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   Chapter 1448 Aunt Yolanda Was In Danger

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Such a large group of bloodsuckers stealthily snuck into the human race. It seemed that the powerful man who had invited the bloodsucker race must have paid a high price.

If the new master of the Chaotic Region was Darren, the Rule Soul Avatar's real body, then Darren was in grave danger.

Upon getting this important information, the Rule Soul Avatar thought that he had to race to the Chaotic Region as fast as he could. He had to make it there before the bloodsucker race did, so as to inform Darren and they could prepare to deal with them.

However, what the Rule Soul Avatar didn't know was the so-called new master of the Chaotic Region was not Darren, but Yolanda.

Back then, Yolanda had gone to the Chu Clan's original land. After destroying some of the smaller forces, she attracted the attention of the more powerful forces, who immediately sent their best warriors to deal with her.

Yolanda had no choice but to retreat to the Five Dangerous Areas and set up a defensive position there. While she did so, those powerful people learned about Yolanda's identity and grew restless.

In their restlessness, they launched attacks on the Five Dangerous Areas multiple times, but it was all in vain. Only then did some powerful people came up with the evil idea of inviting other races here to deal with Yolanda.

Despite the Rule Soul Avatar's wrong assumption, ultimately, it was good for Darren that he had intercepted the news this time. After all, it was Darren who was going to fight in the Chaotic Region in the end.

After detecting the enemies inside, the Rule Soul Avatar removed the law and let the flying ship continue its journey.

The bloodsuckers on the ship only felt that the flying ship paused for a moment. Once they checked, they didn't find anything unusual about the ship, so they pressed onward.

For a second, the Rule Soul Avatar considered attacking these bloodsuckers right then and there.

After all, they were within the territory of the human race now. If he could drive out these bloodsuckers, the powerful warriors of the human race nearby would definitely show up and attack them together.

He knew it wouldn't be difficult for him, along with the powerful human warriors, to kill off this group of bloodsuckers.

However, the Rule Soul Avatar had a nagging feeling that there was a stronger existence behind this group of bloodsuckers. If he intercepted and killed them rashly, the enemy behind the curtain would instantly be alerted. Thus, he figured it would be better to follow them secretly to find out what they were hiding.

After strategizing, the Rule Soul Avatar swooped down.


lood Abyss Sect, a killer organization. Only they can enter the Chaotic Region. But you have to pay a hefty price to hire their powerful assassins."

"The Blood Abyss Sect!"

Darren gasped. It was all coming back to him, how he had killed a disciple of the Blood Abyss Sect when he was in the Tussle Region back then.

Besides, Akbar had once been a member of the Blood Abyss Sect, and he had a high position in the organization.

Darren smirked confidently. All he needed to do now was to find Akbar.

Akbar had been staying in the Archean relic to cultivate after he sustained serious injuries. To put it bluntly, that guy was afraid that he would be killed by his enemy once he got out.

If he stayed in the relic sealed by Finley, it would be difficult for outsiders to find the entrance to the relic. Even if they found it, they might not be able to enter. Back then, it was only in this way could Akbar be safe.

But now, Darren needed Akbar to bring him into contact with the Blood Abyss Sect, so as to hire their powerful killers.

Time was of the essence. If they acted too slowly, Yolanda might not be able to hold on.

"Mr. Zhuang, I have to go to the Tussle Region. Is there any way to get me there in the shortest time?" Darren asked abruptly.

"That's easy. There is a special transmission array between the leaders of every two regions, which can teleport people to each other's mansion in an instant. Come with me. I'll ask Connor to teleport you there."

Darren had saved the life of Connor, so it was only natural that he was willing to do Darren such a small favor.

Once they met with Connor, the region leader hurried to make preparations and insisted on escorting Darren in person to prevent Darren from encountering any obstacles.

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