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   Chapter 1 Prologue

City of the Wild (A warriors cats and Shadowhunters Crossover) By Grace Estellar Characters: 16086

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The wind blew harshly on the forest grounds that day and the sun weakly shone through the dark gray clouds. The grass was frail and scratchy under her paw pads. She itches to do something, but as the sun was setting for the night over camp their was not much she could do. With a weary sigh she crouched down to finish up her shrew.

Leafbare was never a fun time for any cat. All the plants were withering and all the rivers would almost completely freeze over. Not to mention everyone was so hungry with such little prey to find during the cold season most all of them were either hibernating or flown south. So, in short HunterClan was starving.

Blossomstar knew she would be glad when Newleaf had arrived. So much had happened up into Leafbare, none it much of any good for her Clan. One of the bravest warriors of her Clan had done one of the worst things imaginable: tried to wipe out all the other clans. Frostfang had been her brave deputy for many moons and she had thought that someday he would have been a good leader, but apparently she was wrong.

Instead, he had tried to convince her that they were the superior Clan and that they should rule the forest. When she had rightfully called his ideas ludicrous he had went behind her back with some other warriors in her Clan to try to follow through with the stubborn tom's ideas.

The group formed what they called The Circle and with the help of some rogues that Frostfang had convinced into joining their side they had killed several members of the other clans. The other clan leaders and herself had been outraged. His behavior was horrifying to a vast majority of the Shadow World.

She remembered with deep disgust how she ended up having to cast the tom out of the Clan to end his tyranny. Thankfully, besides his mate and a few of his followers who fled with him, most of the Circle members in her Clan had turned themselves around and were once again loyal to HunterClan, or so she hoped. Blossomstar could not help but feel some unease when being near some of them. She supposed that would fade over time. The Circle would someday just be another old wound of the past, a story to frighten kits at bedtime.

There were times when the leader wondered if she would ever see the two cats again. Frostfang and Russetleaf had been such a promising pair of cats. She wistfully remembered how Russetleaf had turned things around and fought against her mate to protect her Clan.

Blossomstar felt a deep sadness when the dark ginger she-cat had fled into the night to somewhere unknown after her mate had been driven out. She could only hope that wherever the she-cat was that she was safe from harm. She was unsure if Russetleaf would ever return. It wasn't out of the range of possibilities that she was too ashamed of what she'd done to return home.

What was most worrisome about Russetleaf's disappearance was the condition she was in. The she-cat had been pregnant at the time, soon give birth by Featherflight's accurate predictions. Blossomstar often wondered how that must have went. If things did go well, how many kits did she have?

Russetleaf had already had one kit before, being a small pale yellow furred tom with dark brown eyes. She had wanted to name him Goldkit, but her mate Frostfang had been persistent in his own choice name for the tom. Frostfang won the argument and the kit was bestowed with the name Slashkit.

It had been a very sad when they lost Slashkit. He could have been a promising warrior someday, if he had gotten past his father's heritage. StarClan only knew if he'd have been able to though. All the prejudice he would have gotten from his father might have overwhelmed him.

Those sorts of thoughts were what kept her up at night. HunterClan would always face dangers but losing cats from her clan was something she never got used to. For that reason, among many others, she'd been glad when the war against the Circle had ended. All that bloodshed had done nothing good for any of the clans as it had served to divide them further then before. Blossomstar did have hope, as the end of Leafbare cams new possibilities.

Foxtail, her new deputy, had mentioned the other day that soon it would be time to make the young kits in the nursery apprentices. Silvermoon had her paws full with the three of her kits. Their names are Arrowkit, Goldenkit and Nightkit.

Her adoptive son Goldenkit was quite the trouble maker. Nightkit loved to join him in his mischievous ways. The two would often pull pranks on the their Clan mates. This never extended to the elders; however, the kits deemed getting told stories worth more then a good laugh. This left the warriors in camp to face their wrath. Blossomstar had not been their target yet, though she assumed it was only a matter of time.

And then there was Arrowkit. He was the oldest of the bunch and he was more mature than the two other kits put together. He would always be keeping his other litter mates out of trouble. Arrowkit was very smart for his age and she knew he'd make a great warrior someday. All of them had such great potential to do great things.

With their time to be apprentices coming soon Blossomstar was already planning who their mentors would be. Dustcloud and Littlebird hadn't had any apprentices in a while and they would do well with Goldenkit and Nightkit. As for Arrowkit, she honestly wanted the young tom to train for herself. He had the level headedness of both his parents Badgerstripe and Silvermoon and she had a feeling that the Clan would be needing that sooner or later.

