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   Chapter 1446 The Slaughter In The Source Of Laws

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What a pair of eyes they were!

That pair of eyes had the power to make anything in the world kneel and tremble before them.

"Your Majesty!"


Orlando and Leland exclaimed at the same time at the sight of the pair of eyes.

To their surprise, that pair of eyes did not do anything to the Rule Soul Avatar. Instead, they shot out a ray of golden light towards the Source of Laws.

The golden light rushed forward, almost hungrily. When it was halfway through, however, nine icy auras shook the entire empire.

The nine auras seemed to come from trillions of layers of space away. As soon as they appeared, Naters' golden eyes in the void exploded, and his painful roars echoed throughout the entire empire.

Storm clouds rose from the ground. The Rule Soul Avatar stood amidst the storms, his white robe fluttering and his long hair dancing. He was peerless in the world.


He raised his head and looked straight at the end of the void with his piercing, silvery eyes.

"He's crazy! Absolutely crazy!"

Orlando whimpered as he lay prostrate on the ground, trembling. A trace of his consciousness stayed trained on the body of the Rule Soul Avatar. Suddenly, he sensed what the Rule Soul Avatar was up to, which made Orlando go stiff.

It finally dawned on him. He knew where those nine auras came from. They were the auras of the chief gods!

However, this tiny human, like a humble ant in their sight, dared raise his head and look straight at them.

This was too horrible!

The moment the Rule Soul Avatar raised his head, the nine auras were still billions of kilometers away. Even then, his eyes filled with blood, which then gushed out and streamed down his cheeks.

"I'm not afraid of you guys. I'll kill you one day!"

the Rule Soul Avatar roared wildly into the void, actually challenging the chief gods. He seemed to have lost his senses, becoming the coldest and most ruthless creature in the world.


Just then, a pained shriek suddenly came from the front of the Rule Soul Avatar.

Orlando had covered his chest with his hands, and the fragments of his heart fell onto the ground.

Just now, as the Rule Soul Avatar was fighting against the chief gods with his words, Orlando was so scared that his heart actually exploded.

On the other hand, Leland's unconscious face was deathly pale.

The nine enormous auras did not rush towards the Rule Soul Avatar, but instead landed in the Source of Laws.




Resentful roars rang out from the Source of Laws.

"The damn human! Damn it!"

"I have been cautious tens of millions of year

eror Naters' eyes exploded. The stronger a creature was, the more he would be damaged by the pressure of the chief gods.

Therefore, it made sense that Orlando's heart exploded.

"Merle, merge with him immediately."

The Rule Soul Avatar sent a message to Merle's soul through his spiritual sense.

When Merle heard the message, his soul instinctively floated towards the corpse.

The process went smoothly. Orlando's dead body moved and regained life, but his aura was completely different from before, because he was now Merle.


At the moment, a black shadow of a skeleton flew out from the chest of Merle.

"The emperor's mark!"

Leland exclaimed in shock.

He was too familiar with this mark. It was his father's mark after all—a symbol of the emperor.

Only a fiend who possessed the emperor's mark could dominate an empire.

"Humph, I've finally grown strong..." Merle opened his eyes excitedly.

His current fighting power was no longer inferior to that of the Rule Soul Avatar. Even among the crazy fiends, he would have a foothold.

"Leland, from now on, you can follow me. I'm going to fight in the Kasen Empire and become the new emperor!" After Merle merged with Orlando, he learned what great benefits he would enjoy if he became an emperor. Naturally, he wanted this for himself.

After hesitating for a while, Leland shifted his gaze to the Rule Soul Avatar.

"It'd be best if you cooperated with Merle," the Rule Soul Avatar said lightly.

"Okay, I believe you." Leland nodded. "I hope you can let me enter the Source of Laws once again before you leave."

"No way." The Rule Soul Avatar smiled coldly. It was hard for even him to imagine what a mess the Source of Laws was in at that very moment.

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