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   Chapter 2 You get what you deserve

The wife By Harmonicquill Characters: 7910

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"Manna doesn't fall if  you don't ask."

"So what do I have to do?" Bianca asked, angsty to finally start working.

"You...pretend to be my girlfriend." Nathan said firmly but gently.


Bianca seemed confused as to why he  would want her to make her pretend she was in a relationship with him.

"Because I have a demanding mom and I want her out as soon as possible. "

Bianca nodded solemnly to his reply.

"So now that I'm idle. Let get to know each other. My mother will kill you with her question so best be prepared."

Bianca nodded in response and began talking.

"Well I'm Mexican. Twenty one. I guess that's all."

Nathan raised an eyebrow.

"No family?"

He watched Bianca slowly grasp to the Hem of her garment and he immediately knew he had made the wrong move.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know they were dead." He apologized, out of necessity than from his heart.

Tears escaped Bianca eyes and she wiped them off with the back of her hands.

"They are not dead. I haven't seen my father since birth. My mother is an alcoholic and can barely for herself. I do my best to support us."

Time was running out and this conversation and taken tye route to self pity not what Nathan was expecting. His phone chimed again and this time he picked it up.

"Hello mother."

"Nate! It's getting late. Where are you?"

His mother's voice rang furiously at the end of the line. Bianca forgot her worries suppressing a laugh.

"I'll be back by six." Nathan sent, his cheeks flushed.


The line went dead and Nathan dropped the phone.

"That is what I face every single time she visits. Always complaining about something. Maybe that makes us alike, like kindred spirits."

"Very unlikely." I'll do anything to trade my life with yours." Bianca admitted.

"Interesting." Nathan noted.

" So what about you?" Bianca asked.

Nathan thought for a little while.

"I'm a simple man. I love anything black, love working and more importantly, I cherish my privacy."

He tensed the last part like he was making reference to Bianca.

Bianca ignored this part.

"When do we go?" The fake girlfriend demanded.

Nate checked his Rolex and determined when they would be going.

"At four o'clock. My assistant Claire will be with you shortly."

Bianca stiffened, "I don't do well with people. Can't I stay here?"

Nathan stared expressionlessly to her chocolate black eyes.

"We just met Bianca. I just told you, I cherish my privacy."

Nathan strode out and waited at the door for her to come out.

"Mi lady." He said in a feigned British accent.

Bianca stood up and followed.

"I never knew you had a good sense of humor." She commented.

"I never knew you were so stereotypical." Nathan said, slightly offended. He had a good sense of humor at least when his sister was still alive.

Bianca walked out and Nathan locked the door shut.


Bianca was dead bored with the assistant's attempt of striking a conversation with her. She would not just shut up.

Bianca's reply to every question the secretary threw at her way Ok, Wow and facial expressions. The phone in her gowns pocket which she had sown herself rang. She was tempted to pick it just to stop talking to Claire.

"Sorry. I have to pick this." Bianca said, reaching into her pocket and bringing out a small mobile phone.

Pressing a button, she put the phone to her ear.

"Hello mother."

Claire resumed typing on the computer placed in front of her to give Bianca some privacy.

Bianca talked very briefly before cutting off the line.

"Was that your mother?" Claire asked.

Bianca gave her a stupid look before replying.

"Yes. So when will Mr Nathan be done with whatever he is doing?"

"There he comes." Claire pointed and Bianca turned to where her finger led her.

Nathan looked exhausted. His shoulder sagged down and his shirt was soaked in his sweat making his singlet vi


Nathan placed a hand ovee his head like he had a headache

"We need to go."


Nathan immediately stopped her, his eyes inspecting her body.

"You're not going like this."

Bianca wondered what was wrong with her dressing. She wore the best she had. A gown that hasn't lost colour yet and was presentable to the public eye and a sandal she once set aside for beach going. She was totally presentable.

"We are going to the mall."

"You have to be kidding me." Bianca retorted.

Turns out he was not kidding. Nathan literally dragged Bianca to the mall and now she had to pick a dress. One that eas presentable to his almighty mother's eye.

Nathan abandoned her im the hands of the  manager of the clothing store.

The store manager, a woman who looked between thirty five to fourty, blessed with ebony black skin and a penchant for fashion tips followed Bianca as she made a selection. If Nathan was going to let her pick a dress then she better make use of the opportunity to burn down his account.

She picked three dresses. A royal blue gown that was at knee length and covered everything that needed to be covered. The other two wee forced on her by the enthusiastic manager.

"This one will bring out your eyes." She threw a

Leopard skin printed jumpsuit, tight enough to kill a cat. Bianca wondered how she would be able to breathe in those.

"Now go dress and let check you out." The manager said whilst pushing Bianca to the dressing room.

The dressing room was like a closet except with mirrors. The three corner of the walls mirrored her image. Plain and drab.

"Dress." A voice echoed from outside the room.

Bianca roused from her deep though and picked up the Royal blue dress, the only one she had intended to wear.

She disposed the old gown she was wearing and slipped into the new ones. Bianca picked up a set of Matching flats and wore them also. Done with dressing, she checked her reflection in the mirror.

"Who are you?" She ran her hands on the image her eyes portrayed.

"Why don't you just get—"

"Oh! my God!"

The scream made Bianca Yelp. It was definitely the manager who could not wait for hwr to finish. What if she was naked?

"You look amazing but it needs something more."

Before Bianca could resist, the woman was already at her face applying Makeup.

After a series of brushing, wiping and adding. The woman was done.

"Look at you, you look like a doll."

She was right. Bianca looked like an Android that was under the influence of a remote.

"Thanks." She lied.

"You're welcome. Now go show your boyfriend."

Bianca left, refusing to even debunk that Nathan was her boyfriend. It would be a losing battle.

Bianca stepped out. Slightly uncomfortable with people staring at her. The silent compliments even made it worse.

She quickened her steps until she reached Nathan who was staring blankly at his phone.


Nathan lifted his chin to meet her face and his eyes immediately widened.

"Woah! You look stunning."

Bianca blushed at his compliment.


"Ok. Let's go."

The car ride to Nathan's home was quicker than expected. He lived in a huge mansion painted cream. Nathan had Reve to her he wanted it black but didn't want to be tagged as creepy.

The doors were opened by servants and Bianca got a better view of tge decor. The house want even painted. It was layered with plaster of Paris that gave it it's flawless look. It was more than break taking. Bianca didn't get the chance to allow her eyes adore the house as Nathan rushed her in. She saw why. The neighbors were glaring at her like they had seen a ghost.

Nathan rang the doorbell and waited for it to it answered.

Bianca's heart kept pumping in antipation for what was coming.

What was Nathan's mother going to be like? What would happen?

The questions he knew no answers to were killing her and then the door opened.

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