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   Chapter 1449 A High Price

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From within the mansion of the leader of the Tussle Region, its leader, Hood Li, personally came out to welcome his guests.

"Connor, please come in," he said warmly.

Secretly, Hood Li was a bit surprised to see his old friend looking healthy. He had heard some rumors before, rumors saying that Connor was seriously ill and on the verge of death.

But of course, he wasn't going to ask about those things. No matter what Connor came here for, Hood Li planned on welcoming him with a smile.

"Hood, I'm sorry for coming here without prior notice. Can you forgive me?" Connor smiled playfully and cupped his hands in greeting.

"Not a problem. I'm so happy to see you, Connor!

Oh, where are my manners? Welcome, Darren!"

Hood Li greeted Darren warmly as well as soon as he recognized him by Connor's side.

Hood Li already knew who Darren was. After all, Darren had saved his life back in the Archean relic. And from the way he addressed him, it was as though he treated Darren as a member of the same generation.

It was somewhat of a big deal, as this was the first time that a cultivator at the Celestial God Realm had been viewed as a peer by the leaders of the various regions in the Primitive Wilderness.

But this was not unwarranted. After all, Darren had great potential. If everything went well, he would definitely surpass these leaders of regions in the future. Moreover, back then, it seemed that neither Lord Starry Sword nor Lord Feng had treated Darren as their junior, so of course the region leaders dared not view themselves as superior to Darren.

"I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Li." Darren cupped his hands and bowed respectfully.

"Please come in. I'll have the kitchen to prepare a banquet right away. Tonight, we shall feast!" Hood Li gesticulated grandly.

"Please, don't bother," Darren said quickly.

"What's wrong? Have I offended you, Darren?"

"No, no, no. It's just that I have come here to ask someone for help. I can't stay too long. Please excuse my rudeness," Darren explained.

"Oh? What's troubling you? Would you mind telling me? I will do everything in my power to help, if I can." Hood Li felt indebted to Darren. If there was any way he could settle the score, he was much obliged.

"By any chance, are you in contact with the Blood Abyss Sect?" Connor, who had been standing to the side, suddenly stepped in before Darren could answer.

He knew that the Blood Abyss Sect had a better relationship with the Tussle Region than with any other region.

"The Blood Abyss Sect?" Hood Li frowned slightly. "Of course we are in contact. Their sect leader is my senior fellow disciple. Although we don't talk that often, our friendship hasn't faded away."

"Perfect!" Conn

However, what he was saying was actually truthful. Both Connor and Hood Li were at the top level of the Superior God Realm, but even they would be in trouble if they went to the Chaotic Region. After all, those powerful men from other forces there were not easy to deal with.

These powerful men that were occupying the Chaotic Region included not only strong Defiant Masters, but also old monsters who had cultivated for countless years. Some of them might have cultivated for an even longer time than Alfredo.

Only the invincible masters at the Superior God Realm, such as Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng, were qualified to contend with such guys.

As for whether there was any deputy god at top level among those powerful men, it was unknown.

Connor's face fell after he heard what Kermit Long said.

"Guard Kermit, kindly get straight to the point," he said authoritatively. "Tell me the price we need to pay for hiring two killers at the top level of the Superior God Realm. I might not be strong enough, but I still have some deposits. Please state your price."

Connor's message was clear: he was willing to pay, no matter how hefty the price was.

"I'm impressed by your straightforwardness, Connor. I won't beat around the bush any longer. If you want to hire our sect's member at the top level of the Superior God Realm, you need to pay two martial arts cultivation methods of the Deputy God Realm level, and twelve level-eleven divine patterns." Kermit paused to clear his throat. "But I have to put forward the conditions in advance. The one who is responsible for the task will try his best to fulfill the task given him, but in case his life is in danger, he has the right to run away regardless of anything else. Do you accept these terms?"

Darren's expression darkened. The price was too high.

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