Lost in her thoughts she did not notice the paw steps signaling another cats approach. Upon a light tap of a paw on her shoulder, she looked up. Under the shade of the high rock she was crouched under, Lilyspots's silver-white pelt was much darker than normal, and her green eyes went from a yellow green in the afternoon sun to a dark leaf green.

She looked down at her shrew mournfully, knowing she'd have to stop eating for now. Her stomach rumbled with protest; it had been too long since she'd eaten a full meal. With one last bite of her shrew that she quickly gulped down, she sat up straight, her body erect. Blossomstar was ready to listen to whatever it was her trusted medicine cat had to tell.

"Anything I can help you with Lilyspots?" Blossomstar asked the silver white she-cat.

Usually Lilyspots didn't come to see her under the high rock unless there was a good reason. The medicine cat was hardly ever not busy, especially during Leafbare. So many cats had gotten sick this season, including Blossomstar herself.

She still recalled the life she'd lost in the freezing cold. Unlike her other Clan mates, Blossomstar had more then one life to give in service of her clan. A few other clan mates weren't so lucky, Rivetback, Beechfur, and Ebonywind had not been so fortunate. HunterClan still mourned them to this day.

Needless to say, it had been a tough season for HunterClan and Lilyspots had bared the brunt of it for her clan. Blossomstar was worried for her friend at this point, while most cats were thin during Leafbare due to a lack of prey but Lilyspots looked even thinner than some of the sick cats did, each of her ribs showing under her gaunt frame.

Before the coldest season of the year had happened, Blossomstar had hoped that Lilyspots might get an apprentice to help her out and with time become another medicine cat for the Clan. Dawnpaw, out of Petalfall's two kits had seemed the most promising. Blossomstar hadn't been certain, but the She-cat gave off a sort of brilliance that only Medicine cats had.

Brackenpaw and Dawnpaw however both became warrior apprentices, so that hope had passed. At the very least, the apprentice's would hunt for the elders so the retired warriors wouldn't go hungry. Dawnpaw and Brackenpaw would be the first warriors to come after the time of the Circle for HunterClan.

With mentors like Vultureclaw and Palenose, she expected warriors HunterClan would be pr

oud of. It had been several moons since the last apprentice for HunterClan; a gray tabby she-cat named Slatepaw, who had died during a fight against Frostfang. She had only been three moons into her apprenticeship, gone before her time.

At some point early in Arrowkit, Nightkit and Goldenkit's kithood, she had hoped one of them might want to become a medicine cat apprentice. From observation on her part she knew that they would be best off as warriors. This decision had not been made lightly, and plenty of consideration had gone into it.

Being a medicine cat was not an easy job and it took a particular cat. They had to be willing to care for the Clan, and they could share tongues with StarClan among other very important things. Lilyspots was still young though so she should be able to bare being the sole medicine cat for a little while longer. That didn't stop her from hoping for a medicine cat apprentice soon, even it was wishful thinking.

Lilyspots seemingly knew exactly what she was thinking. "I'm fine Blossomstar. I do need to speak to you though." The she-cat told her with a flick of her silver tail. Blossomstar gave her a nod.

"Of course. Let's head to my den, and go ahead and grab something to eat on your way up. I know you haven't eaten today." Blossomstar told her before turning and heading towards the entrance of her den. Blossomstar knew that Lilyspots would listen to her so she did not feel the need to turn around and make sure.

Thankfully, hunting patrols had went well today so there was plenty to eat. Blossomstar had already had a shrew and mouse herself, her stomach almost satisfied as she made the careful climb to her den. Her den being the closest to the sky in camp, nearly touching the stars.

The leader's den sat on top of the high rock in a small cave, the entrance having some vines hanging down over it. Said vines had receded during the cold season and were now starting their slow rejuvenation. The shade they provided in the heat of the summer was always welcome. The thorns from the ivy, not so much.

After making the climb up to her den she sat right outside of it patiently waiting for Lilyspots to arrive. She wrapped her tail over her paws and looked up at the sky. Silverpelt, what they called the stars that represented their ancestors was now starting to appear in the sky, the sun having completely set at this point.

A cold breeze ruffled her fur as she stared at the moonlit sky, a few leafs laying on the ground also were being disturbed by the wind at that time. The leaves closest to the leader became a trail that lead high into the sky, going StarClan knows where. All of these leaves were red and brown and even gold. They stood as a remainder of what had been during Leaf-fall.

