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   Chapter 5 Hunting Time

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Arrowpaw woke to the sound of birds chirping overhead. Blearily he blinked his eyes slowly, taking in his still sleeping litter mates still figures. Goldenpaw was sprawled out like a star fish, while Nightpaw was curled up in a small ball, her black tail tip resting over her nose.

The nests that Brackenpaw and Dawnpaw occupied were already empty. They must have went on the Dawn patrol. With a small yawn Arrowpaw pulled his paws close to his body and staggered off the ground. His first few steps were woozy, his body swaying. He let out a yawn, exhaling a puff of warm air. The sunlight of a new morning was filtering through the den, making Goldenpaw's fur even brighter in color than it already was.

Arrowpaw carefully stepped over his siblings and went out of the den, hoping to get some stretching in before their mentors arrived. After last night's rest Arrowpaw felt more energy than ever and was ready to face the day. In camp the first signs of activity were already beginning. Foxtail was under the High Rock assigning warriors to patrols. By straining his ears Arrowpaw could hear what the dark ginger tom was saying.

"Bearfur, I want you to lead a hunting patrol. Take Starkpelt and Specklefoot with you. Try going to Sunningrocks and see what you can find." Foxtail ordered.

Bearfur dipped his head in agreement. The senior warrior took the two aforementioned warriors with him out of camp. The three toms were much more awake then Arrowpaw felt, and he wondered how long it would take for him to be more awake like them in the early mornings.

As a kit, he hadn't gotten up until the sun was already high in the sky. All the patrols of the morning were out and about at that point. I guess waking up early will take some getting used to. He yawned again, blinking sleep out of his eyes.

Foxtail then turned to Arrowpaw's father. "Badgerstripe, I want you to lead a border patrol to the VenomClan border. Take Scratchnose, Petalfall and Frondleap with you. Make sure you watch out for any sign of trouble. It would be just like FangClan to attack now that prey has started returning to our territory, the marshes take longer to recover from Leaf Bare then we do."

Badgerstripe nodded at his deputy before taking his group of cats out of camp. A few more patrols were made, Silvermoon and Swallowsong leading them. Once Foxtail was done listing out patrols Blossomstar came down from her den and towards her deputy. The two went straight to business immediately, forgoing any sort of small talk.

Arrowpaw tried to hear what the two cats were saying but he was unable to make out any words. When the leader and deputy's exchange was over, Blossomstar headed off to the medicine cat den and Foxtail turned and padded over to the Apprentices den, Dustcloud and Littlebird not far behind him.

Foxtail stopped in front of Arrowpaw. "Greetings young one. Are your siblings up yet?" He asked

st floor, thankful that there was no leaves for his paws to crunch on, and over to his target. Arrowpaw could now tell that it was a mouse in the thicket, it's big eyes focused on a seed it had found. The apprentice crept a bit more closer, trying to get as nearby as possible before pouncing. A twig suddenly snapped under his paws, alerting the mouse he was trying to catch. The mouse let out a SQUEEEEEEK of alarm. Arrowpaw, who had just gotten into his crouch decided it was now or never and pounced albeit somewhat clumsily at his target.

His paws flew true and he landed right on top of the mouse. It vainly tried to struggle against his grasp, letting out more squeaking sounds. Arrowpaw silenced it quickly, biting down hard on the little creature's throat, effectively ending its struggles. Foxtail padded up to join the apprentice.

"Well done." He purred. "Your stalking and pouncing skills could use some work but you executed a perfect hunter's crouch." The deputy praised him. Arrowpaw felt a bit bashful under the deputy's gaze.

"Thanks." He mewed around a mouthful of fur. Foxtail told him to drop his prey for now and for the next few hours the deputy showed Arrowpaw how to stalk and pounce properly. By the time the sun was setting it was time to head back to camp.

Arrowpaw was proud to be caring prey with him back to camp. My first catch on my first try! He didn't count the practice birds he and his siblings had tried to catch outside the Nursery. Nor did he count the mouse Goldenpaw found outside the Warrior's Den several moons ago. Why live prey came into their camp at all was beyond him. It's like they want to get killed. Bunch of mouse brains.

Inwardly Arrowpaw was celebrating, outwardly he was continuing to exert the cool exterior he often did. He wanted to seem serious as well as mature around Foxtail. Who knew what he might tell Blossomstar after all. Overall, the day had been a great success.

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