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   Chapter 0 Allegiances

City of the Wild (A warriors cats and Shadowhunters Crossover) By Grace Estellar Characters: 9914

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HunterClan (Shadowhunters) (no surprise these guys will be like ThunderClan)

Leader: Blossomstar (light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes) apprentice: Arrowpaw

Deputy: Foxtail (dark ginger tom with a fluffy tail with a white tip and white paws)

Medicine Cat: Lilyspots (silver she-cat with white splotches and green eyes)

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Scratchnose (black tom with scar on his nose and brown eyes)

Bearfur (golden brown tom with amber eyes)

Swallowsong (white she-cat with blue eyes) (Imogen)

Vultureclaw (dark brown tabby tom with long claws) (Malachi) apprentice: Dawnpaw

Badgerstripe (black tom with a white stripe along his back and brown eyes) (Robert L.)

Dustcloud (fluffy brown tom with yellow eyes) (M. Wayland) apprentice: Goldenpaw

Starkpelt (pale ginger tom with amber eyes) (Hodge)

Silvermoon (gray tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes) (Maryse L.)

Petalfall (ginger she-cat with green eyes)

Junipernose (brown tabby tom) (Andrew B.)

Ripplefur (cream colored tabby tom) (Arthur B.)

Honeybee (golden she-cat with white paws)

Comfreyleaf (yellow tabby she-cat with brown eyes and white paws)

Specklefoot (white tom with ginger spots on his paws)

Palenose (pale gold she-cat with brown eyes) apprentice: Brackenpaw

Littlebird (white she-cat with green eyes) apprentice:Nightpaw

Ashwhisker (gray tom with blue eyes)

Frondleap (golden-brown tabby tom with white paws)

Queens (she-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Dapplefur (tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes) (Jia) (Violetkit-tortoiseshell she-cat with violet eyes (Aline), Stripekit- small gray tabby she-cat with a white belly, Mousekit-light brown she-cat with green eyes, Smokekit-small dark gray tom with amber eyes)

Apprentices (cats in training to become warriors or a medicine cat):

Brackenpaw (golden-brown tom with brown eyes) (Underhill)

Dawnpaw (pale yellow she-cat) (Lydia)

Arrowpaw (black tom with white dash on his chest and blue eyes) (Alec)

Goldenpaw (gold tabby tom with golden eyes) (Jace)

Nightpaw (black she-cat with brown eyes) (Isabelle)

Elders (retired warriors and medicine cats):

Mistwing (gray she-cat with green eyes) (Amatis)

Puddlestep (ginger tom with dark brown paws)

Featherflight (gray tabby tom with a white tail tip)

Barkstep (dark brown tabby tom)

MagicClan (warlocks) (these guys will be like RiverClan)

Leader: Wishstar (gray tom with a white belly and white paws)

Deputy: Patchfur (black tom with ginger splotches and yellow eyes) (Magnus)

Medicine cat: Berrypool (tortishell she-cat with brown eyes) (Catarina)


Prickleclaw (yellow tabby tom with green eyes) (Ragnor)

Stoneleap (gray tabby tom with long legs)

Minnowfall (white she-cat with blue eyes)

Sandyfur (gold she-cat with white paws) apprentice: Stempaw

Twistbelly (black tom with green eyes and a white belly)

Weaselfur (brown tom with a cream colored belly and brown eyes) (Lorenzo)

Moletail (small ginger tom with a thin tail)

Ambereyes (light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Spikefur (fluffy yellow tom with green eyes)

Heavyfoot (dark brown tabby tom with black paws) apprentice: Fernpaw

Breezefur (fluffy gray she-cat with brown eyes)

Watertail (silver she-cat with light blue eyes and a bushy tail) apprentice:Thrushpaw

Fuzzsplash (white tom with long legs and amber eyes)

Fishpelt (gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes)


Springfern (pale ginger she-cat with green eyes)(Willowkit-silver she-cat, Hollowkit-small brown tom with yellow eyes, Mosskit-black and white she-cat)

Frightpelt (black she-cat with a white muzzle)


Treetail (dark brown tom with a bushy tail)

Stiffwhisker (gray tabby tom with a white muzzle)

Daisysong (white she-cat with gray splotches)

FangClan (vampires) (these guys will be like ShadowClan)

Leader: Venomstar (dark brown she-cat with green eyes and dainty white paws)

Deputy: Thornpelt (gray tom with brown speckles on his back and with brown eyes)(Raphael)

Medicine cat: Shrewwhisker (scrawny black tom with yellow eyes)

Apprentice: Ravenpaw (small black tom with yellow eyes and a white tail tip)


Shardtail (Black tom with white speckled tail) apprentice: Woodpaw

Ragestripe (dark ginger tabby tom with brown eyes and a fluffy tail)

Echoflight (silver she-cat with green eyes)

Licebelly (gold tabby tom with white spots on his belly)

Poisonsong (tortoishell she-cat with violet eyes)

Lilypelt (white she-cat with green eyes) apprentice:Pinepaw

Marshfang (dark tabby tom)

Mudwhisker (dark tabby tom with amber eyes and a torn ear)

Icefoot (black tom with a white front paw and blue eyes)

Hornettail (yellow tabby tom with brown eyes) apprentice: Dartpaw

Sharpfang (large black tom with sharpened fangs)

