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   Chapter 3 Time to Tour the Forest

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Arrowpaw and his siblings followed the two warriors through the forest. The grass felt soft to the touch under his paws and the trees overhead provided some shade along with the clouds in the sky. The scent of prey hiding in the undergrowth made his mouth water. He wondered when his mentor would teach him to hunt. After walking for a few minutes the mentors reached a stopping point at the border with fourtrees.

Fourtrees was the gathering spot of the four clans during the full moon. The Gathering was the one night of peace and truce for all the clans. It was at Fourtrees that the Clans would exchange news and converse with one another.

On those nights, Silvermoon would let Arrowpaw and his siblings to stay up until the cats chosen to go to the gathering got back. The stories they told always excited Arrowpaw. He knew that going to the Gathering for the first time would be awesome. He and his litter mates have already imagined several times what their first Gathering would be like.

"Today Littlebird and I are going to show you HunterClan's territory. Make sure to keep close to us and listen carefully to what we have to say." He meowed, licking his paw and drawing it over one ear.

Littlebird gestured behind her where four massive oak trees were. The closest one to them cast a long, powerful shadow that swallowed up the sunshine from above. Because of that, it felt chilly here, and Arrowpaw saw his sister let out a small shiver. Unlike Goldenpaw and himself, Nightpaw's fur was short and sleek. This made her catch chills easily. It also makes her more aerodynamic, whatever that meant.

"Now what do you think that is?" She asked them. Nightpaw was quick to answer, her brown eyes dark in the shade.

"That's Fourtrees, where the Clans meet each full moon for the Gathering. Each Clan bares a truce for peace while they exchange news and catch up. It's the only time when all the Clans are supposed to be friendly towards one another." Nightpaw explained politely.

"Very good Nightpaw." Littlebird praised. "Now while we can't go see Fourtrees today remember that the Gathering spot always serves as a neutral territory no matter what time of the moon it is." Dustcloud explained with a flick of his tail.

The group of cats then proceeded onward. The sun was not much higher in the sky when they reached the river. A cluster of stepping stones resided in the middle of the rapidly moving water. Arrowpaw curiously peered down at the water, brief.y seeing a few fish flash by.

Their silver scales were oddly mesmerizing, but from what his father had told him fish was nasty and tasted like carrion. Goldenpaw had been the one to ask their father that, and Arrowpaw figured that Badgerstripe had told them that most likely to ensure his golden furred son didn't end up drowning in the stream than because they actually tasted bad. Arrowpaw decided now, having seen the slippery creatures, that they were way to pretty to eat. He didn't know how MagicClan would eat such sparkly things.

"This is HunterClan's border with MagicClan. Can you three smell their scent?" Dustcloud asked as they moved closer to the river.

The three apprentices moved forward to sniff the air. At the river's edge, Arrowpaw could smell something strange. Not quite nasty, as Goldenpaw ended up describing it, but strange nonetheless. He was pretty sure the weirdness had to do with the fish MagicClan ate all the time.

After they were done examining the river border, the group traveled through Sunningrocks and the outskirts of the Sandy Hollow. From Dawnpaw he had heard that wa

s where apprentices did battle training. He wondered when they would start doing that. He was sure that Blossomstar was a great battler, being a leader had to make her one of the strongest cats in the clan. Dustcloud went into a quick explanation of the Sandy Hollow and then they were off to the border with FaerieClan.

WolfClan's territory didn't seem that much different than HunterClan's territory from what Arrowpaw could see, though the trees did seem increasingly taller. By straining his ears the black tom could hear some starlings singing in the distance. "This is the border we share with FaerieClan. As you can see, their territory is not much different than ours, but make no mistake that we are very different than them." Littlebird spoke with complete seriousness.

"I heard they hunt in packs and tear apart their prey until it dies then bath in the blood of it." Goldenpaw contributed.

Arrowpaw had heard that from Barkstep too and hoped it wasn't true. The thought of another clan disrespecting their food so much seemed horrifying. Silvermoon had taught them early on to never disrespect their prey.

That had been right after Arrowpaw had tried sparrow for the first time. He made the terrible decision to mess with the birds' gray feathers, and had been scolded for it. At any rate, the elderly dark brown tabby seemed a bit crazy at times though since he was sometimes right Arrowpaw couldn't discredit his claims without proof.

Dustcloud responded with fast efficiency. "No. They do hunt very differently compared to us but as far as I know, they never bath in their preys' blood. Clan cats never disrespect their prey like that and neither should any of you."

After each of the apprentices took in the scent of FaerieClan -a scent that Arrowpaw could only describe as a mix of tree bark, flowers and honey- Littlebird and Dustcloud lead them back through their territory to the other side of the forest, passing the border they shared with WolfClan along the way. For some reason the two mentors did not go into much explanation on the moor dwellers, but Arrowpaw supposed it wasn't something he should be questioning.

Once the group reached the edge of the forest they came to a halt. Before Arrowpaw was a huge stretch of black. He presumed this was the Thunderpath his mother Silvermoon had warned him about. His siblings and himself had been told several times never to go onto it. Monsters ran along it all the time and could kill you under their paws. Arrowpaw let out a shudder at the thought of huge creatures crushing him or his siblings under its weight.

With a sideways glance to his left and right he could see that his siblings felt just as apprehensive as he did. Mother had been very clear how dangerous Thunderpaths were, and the fact that their uncle Owlflight had died on this very Thunderpath before they were born only made them more uneasy.

StarClan must have been looking out for the group of cats because the Thunderpath was silent at the moment, no monsters were rumbling along it with Twolegs trapped inside. How do they let themselves just get eaten like that?!

Arrowpaw forced his fur to lie flat as Littlebird went to an explanation of how HunterClan's border with FangClan was this very path. Previous HunterClan cats had made it that way to discourage the brutish FangClan warriors from encroaching upon their territory. Arrowpaw was glad that they were not expected to walk on the path and the three young cats were more than happy to head back to camp. A long day of traveling had left their paws tired and ready for sleep.

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