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   Chapter 33 Epilogue

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************Arrowheart's POV************

The journey to the Silent Forest was a brisk one, filled with excitement and anticipation. Unlike the territories the Clans lived in, the Silent Forest was not technically in Clan territory. Instead, it was day or so journey from HunterClan territory. In order to get their, one must walk a very special path.

Arrowheart has been taught during his apprenticeship that this path was known as the Walk of Bones. It consisted of a long tunnel that went under all the Clan territories. It's entrance, surprisingly, was right inside Mother Mouth. It was breakaway cave tunnel from that of the Moon Stone. How ironic it was that such a special thing for Shadowhunters be so close to something special to StarClan. Blossomstar had led the group to it with ease.

The new warriors had been glad that their leader had let them have a day to rest and prepare before going to the ceremony. Arrowheart couldn't have imagined trying to make the journey the night after their silent vigil. His paws had felt weighed down by tiredness after it, and he'd been more then content to just fall into a nest to sleep. Goldenclaw and Nightrose had done the same. They too had been exhausted.

They had left camp early the next day. Dawnpaw and Featherflight had been happy to supply the group with travel herbs for their journey ahead. As it would take one or days days to reach the Silent Forest, along with the same amount of time to return home they could use all the strength they could get. Arrowheart could still remember the discussion he'd had with the pale she-cat before they'd departed.

"Take care of yourself while we're gone. And keep an eye on Vultureclaw for us. There's no idea what he might get up to without Blossomstar's supervision." He told the apprentice.

Dawnpaw had given him a nod of acknowledgement. Her pale blue gaze had been focused on Russetleaf's prone form. For whatever reason, the warrior was locked in some endless sleep. It had freaked Clary out a lot. Their friend was fearful of her Mom never waking up.

The healers had given her some reassurance though, saying that whatever had been done to Clary's Mom was the result of magic. Patchfur was sent in to check over the Russetleaf. He had reported that Russetleaf would be just fine, she was just under an enchantment of sorts. By Patchfur's predictions, this enchantment would only last for a few more moons at most. Clary had been deeply relieved by that, promising to check in on her mother daily.

"Sure. I may not have eyes and ears everywhere, but I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Now go, become Parabatai with Goldenclaw. It'll be great to have another Parabatai pair in the Clan again." Arrowheart murmured his agreement.

Pairings were hard to come by, which made them all the more sacred to the Clan. He promised himself to be the very best Parabatai to Goldenclaw as he could be, knowing that Goldenclaw would do the same for him. It was with those words that he had left the Medicine Den, excited for what laid ahead.

**********Time Skip/ Nightrose's POV**********

Nightrose shook her fur out as some more dirt landed on her muzzle from the tunnel stretching out over their heads. Blossomstar had been leading herself, Goldenclaw, Arrowheart, and Patchfur for the what had felt like ages through the dank tunnel. I wonder if we'll ever see light again? She knew she was being over dramatic, but the tunnel just seemed to never end.

Blossomstar had told them upon entering the tunnel to stay close to one another. The passage being so narrow that they all had to move in a single file line. That was how she ended up being stuck behind Goldenclaw, his soft golden tail tickling her nose occasionally.

Arrowheart was right behind her; Patchfur was bringing up the rear. The two were whispering about something, but their voices were muffled by the constant dripping sound. Nightrose still hadn't determined where it came from. Blossomstar had assured her it was nothing to worry about, Arrowheart being quick to do the same.

Because there was hardly any light inside the tunnel, Nightrose kept squinting to try to make out the cats around her. Occasionally, there were splashes of light here and there from what Blossomstar had called witchlights. Apparently, the Iron Sisters had created them long ago as some sort of guide.

Each time they went by a stone, it would glow with an almost blinding light. This light only receded as they moved away. Blossomstar told them that was because they were activated only by angel blooded beings. It was curious just how the strange stones worked.

Speaking of curious...she glanced down at her muzzle, where there was a slight ache. After the warrior ceremony and vigil, as per tradition they received the ability to draw runes on themselves with the tips of their claws. The night of the vigil, it was said that the angel blessed new warriors with adamas touched claws with the creation of the Angelic Power rune on their skin.

The angelic rune could be placed anywhere on the skin. Hers was on her muzzle, while Goldenclaw and Arrowheart had their runes on one of their front legs. How curious it was, the position this rune would take.

