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   Chapter 1439 Trapped In The Mine

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Carthy suggested that Joris absorbed Ryker's blood because the blood of a Bloodsucker Prince was like a magic elixir for anyone in their race.

Darren stretched out his hand and waved at Ryker. The blood from Ryker's body then formed a blood line, flowed towards Joris, and poured into his body.

As soon as Ryker's blood entered Joris' body, the itchy poison in his body and bones was immediately removed.

However, the itchy poison in his soul was still there.

Joris fell back to the ground feebly. He was still in great pain.

"Master, let me do it." Carthy volunteered.

He couldn't bear to see his father suffer so much, so he split his soul and infused Ryker's remaining blood into it.

Then the blood that had contained Carthy's soul poured into Joris' brain.

In this way, Ryker's blood finally penetrated into Joris' soul and began to remove the itchy poison from it.

Fifteen minutes later, the itchy poison completely disappeared, and Joris came back to life.


Joris knelt down in front of Darren respectfully. This time, he was now Darren's most loyal believer.

"Get up and help these two people recover fully." Darren had no time for other things. He badly wanted to see Elsa and Connor get well.

"Yes, master."

Joris knew very well what to do. For Elsa and Connor to completely transform back into humans, he had to tear away the roots of the bloody wings in their bodies. This was the key to their problem.

As long as the roots of the bloody wings were still in their bodies, the bloodline of the bloodsucker race would be kept, and their human nature would be suppressed. But as their human nature fought with the bloodsucker bloodline, their blood vitality and souls would dissipate, and they would become mummies.

Joris first transferred a stream of his blood vitality and condensed it into a claw. He then grabbed the back of Connor.

He pulled something like a rootstock of a big tree from Connor's body.

When the big root was exposed, its root hair kept swinging into the air. It seemed like it had a life.

Joris immediately tore it violently.


The root of the bloody wings exploded into blood mist.

"Master, transfer your god's power into his body," Joris said to Darren.

The root of the bloody wings was already removed, so the nature of the bloodsucker race had been completely erased from Connor's body. Now, a human's god's power was needed to repair him.


Before Darren could make a move, Lord Feng had already infused hi

le because he had been thinking about Jenifer in his mind.

It only happened that he was more coolheaded than Merle. He knew what he should do.

"Brat, I know that you have an extraordinary identity and background. Find a way to communicate with others outside and ask someone to help us," Merle said to Leland.

Leland looked at Merle as if he was looking at an idiot. "If I can find someone to help me, do you think I will be trapped in here with you? You're such an idiot!"

Merle's chest rose and fell in anger. Fortunately, he managed to control himself. After all, he couldn't afford to offend Leland.

Time went on and nothing had changed. Before they could even notice, another three years had already passed.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the mine pit where the three of them hid in trembled slightly.

Then the vibration became faster and faster. Stones and dust started to fall from the top of the mine pit.

"What is going on?"

Leland, who had been lying leisurely, stood up from the ground with a stern look on his face.

He was very surprised. The seal that he had put at the entrance of the mine pit had a powerful protective function. He had inherited it from his father. He wondered why the mine suddenly shook and was about to collapse. Who had the ability to attack his seal?

All of a sudden, Leland felt nervous. His father had once been a top fiend god and the emperor of an empire. The seal he left to Leland could not be shaken by anyone except a fiend god who had the same level as him.

The situation made Leland anxious.

If a top fiend god was really attacking them, his life would come to an end without even a sense of suspense.

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