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   Chapter 1443 The Flame Fiend

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Leland overheard the Rule Soul Avatar and Merle's conversation, but he still didn't know who they were talking about.

After making sure that Merle had placed Jenifer in a safe place, the Rule Soul Avatar lowered his head and looked through the ground to gather his power in the deep mine.

"Come out!" he commanded.

His voice was like thunder that roared through the depths of the earth.


With a loud sound, deep gullies suddenly appeared on the ground with hot magma flowing.

Then firelights came out of the cracks and pierced through the sky.

"I wanted to let you get out of there, but it's a pity that you seem to be courting death."

They heard a demonic voice under the ground. It was so ear-piercing, as it resonated across the mine.

Leland shivered upon hearing it.

The voice and the aura were so familiar to him.

To find out the source of the voice, he started to penetrate his fiendish sense into the ground.

"My dear brother, don't bother. It's me."

A flame figure flew out of the crack.

"Flame Fiend, it's you!" Leland exclaimed.

His face was filled with shock upon seeing the figure. He even felt a little painful.

The Flame Fiend flew over and stood in front of Leland.

"Aren't you even going to call me by my real name?"

The Flame Fiend was Orlando, Leland's elder brother. He was the ninth prince of the overthrown empire.

"You betrayed our father!" rebuked Leland.

"Ha-ha! What are you talking about? We are in a world where strength decides for everything. Of course, I should choose to follow a stronger emperor. I don't think that's betrayal," Orlando countered loudly.

"You are stupid! You betrayed our family and the whole empire. Because of your betrayal, our father died together with the tens of thousands of strong fiends of our empire. Do you still think that you didn't do anything wrong?" Leland gave Orlando a disdainful look. Back then, their father was invited to attend the meeting of the eight emperors. But on their father's way to the venue, he was attacked and killed by four emperors. They later found out that someone had leaked their father's whereabouts to those emperors. What happened led to the destruction of their empire.

If no one betrayed their father, he would never be besieged and killed.

Leland had already suspected that it was Orlando. But he didn't get the chance to confirm his conjecture because Orlando had disappeared. He t

ill uncertain.

Since the battle would last for a few days, the Rule Soul Avatar decided to fly into the ruins below to check on Jenifer first.

Jenifer was safe because a seal was protecting the thirty square feet area where she was. It was not affected by the fiend power.

When the Rule Soul Avatar landed, he immediately held Jenifer in his arms.

"Xavier, you have already saved your woman. Why don't you take this opportunity to leave?" said Merle. He was disappointed that the Rule Soul Avatar still stayed in the mine even after finding Jenifer. He thought that if they went out and the Rule Soul Avatar killed some fiends, he would merge with the dead fiends and improve his strength. If his strength gradually improved, it wouldn't be long before he reached a level that was only a little weaker than the Rule Soul Avatar.

Currently, Merle was at the low-level of the Celestial God Realm. He could only merge with the dead fiends whose strength was equivalent to the warriors at the upper-level of the Celestial God Realm at the most. This restriction actually made him really angry. If only he could merge with a dead guard in the mining area.

"Why don't you just stay here? Who knows? You may even become an emperor here. But if you leave, you might lose everything. Which do you think is better?" the Rule Soul Avatar said coldly.

"What do you mean?" Merle asked with a frown.

The Rule Soul Avatar didn't explain any further. He just said, "Once I leave this mining area, I will return to the human race. You have to survive here on your own."

"That's bullshit!" Merle got furious in an instant.

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