Every other rune, the warrior could choose the positioning of, with the exception of runes gained during apprenticeship. Such was the case of the clairvoyance (aka voyance) rune. It was placed on their dominant front paw for each of the three new warriors. With it, they could see through glamours among other things.

"How much farther? I'm dying for some fresh air. And also something to drink." Goldenclaw asked, his loud voice echoing through the hollow ground.

They were at another witchlight Stone, so Nightrose could make out the golden warrior's bulky frame. Over it, she caught a glimpse of Blossomstar. The clan leader's ears twitched at Goldenclaw's question.

"It'll be only a few more hours until we make it out. There should be a small pool of water up ahead for us to drink out of soon, so be patient." Blossomstar chided.

With only a few grumbles from Goldenclaw, they resumed their pace. Nightrose honestly couldn't blame Goldenclaw. The tunnel's flooring had turned from dirt to prickly gray stones. The HunterClan cats were used to the soft grass of their home. This sharp ground made their pads ache and throb. Along with her hunger and thirst that were steadily growing, she would too be thankful when they finally made it out.

Thankfully, Blossomstar had been correct. It had been roughly twenty minutes more before they reached the pool she had spoken of. Nightrose had let out a gasp when she saw it.

"Wow! I can't believe this is down here!" She mewed.

The tunnel had opened up into a small cavern. Witchlight rune stones were spread equal distantly around it, lighting the cave up in an ethereal glow. The white and blue lighting tinged their pelts all varying shades of silver. At the right side of the cavern was a gleaming blue pool. It was so reflective of the light that she was almost certain that they would be able to see their faces in it if they tried. She felt Arrowheart coming to stand beside her, an expression of amazement also on his face.

"Well, we're not sure how this got down here. Our ancestors believed the tunnel had another opening at one point, to which this water was able to flow through. The theory is it is part of an even bigger pool, that of a lake somewhere else in the world." Blossomstar explained.

"Whatever it is, it sure looks like it's water will taste delicious." Goldenclaw licked his lips in anticipation.

"May we?" Arrowheart asked Blossomstar, angling his ears towards the pool.

Blossomstar nodded. "Yes, I think we all could use a drink." She murmured. Goldenclaw didn't need to be told twice. The golden tabby tom was quick to sprint over to the pool, dipping his tongue in the water to lap up a refreshing drink. Nightrose and her other companions made their way to the pool more slowly, dipping their heads down to drink too.

The water felt refreshingly cool to the touch. Thirstily, she began to lap it up. The water slipped down her throat, it's cold temperature sending a pleasant chill throughout her body. She was certain she'd never tasted water this good in her life! That might be the thirst talking, she reflected.

Her brothers shared similar views to her own on the water. Goldenclaw pulled back from the pool after drinking his fair share. His gold muzzle was dripping with shining silver droplets. Arrowheart pulled away from the pool moments later, licking his lips.

"That was delicious, I don't think I've ever tasted water that good." Arrowheart told them.

"That isn't surprising, underground spring water is often more pure than water above ground. Twolegs can't tamper with it as easily." Patchfur said.

Arrowheart looked at him surprised. "You sure do know a lot." He commented.

Patchfur dipped his head. "When you live as long as I have, you pick up a thing or two." He agreed.

"Well, I'm impressed for sure." Arrowheart told Patchfur. The older warrior smiled at that, appreciative of Arrowheart's words.

Nightrose wanted to laugh, the two were so obvious sometimes that it almost physically pained her. They're so cute together! She wasn't the only one to notice the attraction between the pair. Blossomstar was watching the two toms interact with mild amusement. It made sense that Arrowheart's former mentor understood him better then most cats. I'm glad she doesn't mind.

Arrowheart, for all the confidence he had gained in spending time with Patchfur, was still a bit queasy when it came to coming out. It was understandable really, as being true to yourself could be a scary thing. At least he had his sister's support. Nightrose would always be there for her brother.

Goldenclaw appeared to be the only cat in the patrol not clued into Arrowheart's crush on Patchfur. Sometimes she marveled at how dense the golden tabby warrior could be. I wonder if he'll figure it out once their Parabatai? That's most likely.

Arrowheart is concerned how their brother might react, but Nightrose had a feeling that everything would be alright. She watched with amusement as the two brothers started to play around. They were chasing each other around the pool, until they eventually came to a stop a tail length away from the pool.

"Arrowheart, the water smells a bit strange, don't you think?" Goldenclaw bounded over to his brother.

