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   Chapter 1440 The Source Of Laws

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As the mine pit shook more and more violently, Leland's face turned paler and paler.

Merle narrowed his eyes and looked around, but he didn't feel as anxious, perhaps because he didn't use his brain as much as Leland did.

"Is it going to collapse? That'd be great! I'd finally be able to get out!" On the contrary, Merle was very excited. He had felt trapped and had wanted to leave this damned place a long time ago.

He longed for strength, but he never cultivated by himself, because he felt that the process was too slow.

"No! Something is wrong!"

Leland screeched anxiously.

He could feel that the force that was causing the quakes spread from the inside to the outside, rather than from the outside to the inside.

That was to say, this mine pit was not being attacked by any powerful fiend god from the outside.

If that was the case, where was the force coming from?

To Leland, the answer was obvious.

He lowered his head and looked at the Rule Soul Avatar, who was sitting on the ground, covered in a fine layer of dust.

Invisible law ripples spread out, striking the mine pit, yet he and Merle remained unaffected.

Leland frowned in confusion. He had never felt such a law before.

"How strange..."

Now that he knew there was no danger awaiting them outside, he heaved a sigh of relief. He then concentrated on observing the Rule Soul Avatar.

After a while, he felt as though something was swaying in front of him, which made him dizzy.

Then, a strong tearing force suddenly pulled him towards a black vortex.

The feeling could only be likened to that of a small boat being sucked into the vast sea, waves crashing all over it, as though he was about to be smashed into smithereens at any given moment.

Once more, fear seized Leland's heart.

Meanwhile, Merle seemed to not have encountered anything out of the ordinary. He was still curiously looking around, trying to figure out why the mine pit was shaking.

After what felt like a lifetime, Leland finally felt the uncomfortable pulling force die down.

He felt as though he had set foot on a soft grassland. Slowly, he opened his purple eyes, only to find that there was nothing around him.

Leland was surrounded by an empty space, completely devoid of light.


Streaks of thunder and lightning suddenly passed through the void.

Soon after, countless flames roared to life and danced in front of him. However, majestic waves came out of nowhere and extinguished the flames. In the distance, Leland saw bloody red clouds rolling and abysses suddenl

e chance of cultivation in the Source of Laws for two hours was even more precious than being directed by the Fiend Ancestor. Who in their right mind would turn away from that?

"It seems that you have foreseen everything, including my decision,"

Leland said with a slight nod as he took the silk thread. "I hereby swear that I will never have any killing intent towards this human in front of me, as well as his real body and the second avatar. If I break this oath, may I be smashed to pieces..."

Leland made the oath without any hesitation.

The Rule Soul Avatar didn't say anything more. His figure then faded away from Leland's sight.

Not wanting to waste any precious time, Leland immediately sat down cross-legged. He then activated his unique talent and began to obtain the laws that were most suitable for him in the Source of Laws.

Meanwhile, in the mine pit, the Rule Soul Avatar opened his silvery eyes and shook off the dust that had accumulated on his body.

"Oh my God! You're finally back!" Merle jumped up excitedly.

The Rule Soul Avatar didn't respond to him.

"Have you made any progress, Xavier? Are you confident you can deal with that fiend god?" Merle asked anxiously.


the Rule Soul Avatar said indifferently.

"Why are you so useless?" Merle threw his hands up exasperatedly. "You have been pretending to cultivate for so many years, yet you can't even deal with a fiend god! You make my blood boil! You are humiliating our real body and me, do you understand?" Merle couldn't hold his tongue any longer.

Before he could say anything more, a ray of purple light pierced the sky. Then, a powerful fiendish aura shook the mine pit, threatening its collapse.

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