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   Chapter 5 The note

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"After God, fear women"

Claire was dumbstruck. It could not be. Nathan had just married his competitor and she had nothing to say about it.

The dinner was about to commence so she had plenty of time to prove Bianca was a fraud.


She had very little time and she remaining glued to her seat was not going to change anything.

Claire stood up and joined the new wife, her suspicion making her unable to keep a smile.

"Bianca..." There was nothing to say. Claire did not want to throw the bombshell just like that, people could still make out what she was about to spit put and moreover, Bianca might just be a lookalike. A thousand thought was scrambling her mind and she was about to utter a word that ruin Nathan's marriage.

"Bianca! You look beautiful."

Luckily, Nathan's mother came to her rescue along with her bubbly nature.

"Thanks!" Bianca coyly replied.

"Now let's go get dressed for the party." Miranda said, grabbing Bianca slightly by her wrist.

Before Nathan's overbearing mom could drag her off completely, Bianca turned to face Claire, "You wanted to say something?"

Claire paused, she badly wanted to know but she had no solid proof Bianca was actually Adriana and was a spy from Transcorp. A photo could not be the only validation that Bianca was a fraud.

"Let's go get you dressed for the party!" Claire managed, keeping a plastic smile to avert suspicion.


Claire could feel the guilty look in Bianca's almost innocent eyes, the lies.

If she was Adriana, why was she doing this?

It was a question she could answer if she studied Bianca closely today.

She made a mental note to keep to her word.

She had a plan and it began with Mrs Romero. She was the only person who did not seem a bit happy about this marriage. She probably knew what was off and wasn't happy with her daughter. It clearly made sense now.

Claire followed Miranda and Bianca towards the dressing room and when she noticed they weren't looking, she made a getaway.

The cathedral was getting empty with guest leaving to reach Nathan's mansion where the party would take place.

Mrs Romero wasn't going just yet, she sat alone in the front row and staring blankly at the picture of Christ placed on the altar as if asking for something.

Trusting her instinct, Claire sat next to her.

"You seem sad Mrs Romero, why?"

Mrs Romero hadn't noticed someone joined her and shuddered lightly when those words were spoken.

"Oh! Just sad!" She stated and went silent.

The look she had on her f

ouge. Two things Nathan could make out, she was either angry or humiliated but there was only a thin line separating that. It could be both.

Nathan's mother came to the rescue. She shielded Bianca from the camera and led her back upstairs to clean up.

Nathan was alone again. His wish had come true but with another disadvantage. People were laughing or just staring wide eyed and will their mouths agape.

"Swallow me." He begged the earth silently.

Nathan walked back to his drink. He shouldn't, not after puking on Bianca but he couldn't resist. He wanted this whole night to be over as quick as possible so best he wasted away to do away with time.

The drink went down his throat burning it all the way down.



Bianca ignored any help from Miranda as she stormed into the bathroom.

Not paying attention to anything, she want right for the shower and slipped herself of the ruined dress.

That bastard!

She scrubbed the sticky yet sleek waste off under the running water.

She felt chills almost immediately the water touched her skin.

Closing her eyes, she ran her bare hands over her body, Dirty yellow liquid went down the drain getting tinted with each rain of water running down her body.

Bianca ran her fingers on the faucet, stopping the flow of the screaming water.

A towel was already hung out on a rack and she robed her naked body with it.

Bianca noticed a note peeking under the door and picked it out of sheer curiousity.

Why had she even picked it up?

It did feel like someone slipped it there just when she entered.

What could be in it?

She unwrapped the content and read.


No! No! No! Someone knew.

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