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   Chapter 1441 The Terrifying Fighting Power

Lord Of Martial Arts By Flyhigh Characters: 8614

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:15

The powerful aura that suddenly burst out made Merle's soul tremble in fear.

The mine pit collapsed with a massive grumble, sending a cloud of dust erupting into the sky when it fell.

The mining area which had been closed for more than one hundred years exploded as well. The purple fiendish aura then gathered in midair, forming a slender figure that hovered above.


The three guards from the fiend race in the mining area rushed over immediately upon sensing the abnormality.

"Prince Leland has escaped!"

The guards were as large as small mountains, towering over everyone else with majestic fiendish aura that could make the earth shake beneath them.

"Ha-ha. Freedom! I'm finally out!" Merle finally came to his senses, pushing through his fear, and rushed out of the ruins too.

"Kill him!"

All three powerful fiends whipped

undred years," said the old fiend.

He was the captain in this area.

"I am your opponent, old man."

Before the Rule Soul Avatar could speak, Leland had darted over in a flash. He stood before the captain of the fiend race, sneering.

"Distinguished Prince Leland, it's been more than one hundred years since we last saw each other. Your strength seems to have increased a lot," he said with an impressed look across his face. Somehow, it did not seem genuine.

He then put a hand to his chest and politely bowed to Leland, but there was no respect in his eyes and mockery radiated off him.

"I've become powerful enough to kill you," Leland said, his face darkening as his anger rose.

"I'd like to see what you're capable of!" The captain raised his staff, and darkness spread from all directions, dimming the light on the unfolding battle.

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