Arrowheart tilted his head in confusion, his blue eyes blinking. "I don't think so, but I wasn't smelling the water before. I'll try now."

He leaned over to sniff the pool. Goldenclaw took the opportunity for what it was. The golden warrior reached forward and slammed Arrowheart's head into the pool. Arrowheart yelped our in surprise as his head was shoved under water.

The momentum of the shove causing the rest of him to stumble forward into the water. His limbs flailed as soon as he went under; Goldenclaw was laughing his head off as soon as Arrowheart's head shot out of the frigid water. The black furred tom was sputtering water, his fur plastered to his sides.

"It's-It's freezing in here!" Arrowheart exclaimed in a chattering breath.

"Are you alright?" Patchfur asked him, his eyes glowing with concern.

"Arrowheart, get back on shore quick. You'll get sick if you stay in their too long." Blossomstar told him firmly. Arrowheart nodded, beginning to make his way out of the pool. Luckily, it wasn't that deep where he was so his paws touched the ground with ease.

"Of course he's alright! It can't be that bad in there. Just watch!" Goldenclaw dipped his paws into the pool. He quickly pulled them back though, as if he'd been electrocuted.

"Never mind, " he muttered, shaking his paw out to dry it, "that is freezing! Sorry bud!" He called out to Arrowheart.

The other warrior waved him off, wading over to dry ground. Arrowheart shook his fur out, water droplets flying everywhere. He glared at Goldenclaw when he regained his bearings, his blue eyes annoyed.

"What in the Angel's name was that for?" He growled, his teeth still chattering.

"I just thought it would be funny. I didn't think you would fall in." Goldenclaw defended. Arrowheart groaned at this, as if it was just the answer he was expecting. Why am I not surprised! My brothers are both such idiots sometimes.

Arrowheart was about let out another retort, but Patchfur was quick to cut in. "That doesn't matter! Right now what's important is that we get him warm again." He made the rest of the distance to Arrowheart's

saw the remaining cats moving into position. Blossomstar moved to her place in the middle of the two soon to be Parabatai, the Silent Brothers clustered around her. As Blossomstar is the leader of HunterClan, it is required that she be at this ceremony regardless of whether she had mentored one of the cats about to become Parabatai.

Arrowheart reflected that this ceremony was unusual compared to others. Most pairings had their former mentors as their witnesses. In this case, Arrowheart's mentor is leader and Goldenclaw's mentor had passed on. This made neither capable of being witnesses.

In their early days of apprenticeship, when Dustcloud was still with them, they'd decided that Nightrose would be Arrowheart's witness. It was Dustcloud's death that they changed plans. It wasn't anything that made Arrowheart complain though, he got to have both Patchfur and Nightrose here now with them. It was if anything an absolute win to the young warrior.

Brother Enoch unsheathed his claws, grabbing a long brown stick in his jaws. His claws lit with tiny white flames, that he touched to the stick. It was an odd picture, the stick only lighting on its very end. With a delicate hold he touched the stick to the center of the two circles, the junction point. This junction point was the best place to light the the circles ablaze.

The fire was orange for a brief moment, as though the blackened dirt had made it change. It was only seconds later that the brilliant white glow returns, the blue flickering alongside it. Only Angelic fire burned in this way. There was no fire more powerful than it.

The only thing that rivaled it being Heavenly Fire, but it had been a long time since that had been seen. And the angels burned with heavenly fire, their bodies filled with angelic might. It was a story long told, never to be forgotten by HunterClan. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, Arrowheart hadn't heard the opening proceedings.

+You may now begin with the oath. May the Angel bless you both.+ Zachariah told the two warriors, placing a small object in front of each of them. The object was a silver piece of metal, with odd patterning down its sides. A stele his mind supplied helpfully.

Arrowheart looked across the flames to see Goldenclaw. His brother was staring back at him with the same fervor, golden eyes sparkling with the blue white light. They had discussed the oath frequently during their apprenticeship, ascertaining that they both had it memorized and knew who would say what. Goldenclaw took a deep breath, then began the sacred oath.

"Entreat me not to leave thee, or return from following after thee" He said these lines with practiced ease. He took a step forward in the circle, his paw wrapped around the stele tightly.

"For whither thou goest, I will go, And where thou lodgest, I will lodge." Arrowheart said with similar ease, taking a step forward as well with stele in paw.

"Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God." Goldenclaw responded.

"Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried." Arrowheart said. It was together in unison that they said the last few lines, their hearts beating as one. They were only a few mere paw steps away from each other now, their runes glowing in response to their words.

"The Angel do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me." Their voices reverberated together as one, echoing in the Cave of Speaking Stars. The pair were staring at one another, blue eyes gazing into golden ones.

+It is time to draw the Parabatai runes on one another. Choose the position of the rune well, as it will remain there now and for always.+ Brother Phillip projected in their minds.

Arrowheart's runes were still glowing as he seized up the stele in his jaws, Goldenclaw doing the same with his own. With almost synchronized paw steps, the two made the remaining distance across the dirt to each other. The other cats gathered watched with bated breath.

They both sat in front of each other, reaching their heads across the angelic fire. Arrowheart left room on his left side to allow Goldenclaw to make his marking on his skin. Goldenclaw did the same for him but the golden tom made room on his right side. The sizzling sound of adamas touching flesh was heard, a burning smell filling the air.

When Arrowheart and Goldenclaw finished drawing the rune on one another, they stepped back to admire their work. The Parabatai rune stood out in all its glory against both of their skins. Arrowheart grinned at his brother, a grin that Goldenclaw shared back. They were finally joined together under the same rune.

We may not be brothers in blood, but we are now brothers in every other way that matters. Maybe even more so. The rune connecting them now meant that they shared a piece of each other's souls. They were now bound together, brothers forever. Something settled inside Arrowheart, a warmth filling his chest. Being Parabatai with Goldenclaw, having Patchfur, Nightrose and Blossomstar there supporting them, Arrowheart finally felt whole.

************Time Skip/Unknown POV************

He moved across the grassy slope with a practice ease, his claws only sliding out as he reduced their selected meeting place. This meeting place was different than the norm, but he knew that was only because HunterClan knew of the fallen tree. Their former meeting place was now under high suspicion of the Shadowhunters. Blossomstar was having warriors patrol that area to great lengths now, something he knew personally.

The thought of those pretentious cowards made him curl his lips back in a snarl. They have no idea what being a Shadowhunter is truly about. Angrily, he heaved himself up the fence, his long claws scrabbling on flat yellow Twoleg wood that lined what was supposed to be an abandoned backyard.

Once he reached the top, he plummeted down to the ground on the other side. It was to his own great annoyance that his paws landed in slippery mud. The puddle he'd landed in squelched underneath him, sending spatters of wet earth up all over his fur.

He wasn't one to mind getting dirty by any means, but was this discomfort really necessary. It'll take hours to wash this out before heading back. He couldn't be gone for long, he had responsibilities he had to get back to. Luckily, the cat was set to meet was already here.

It had been some time since he'd seen Frostfang, but the tom looked unchanged. Frostfang's scar riddled white pelt gained a pinkish sheen in the setting sun. It almost made him look nonthreatening, not that he'd ever describe the leader of the Circle as such. Many cats have underestimated him before, and almost all of them have paid the price of their lives for it.

"Frostfang, it has been sometime since I last saw you. I heard you have the Mortal Moss now, might I ask where it is?" He asked.

Frostfang moved forward from the small patch of grass he'd been standing in. Out of the whole yard, Frostfang was the only physically clean part of it. Mud was splattered all over the garden. Where there wasn't mud, there was clay, or pine needles from the nearby pine tree.

The needles stuck to his paws, their sticky sap coating his forelegs. At this rate my coat will be ruined. So much for that grooming session I had this morning. He had no idea how Frostfang remained so spotless. Though I suppose that's the irony, considering how much blood he has on his paws from his mission. Ah yes, Frostfang's mission to kill all Downworlders was still ongoing.

"It's good to see you too, old friend. Yes, I have the Moss, it's not here at the moment, but I assure you it's somewhere safe. Now, how are things in HunterClan? I've heard you rose above in the ranks. How tragic that so many deputies have passed recently. Especially Dustcloud, he was so promising back in the day." Frostfang said, sarcasm dripping from his tone.

He rolled his eyes. "Foxtail and Dustcloud's deaths were unfortunate, but they were means to an end. They would've just been wild cards anyways, getting in the way of our plans."

Frostfang dipped his head in agreement. "You're certainly not wrong. Speaking of plans, are you ready for stage two?" The Circle leader asked.

A dark smile lit his face, his claws sinking into the dirt. "Of course. I was born ready." He told the other Shadowhunter, his eyes ablaze with passion for the dark plans that laid ahead.

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