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   Chapter 2 New Apprentices

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It had been a little over a moon since Leaf-bare had ended and Newleaf had begun. The sun was shining brightly in the sky and the camp was full of activity. Many cats were excited for what the new season would bring. Arrowkit wouldn't admit it aloud, but he was extremely excited for today. Today was the day he would become an apprentice alongside the rest of his siblings.

Currently, Arrowkit was getting his fur groomed out by his mother. He never liked it when his mother groomed him, but he knew better to complain. Silvermoon would scold them whenever they complained, and she was scary when she got angry.

He could still remember the time he and his siblings had snuck out of camp. They had just wanted to play in the snow without interference. When they'd returned home, their mother had been furious. She'd given them the most stern talking to he ever bore witness to. Never again, he had told himself. After that, he did his best to keep himself and his litter mates out of trouble.

Goldenkit on the other paw, was another story entirely. Nightkit, having already been groomed was watching alongside Arrowkit as their golden furred brother complained to Badgerstripe about messing up his fur. As the little tabby had a stocky build like his father, he certainly had plenty of it. Most of it was stuck up in awkward angles, a sign that Goldenkit had been rolling around in the bracken on the edge of camp earlier.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd.....stoooooooooooopppppppp." Goldenkit said between the squirming movements he was doing under Badgerstripe's paws.

Badgerstripe huffed in between licks, no doubt annoyed that his son would not sit still. He glanced jealously over at his mate Silvermoon, who was having no trouble with Arrowkit, steadily grooming her son's soft black fur down. She stepped back now, eyeing up her eldest with pride.

"There. You should be ready now." She told him with a happy purr. As her first litter, she was very proud they were about to become apprentices. She smiled at her mate, and moved over to help him finish up with Goldenkit's grooming. Meanwhile, Arrowkit moved over to his sister. Nightkit was sitting at the entrance to the nursery, her light brown eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Aren't you excited? We're going to become apprentices today! No more stupid cramped nursery for us!" Nightkit said cheerfully.

Arrowkit gave a small nod. The tom wasn't much for a lot of words, but talking to his siblings was always something he enjoyed. His mother called him a family cat for that reason, he could be standoffish with other cats but never with family. He knew it was true, and accepted that fundamental fact entirely.

"Yea. Who do you think will be our mentors?" He asked her curiously, his tail flicking to and fro. Nightkit tilted her head thoughtfully at her brother.

"I'm not sure, but whoever they are I feel sorry for whoever has to handle Goldenkit. They'll have their paws full trying to keep him under control." She mewed.

Arrowkit chuckled at that, while their brother let out an indignant 'hey' at his sister's words. Goldenkit padded over to them, giving a mock glare at Nightkit and sitting down next to Arrowkit. Out of the three of them, Nightkit and Goldenkit were known for teasing each other the most. In those instances, Arrowkit would step back and watch what he termed 'sibling chaos' unfold.

"Surely you don't agree with our sister's terrible choice of words." Goldenkit was very offended.

Arrowkit rolled his eyes fondly at his brother. The young tom clearly didn't remember just how much trouble he had gotten the three of them into over the years. Either that or he just didn't care. Probably the second option, he reminisced. From sneaking out of camp to putting thistles in the elders' nests to that time they put a live frog in the fresh kill pile, Goldenkit knew how to get other cats' pelts ruffled. Arrowkit loved his brother, but he could do without all the silly pranks he liked to pull.

"Suuuuuuuurrrrrreeeeee I don't." He said, giving a Goldenkit a playful nudge. "It's not like you didn't nearly get us eaten by a fox three moons ago." Goldenkit groaned in exasperation, his golden eyes flickering brightly with the sunlight.

"That was one time and you know it." The tom said huffily. "We all know I had it handled anyway." He boasted. Nightkit sighed at her confident brother's words. Badgerstripe and Silvermoon were now by their kits' sides, ready to get moving over to the high rock.

"Come along now kits, the ceremony is going to start soon. You can bicker later." Badgerstripe told them gruffly before leaving them to head over to the High Rock.

It was there that he exchanged a few words with his Parabatai. Dustcloud was giving Badgerstripe a proud smile that Badgerstripe returned in full. Arrowkit wondered what it was like, having a cat that could feel exactly what you did.

He hoped that he'd have it someday. Goldenkit and I would be great Parabatai. They hadn't discussed it yet, not in length, but it would only be a matter of time. The three kits hastily scrambled to their paws and ran after him, Silvermoon brought up the rear of their little family, much slower than her excited kits.