Tricklestep (white she-cat with ginger ears and one ginger



Streaktail (gray she-cat with a white tail) (Bitekit-dark gray tom with brown eyes, Scratchkit-black tom with white paws, Leapkit-ginger she-cat, Yarrowkit-yellow furred she-cat)


Snarltooth (dark gray tabby tom whose missing a front fang)

Brittlewing (white tom with ice blue eyes)

Blindeyes (brown tabby tom who lost his vision in both eyes)

Cricketleap (gray tom with green eyes)

Hedgepelt (small brown she-cat)

Frogtongue (pale brown tom with yellow eyes)

FaerieClan (seelies) (these guys will be like SkyClan)

Leader: Vinestar ( dark ginger she-cat with wild green eyes) (seelie queen)

Deputy: Twigflight (gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white hind paws)

Medicine Cat: Doebelly (brown tom with white spots along his belly) apprentice: Seedpaw (golden-brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes)


(Regular Faeries or Court Faeries)

Scaldtail (gray tabby tom with a tail covered in white speckles)

Rosethorn (fluffy dark ginger she-cat) apprentice: Soundpaw

Duskstep (black tom with pale gray paws and green eyes) (Meliorn)

Hopfoot (white tom with ginger chest fur and blue eyes) (Fergus) apprentice: Echopaw

Whiteflower (white she-cat with stunning blue-gray eyes) (Nene)

Violetstem (silver she-cat with violet eyes)

Heateyes (dark gray tom with amber eyes)

Shynose (cream colored she-cat with a white belly)

Applewish (ginger she-cat with dark brown eyes)

(Wild Hunt Faeries)

Slitherclaw (pale gold tom with green and brown eyes)

Yarrowpelt (black tom with yellow and amber eyes)

Shadeleaf (slim black tom with a fluffy tail tip) apprentice: Harrypaw

Hornleaf (gold tabby tom with green and gold eyes) apprentice: Beckonpaw

Chaseleg (ginger tom with long legs and a short tail)

Bellowstep (dark ginger tom with green and blue eyes)


Flowerheart (silver she-cat with a white belly) (weedkit, springkit, twinekit)

Coldwind (white and gray she-cat with ice blue eyes) (rufflekit and heronkit)


Stumpfoot (dark gray tabby tom who is missing a front paw)

Melodycrash ( ginger she-cat with white specks around her muzzle)

Huntingfur (pale brown tom with faded gold and blue eyes)

Gnarlpelt (brown tabby tom with amber eyes)

Fadedpelt (white tom with gray eyes)

Bouldernose (black tom with mismatched gray and amber eyes)

WolfClan (these guys are the werewolves, they'll be like WindClan)

Leader: Rookstar (old brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a long scar down his flank) apprentice: Spikepaw

Deputy: Grayfur (gray tabby tom with brown eyes and a faded scar on his shoulder; formerly of HunterClan) (Luke) apprentice: Silverpaw (Maia)

Medicine Cat: Bellflower (small white she-cat with one dark gray front paw) apprentice: Tendrilpaw (ginger she-cat with a white tail tip)


Mousefoot (short gray tom with green eyes)

Ripplesplash (light brown tom with blue eyes)

Frecklepelt (speckled yellow she-cat with violet eyes)

Thrushsong (cream colored she-cat) apprentice: Bushpaw

Clearbreeze (white tom with blue eyes) apprentice: Leafpaw

Howlclaw (big black tom with many scars from fighting)

Logbelly (light brown tabby tom with a dark brown belly)

Flightwing (yellow tom with dark brown paws)

Deerspeckle (light brown she-cat with white spots)

Strikeclaw (dark brown tom with amber eyes) (Jordan)

Crashtail (dark gray tabby tom) (Bat)

Poppyleaf (tortoishell she-cat with blue eyes)

Leechheart (Golden she-cat with green eyes, missing part of an ear)


Claypelt (ginger she-cat with brown eyes) (Puddlekit, Gorgekit, Scarcekit, Micahkit, Creamkit)

Mooncloud (black she-cat with green eyes)

Cherrynose (white she-cat with a dark pink nose) (Blinkkit-white tom, and Shudderkit-white tom with black splotches)


Missingtooth (black tom, missing a tooth and with a long scar across one eye)

Conestripe (gray tabby she cat with a white belly and blue eyes)

Cats Outside the Clans: (live alone in the wild or in the Twoleg place)

Frostfang (white tom with gray ear tips and tail tip with dark amber eyes; formerly of HunterClan) (Valentine)

Jess (dark ginger she-cat with green eyes; lives with Twolegs; formerly Russetleaf of HunterClan ) (Jocelyn)

Clary (small flame colored ginger she-cat with green eyes; lives with Twolegs)

Simon (a kittypet who is a dark brown tabby tom with brown eyes)

Flick (gray she-cat with green eyes and a white tail tip; loner)

Archer (yellow tabby with blue eyes; loner)

Dot (tortoishell She-cat with amber eyes; kittypet)

Spot (fat brown and white tom; kittypet)

Shade (black tom with yellow eyes; rogue)

Ragged (yellow tom with scars on his sides; rogue)

Flint (black tom with amber eyes; rogue)

Boots (small ginger tom with white paws; kittypet)

Flower (fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes; lives with Twolegs)

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