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   Chapter 1442 Time Backflow

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This fiend captain's combat power was extraordinary. It was comparable to that of a human warrior at the middle-level of the Superior God Realm.

"You old dog! Not only will I tear you to pieces today, but I will also make sure your emperor meets the same gruesome fate one day!"

Leland exclaimed ferociously. Because of that emperor, his father had lost his throne, and he wanted revenge.

He had felt hopeless in the past, until he became acquainted with a peerless human. This gave him the strength and confidence he needed.

"How dare you, a rebel, speak to me this way? Go to hell!" The fiend captain waved his wand, and the violent laws hidden in the darkness turned into enormous fiend power and rushed into his body. At this moment, he reached his peak state. He turned into a ray of black light and rushed toward Leland.

"Leave him to me,"

the Rule Soul Avatar said. His voice was cold, and his expression was neutral.

"I should help you! And all the members of their empire are my sworn enemies!" Leland didn't think that the Rule Soul Avatar would be a match for the fiend captain.

"You have to save your strength to deal with the other one," the Rule Soul Avatar replied coldly.

"The other one?" Leland was surprised. This old guy had been guarding the mining area all the while. There were no other powerful entities in sight.

"That's why I asked you to improve your strength." With those words, the Rule Soul Avatar rushed into action.

The law force began to riot frantically.

"Humph, human, your law force is indeed powerful. However, it seems that you've forgotten just who you're up against!"

The old fiend was a senior rule cultivator of the fiend race. He could turn law forces into fiend power, so he was both a rule cultivator and a martial artist of the fiend race.

The fiend power of the old fiend soared, and his claws stabbed at the Rule Soul Avatar.

Although the Rule Soul Avatar had strong combat power, he was only at the upper-level of the Celestial God Realm. His body defense was relatively weak. He needed to avoid getting hit by the old fiend, or his soul would be destroyed along with his body.

In an instant, the Rule Soul Avatar activated at least a hundred Defense Laws, thousands of Trap Laws, and various Illusion Laws to avoid the attacks of the old fiend.

The old fiend attacked again and again, but he couldn't reach the Rule Soul Avatar even once.

As a rule cultivator, he knew how pow

ail one who was still under the ground, working.

The Rule Soul Avatar stretched out his hands and made a gesture of tearing the space. The space opened up, and he put his hands into the crack. He then picked up the frail fiend and brought the fiend in front of him.

The thin and weak fiend looked numb. However, tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes.

"I'm sorry I was late."

The Rule Soul Avatar stared at the thin and weak fiend in front of him. His cold aura receded, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

The thin and weak fiend raised her head and looked at the creature in front of her with strange eyes.

Time seemed to stop, and the fiend felt like she could stare at him forever.

She wanted to cry, but she had already forgotten how to sob. Tears streamed down her face while she stared at him.

The Rule Soul Avatar released his spiritual sense, dispersing her outer appearance as a fiend. Her outer appearance was shed, revealing her beautiful face. She gave him a sad smile. Suddenly, she swooned and fell into a deep sleep. The Rule Soul Avatar cradled her in his arms.

"You have achieved your wish. Finally, you've found your woman." Only then did Merle dare to show up.

"Take her and hide her properly. He's coming,"

the Rule Soul Avatar said. He gently lifted up the unconscious Jenifer and gave her to Merle.

"You've become so powerful. Why does she still need to hide?" Merle said, rolling his eyes at the Rule Soul Avatar.

"If you fail to protect her, I will kill you even in the presence of Darren, our real body."

The Rule Soul Avatar glared at Merle, his silver eyes glinting.

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