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   Chapter 1445 The Emperor Power

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The Rule Soul Avatar's silvery eyes flashed. He had already figured out that Orlando must have some hidden means, so he had come up with a way to deal with him in the first place.

He flipped his palm, and a ray of black light rushed to Leland. It was the Healing Law.

Since a fiend's body was different from a human's, the Rule Soul Avatar could not use the Resurrection Force to treat Leland. Only the Healing Law applied to the fiend race.

Although the Healing Law was not as effective as the Resurrection Force, it was better than nothing. After all, it could still help Leland recover at least ten to twenty percent of his fighting power.

"Humph! I knew that you would help my brother. Now, you can die together!"

Orlando suddenly roared. Then a God Character that looked like a dark pyramid spiraled out of his head.

The Rule Soul Avatar knew that it was only normal for a fiend who had greater strength to have such a God Character in the head.

However, Orlando's God Character was different. It had been remolded by the emperor of the Naters Empire, and there was dark emperor power in it.

As soon as the God Character appeared, wisps of dark emperor power poured into Orlando's nose.

His face became distorted. Sometimes he laughed, and sometimes he cried. No one could tell if he was in pain or he was tickling.

In just a couple of seconds, he had completely changed. He exuded an aura similar to an fiend emperor. It was domineering enough to make all living creatures surrender.

Fear surged up from the bottom of Leland's heart, who was standing not far away. All of a sudden, he felt the impulse to kneel down and worship Orlando. He tried to resist, but it seemed like he couldn't control his own self.

On the other hand, the Rule Soul Avatar simply turned a blind eye to Orlando's emperor power. In his analysis, this power was also a kind of law. And with the conformance between the Rule Soul Avatar and the laws, there weren't many of them that could shock him.

"Take the initiative to attack him. I will help you." The Rule Soul Avatar sent a message to Leland through his spiritual sense.

Leland raised his head, and purple light shone in his eyes. A majestic fiendish aura hovered around his body. He did his best to suppress his fear and attacked Orlando.

His action was enough to prove that he trusted the Rule Soul Avatar so much.

As Leland rushed over, his momentum broke through the air. However, when he approached Orlando, a great force suddenly blocked him. It wa

f a sudden, thunder and lightning shot through the sky. The emperor power and the Order Law were in a stalemate.

The Rule Soul Avatar frowned deeply upon seeing it.

Something must be wrong with his calculation. He had underestimated the strength of the emperor power. The fused bloodline of Leland and the Order Law was still not enough to break Orlando's defense.

Besides, six seconds were too short. Despite Leland and the Rule Soul Avatar's perfect cooperation, they failed to kill Orlando.

Everything was a failure.

Leland could only sigh in his heart. The Time Standstill had already expired, and Orlando's frozen body came back to life now.

Since they were not able to kill him even with such perfect cooperation, they didn't have any other chance.


Orlando moved and roared. It was as if a beast that had been sleeping for countless years had woken up.

The flames from his body spread out and burned the space and earth.

When he lowered his head and looked at his broken body, his heartbeat went abnormally fast. He didn't know what had happened, but he was strangely angry.

"Damn it! You will go to hell!"

Orlando roared angrily and slapped Leland, who was in front of him.

The Rule Soul Avatar just stood calmly in the distance. Then two rays of silvery light shot out from his eyes.


he roared. His cold and ruthless scream pierced into the depths of the void. Then a crack suddenly appeared, and billions of laws surged out.

"It's the Source of Laws!"

Orlando exclaimed. He paused and stared at the sky in a daze.

At this moment, a pair of cold golden eyes condensed above the mining area in the Naters Empire.

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