The clouds from earlier had left the sky, a good sign to Blossomstar. The last thing HunterClan needed was freezing rain on an already chilling night. Even so, the grass was still frosting over in HunterClan territory, making crunching sounds when stepped on.

Hearing the sound of rocks scrabbling, she turned her head downward to the left to see Lilyspots making her way up, her silver white pelt shining like starlight in the night from the moon. The leader was pleased to see that the medicine cat was carrying a sparrow in her jaws as the cat made her way over to her.

Lilyspots sat down next to her leader, their shoulder fur barely brushing. It was times like these that Blossomstar was glad to have a slightly thicker pelt, Lilyspots's short fur did not do much to protect her from the harsh cold. The medicine cat was just opening her mouth to start talking but Blossomstar quickly raised her tail to silence her.

"You need to eat some first." She told her gently but all the while stern.

It would not help HunterClan in any way if their medicine cat starved to death. Lilyspots gave a small eye roll and nod before taking a few ravenous bites out of her sparrow. Once she had eaten a considerable amount Blossomstar let their discussion begin.

"So what did you need to talk to me about?" Blossomstar asked. "No cat is hurt, are they?" She was quick to inquire.

Lilyspots hastily shook her head. Blossomstar let out a sigh of relief, they had already lost Rufflestripe and Mallowwhisker a few moons ago in a rogue skirmish and Bearfur, one of their senior warriors had been badly injured so she was glad to hear those rogues had not come back again.

"No, I had a vision last night." Lilyspots mewed.

Blossomstar's ears perked up at that. The last vision Lilyspots had was before her mentor Featherflight had retired to the elders den. That had been moons ago so she was curious as to what this new vision would be about.

"Do you know what it was about?" She questioned.

Medicine cat visions did not always have clear explanations and were often quite vague. Hopefully this vision was good news. And hopefully we can make sense of it this time. The last vision, of a spark of fire saving their clan had been confusing to say the least. Whatever the 'spark' was, they still hadn't found it.

Lilyspots sighed. "I can't say for sure. Most of it was just quick flashes and words being thrown at me." The she-cat admitted. Blossomstar gave a small nod to that.

"Could you pick out anything discernible?" The tabby she-cat had to know. Lilyspots let out a small humming sound.

"I saw two cats talking and at first I could not recognize them, but then I did. I think Frostfang was one of the other cats." The medicine cat mewed urgently.

Blossomstar leaped to her paws, her claws unsheathing into the ground. Frostfang is alive?????? But I thought he was dead....maybe it's just Lilyspots imagination. The leader asked Lilyspots her question.

To the leader's dismay Lilyspots said that she was almost certain that it was Frostfang she saw, and that whomever he had been with, they were up to no good. The leader angrily lashed her tail. Frostfang had betrayed her and if he was still around that could only mean trouble, not just for HunterClan but the rest of the clans too.

"I'll tell Foxtail to keep the patrols on high alert for suspicious activity, but I think I'll leave out Frostfang for now. Best not to worry them until we know more ....was there anything else?" Blossomstar asked tentatively, somewhat hoping to not hear anything else but knowing that she needed to know if there was. Lilyspots glanced upward at the stars, the light making her green eyes gain a silverish tinge.

"I was told a prophecy." The medicine cat told her, with her tail slightly quivering.

Clearly whatever the medicine cat heard must have bothered her. Blossomstar placed a paw comfortingly around her friend's shoulder.

"What did StarClan tell you?" Blossomstar mewed.

The ancient cats that are their ancestors worked in mysterious ways, giving prophecies happened to be one of the most beneficial and the most annoying. Half the time no cat could discern what they meant till it was either too late or it had already come true. Lilyspots spots inhaled a deep breath and then let out a slightly shaky exhale.

"They told me Beware the cold darkness, only an arrow can pierce its heart." The she-cat told her. Blossomstar took a moment to think over the prophecy, the words not making much sense.

"Was that all they told you?" It was best for the leader to make sure. Lilyspots affirmed this, her tail drooping.

"I think they might have more to tell me but that's all they gave me for now." She admitted. Blossomstar dipped her head and gave her friend's ears some comforting licks.

"That's alright." She mewed. "We can work that bit out for now and try to learn more later."

Lilyspots agreed with this and after a few more moments the two went to their nests to retire for the night. Blossomstar, despite being restless from her medicine cat's news soon fell into a dreamless sleep, her lack of energy gave her the rare ability to fall asleep as soon as her muzzle hit the soft moss beneath her paws.

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