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   Chapter 3 The deal

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"Everyone has problems so don't you envy."

The maid had the look on pure surprise when she saw Nathan with a visitor. It was more than a rare occasion to see one visit and it was a girl. She knew Nathan had his fair share of women but he was not a player.

This woman however looked kind of different. His league of ex usually had three distinct features which was long hair, an exaggerated accent and a bad attitude to the lower class. The beautiful woman her eyes beheld was humble. The way she had a face to the ground suggested so and could hardly hide her dispike for the heels she wore. Her short hair told a lot about how much she was willing to spend on her looks.

"Can we come in?"

Betty adjusted her hair net and apologized. She then gave enough room for Nathan and Bianca to come in.

"Nathan is that you?" A voice echoed from somewhere in the huge house.

It was his mother.

"Stay here." Nathan instructed Bianca and she took her seat on an Egyptian made chair while Nathan disappeared into a corner  to see his mother.

Nathan's home looked like it was on a world tour. The Greek carpet had a soft feel that sent twinges of pure Bliss up Bianca when her feet grazed on them, it was almost sensual.

There was a fireplace and it was actually really not some Moving picture. Bianca immediately made a mental picture of the new apartment she would get from this odd job. She also noticed the maid would not stop gazing at her. It was very unsettling but Bianca kept her damn mouth shut and then her phone rang.

Of all times!

Bianca didn't pick up. It was her mother and she knew picking it up would only spell trouble.

She instead waited for tge call to drop them sent her mom a text telling her where she was and switching her phone off.

Her palms were sweaty despite how warm the room was but it wasn't cold that made Bianca chilled, it was fear.

Nathan returned and this time with his mother.

The woman was a tall dirty blonde who looked a little to plump for her height. Bianca could spot fine lines on her thin face and tye makeup she used was doing only little to help.

"You must be my son's girl."

Her voice was loud and Bianca immediately felt she was the chatty type.

"Thank you ma'am." Bianca responded, not knowing how to act around her.

Throughout her years in middleschool, she for once felt stage fright.

Her heart was pumping hard which each step the woman took forward. She could do nothing but stare in the lady's deep grey eyes that seemed to want something from her.

Nathan's mother put her hands on Bianca's skin while she slightly shuddered at the woman's touch. They felt as cold as death. A feeling to match with those eyes.

"Please call me Miranda."

The awkward conversation ended and another began. The maid had disappeared into the kitchen to cook and Nathan was quite busy on his laptop so Bianca was alone and with Miranda who did nothing but stare at Bianca.

"So where did you meet?"

Bianca thanked the heavens that she and Nathan had covered that part on the way home and there was really nothing to hide or lie about.

"In his office." She calmly replied.

Miranda seemed dissatisfied. She wanted more details.

"When? Could on! Talk to me!" She mused.

My mind raked around trying to imagine the perfect scenario to meet with Nathan under normal circumstances. I needed a cock an bull story.

Nathan's head peeked up amd I could see him worry on what I was going to say.

"I met him at the last Boulderfist meeting. My father was sick so i has to fill his place. It was like the universe brought us together. After the meeting. We had a little accident and we got to know each other and from there...i think we blossomed unto what we are now."

That kept Miranda calm for some time.

"Forgive me dear, what so your name?" Miranda questioned.

"Bianca. Bianca Romero."

"Nice name." She complimented making Bianca smile.

"And what do your parents do?"

"My father is dead now and my mother works runs his company now. The company is into wine making." Bianca lied.

Miranda listened tentatively then proceeded to comment.

"Like my son? Your meeting was preordained."

Nathan suddenly shut his laptop.

"Betty, bring my food upstairs when you're done. "

That being said, he headed to his room but his mother stopped him.

"Nath! We need to talk."

Nathan was just about to protest when she yanked him by the arm and made him follow her.

"What now!?" Nathan protested when they were away from the living room. He was almost sick of his mother dictating his life for him like he was some kind of zombie.

She didn't look disgruntled at all. Her son

was full of bad behavior so it was hardly something new.

" I really like her. Why haven't you proposed yet?"

"Because we met a months ago." Nathan answered, very sarcastic.

"I mean, mum, you've seen her. Can you let me be? And when are you leaving?" Nathan added.

He slowly watched his mother turned pale.

"I just...when your sister died, she didn't have children. I'm just worried that of something bad happens to you...I don't want to..." Her words were heavy and incoherent before she burst into tears.

Nathan felt sad and hated his mom for playing the guilty card.

She was really good at that.

"I'm sorry Mom." He cooed.

"Just promise me you will get married her."

This was blackmail. Sje knew he didn't have a choice.

"I will."

His mother immediately wipe her tears like nothing had taken place.

"And...I'll be staying for the next two months. Your father has a meeting here but his health won't allow him make it so i will be here longer than you think."

Nathan glared at his mother wide eyed. She was good! She had swiftly planned a these and there was no way he was going to beat her at her own game. He watched he leave but remained glued to the spot.

He had promised Bianca money for faking to be his girl for a night. He would have to offer more than that if he was going to keep her close for two whole months and if his mother had anything else in store, He might have to marry her.


The maid was setting the dining table for supper and Bianca could hardly wait to stuff her mouth with food. She was hungry and she would not be modest about it. Miranda returned back to the living room however Nathan was yet to be found. It was 8pm already and that meant she was late so much for trouble. Where was Nathan?

The devil immediately showed up looking just as worried as her.

He walked up to her and whispered to her ear, "We need to talk."

Bianca pondered on why he would be say that. Did his mother say vile things about her?

"Ok!" She whispered back.

"Follow me." He commanded, his words were sending hot breths down her neck which somehow turned her on. It was a feeling she did not like especially when goosebumps immediately sprouted on her skin in response to just....breathing!

She didn't question further. Nathan's mother was busy helping the maid set the plates and hardly even turned to look at them. Moreover it was an opportunity to get away from those glaring eyes.

Nathan led the way and Bianca followed. The house was bigger than she expected. She followed Nathan up a stairs that led to a passageway with doors on both side of the walls.

Nathan went one on right, the third one to be precise.

It was his room. Nathan's room was not much of what she expected.

It had a medium sized bed right in the centre of the room with an office table on the left. The right was a wardrobe that was half opened so she could see some of his clothes. The floor was carpeted with a woolly velvet material. Bianca was wearing heels again but she could tell it was just like the one in the middle living room.

She still wondered why Nathan called her here so she turned to face him but found him  undressing himself instead.


His shirt had completely disappeared and he was also doing away with his singlet. When the singlet was on the floor, Bianca could see his toned features.

He was really built. He didn't look like he was obsessed with having the perfect body but he did have rock hard albs that made her swoon. The middle was hairy and oh it was doing things to her and worse, he was doing away with his pants too. What did he plan to do?

"So why am I here?" Bianca asked gaining composure and the strength to fight the flesh.

"You might be staying more than a night."

"Why?" She demanded sharply, taking her eyes away from the bulge under.

"My mother will be staying for a month at two so i need you at my beck and call." Nathan responded, searching his wardrobe for something light to wear.

"Is that all?" Bianca further asked, struggling to keep her mind clear and not even look down.

Nathan approached her still in his boxer shorts only. He was so close to hwe that she could hear his slow deep breathing.

"And I might also marry you. I'll pay you handsomely if you say yes."

Senses had gone haywire and Bianca was losing it. His bulge was touching her and she could feel her nipples begin to harden and that occasional graze.

"So what do you say?" He quizzed, moving closer.

"Yes!" She blurted.

Bianca knew she would regret it and a lot. She wasn't in her right senses when she replied and even now when he smiled at her.

This man was dangerous.

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