree.

"No Nathan!" She stiffened clutching to her son's hands like he was going to poof away any second soon.

"I can call your father..."

"No!" Nathan almost yelled out.

His father was dominant man. He had hated his son being in the limelight, not in his shadow and was somewhat reponsible since for what he was going through at this moment.

He would do this his way.


Nathan knocked on the door of his—Adriana's house.

Adriana was the one to open the door making Nathan guess Betty wasted no time to leave.

"Well, well, well..." Her haughty voice repeated.

"I have come to beg for a palace to stay."

"Didn't I tell you, you'll come back begging."

Nathan only had to endure for some days before he put his plan into action. Adriana was a woman after all and even men had weaknesses. Everyone has an Achilles heel and when he found her's, he would ruin her.

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