At the High Rock, Blossomstar exchanged a few quick words with her deputy Foxtail before making her way up to the top of the High Rock. Her light brown tabby fur looked more vibrant under the Newleaf sunshine. She looked poised from on top of the rock, like all leaders should.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here underneath the highledge for a Clan meeting." She called the meeting summons


Arrowkit and his siblings padded to the center of the crowd underneath the High Rock. From here the High Rock casted a huge shadow over the young cats sitting under it. Arrowkit glanced at both of his siblings on his right side. Nightkit was in the middle of their motley group with Goldenkit sitting on the other side, his chest fur fluffed up excitedly. Arrowkit turned his attention to his Clan leader as she began to speak once more, the rest of the Clan now gathered for the meeting too.

"Cats of HunterClan, today is a joyous day. Today we will be getting new apprentices for the Clan." The leader began with a happy grin. Arrowkit's heart pounded in his chest, this was the moment he had been waiting for the past few moons. He was ready.

"Goldenkit, Nightkit and Arrowkit, step forward." Blossomstar gestured with her paw. The three young cats eagerly step forward. Their excitement was easily on display from the hasty strides they made.

"Goldenkit" She mewed, "from this moment on until you earn you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Goldenpaw. Your mentor will be Dustcloud. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you." Dustcloud, a fluffy brown tom with yellow eyes moved forward out of the crowd to touch noses with Goldenpaw. Then the two cats made their way back to sit at the front of the crowd together.

Arrowkit watched his sister happily as she went through the same naming ceremony, she was given to Littlebird to mentor. Littlebird was very pleased to be mentoring the clever she-cat, and the two happily made their way back into the crowd together.

Arrowkit was now left alone in the center of the clearing. He gazed nervously up at his leader, unsure of who was going to be his mentor. Whispers had went around about who his siblings mentors would be, but not his. The mystery around his mentor made him nervous. Blossomstar was smiling happily down at the black tom, which eased his nerves somewhat. Whoever she chose, I'm sure they'll teach me well.

"Arrowkit, " She began, "from this moment on, until you earn your warrior name, your name will be Arrowpaw. I will be your mentor."

Arrowpaw's mouth gaped in surprise at that. My clan leader is going to be my mentor!!!!! Some other cats in the clan were also sharing in his shock. Blossomstar had not been a mentor for any cat since she became leader. Most cats in the clan could not remember the Clan without Blossomstar she was that old. Arrowpaw was so excited!

Gracefully Blossomstar leapt down from the High Rock and padded over to Arrowpaw. Gently her nose touched his and she backed away. "This meeting is now at an end." Cats then went about dispersing to their duties, giving passing by congratulations as they went, soon leaving the three new apprentices with their mentors.

Dustcloud was the first to speak. "I was thinking we could go explore the territory today. Although I'm sure you've already seen a bit of it from your adventures." He meowed to his apprentice. Goldenpaw smiled up at his mentor. The young tom was happy to go exploring.

"I was thinking along the same lines." Littlebird spoke. The white she-cat's fur was a stark contrast to her apprentice's sleek black fur. "Would you mind if we join you?" She asked.

Nightpaw shared a grin with Goldenpaw, hoping they could both go explore the territory together. Dustcloud gave his agreement and then the two mentors turned to Blossomstar. Arrowpaw hoped Blossomstar would say they could join them. He wants to see the territory too.

"Would you like to come along? Arrowpaw will like to see the territory too no doubt." Said Littlebird.

Arrowpaw looked at his mentor, the leader's amber gaze was unreadable. He hoped she would agree. He had heard the stories from his friend Brackenpaw about his first day as an apprentice. Apparently their mentors had him and his sister Dawnpaw take care of the elders on their first day, with the reasoning that taking care of them was one of the most important duties. Arrowpaw enjoyed spending time with the elders, their stories always being fun but he didn't want his first day as an apprentice to be taking care of them.

Blossomstar seemed to be thinking about something. "I'm sure he would. I'd appreciate it if you took him for me. I have some duties to attend to." And with that their leader turned to Arrowpaw. "Listen to what Dustcloud and Littlebird have to tell you. I'll be taking you out myself soon enough." She told him. Arrowpaw nodded glumly before his mentor turned and left, on her way to talk to Foxtail, who was organizing more patrols for the middle of the day.

Nightpaw pressed her flank against Arrowpaw's side. "Don't worry Arrowpaw, I'm sure Blossomstar will train you tomorrow." She tried to comfort him.

Goldenpaw tried to do the same, pressing his golden tabby flank up against Arrowpaw's other side. At that point Arrowpaw wasn't listening though. My first day as an apprentice and my mentor can't be here to train me. Arrowpaw's train of thought was interrupted by Littlebird who had placed her paw on his shoulder.

"Come now Arrowpaw. We don't have all day." The white she-cat told him. Her green eyes peered closely into his own blue ones. "I know you wish Blossomstar was here, but she's not, so you're just going to have to make the best of it." Those words seemed to put him back into gear.

"Alright then. Let's go." Arrowpaw brushed past Littlebird and headed over to stand with his litter mates who were now at the entrance of the camp with Dustcloud. Soon enough the Littlebird joined them to and all five cats made their way out of camp and into the wild forest.

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