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   Chapter 1438 Something Went Wrong

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After absorbing Joris' blood, Ryker recovered and returned to his best state.

He then began to transform Elsa immediately.

The transformation process was very painful, but it was completed smoothly.

Elsa and Connor were successfully transformed simultaneously.

"Great! Elsa and Connor are now saved. Darren, it's time to kill Ryker."

Ryker, who was lying and trembling on the ground, abruptly sat up.

"Human, what did you just say?"

"Stupid! Don't you still understand?" Gilmer sneered.

Ryker was lost in thought all of a sudden. After recalling everything that had happened, he finally understood. Since Elsa and Connor were not yet fully transformed, they used him to return them back into their human forms.

"You humans are despicable! You are brutal!" Ryker felt so desperate. After going through so much pain, he didn't expect that he would just die in the end.

"Stop shouting! No matter what you say, you will still die for sure."

"No! I don't want to die." Ryker was so frightened. He immediately knelt down and pleaded, "Dear Conflicting Chief God, I'm willing to be your believer. Just please spare my life."

But Darren ignored him. Lord Feng released a purple golden god's power, which turned into a long spear and pierced through his chest. Blood flowed out from his chest, and his soul dissipated. Eventually, he died.

Darren turned around and stared at Elsa nervously.

She was still in the cage. Her blood-red skin was now dry. The bat wings on her back suddenly turned into withered branches and became deathly gray.

Elsa screamed in pain, waving her hands randomly.

"Elsa, just hold on. You'll be fine soon," Darren comforted her.

On the other side, Connor had the same reaction. He was also in so much pain.

It lasted for about two hours. Darren was so anxious that he was drenched in sweat. Elsa still did not fully recover.

She suddenly looked very old as she lay motionless in the cage.

"What is happening?"

Seeing Elsa's current state, Darren immediately summoned Carthy and Joris.

"Carthy, what's going on with Elsa?" Darren asked through clenched teeth. He now looked ferocious.

Carthy knelt down and took a look. He then turned to Darren and said, "Master, I don't know either. She should have already regained her human form."

Fright and confusion were written all over Carthy's face.

"You're such an ignorant human ant. Do you really think that you can save them t

dsucker Prince had become his believer. A stream of black god's power surged out of the dark void in his mind and ran into his elixir field.

In an instant, the power of the black god's power increased immensely.

But Darren was not in the mood to explore the growth of his strength at this moment. All he cared about was Elsa's full recovery.

His problem now was how to remove the itchy poison from Joris' soul.

The itchy poison could be eliminated once his soul was dissipated. After that, his soul had to condense again. But if his soul vanished, none of them had the ability to condense it to save him.

Joris was equivalent to a human warrior at Deputy God Realm. Only rule cultivators who were at least deputy gods could heal his soul.

"Lord Starry Sword, do you know any rule cultivator who is a deputy god? If you do, can you invite him here to heal Joris?"

Much to Darren's dismay, Lord Starry Sword shook his head.

He only knew one rule cultivator, who was a deputy god. It was Morton, the old man who had wanted to kill Darren in the Archean relic.

But since Morton and Darren had a grudge between them, it was impossible for Morton to help Darren.

Fear surged up in Darren's heart when he saw that the bodies of Elsa and the leader of the Blood Cloud Region were getting more and more withered. He was afraid that they couldn't be healed if they didn't take action soon enough.

"Master, let my father absorb Ryker's blood. Maybe in this way, he will recover," Carthy said as he looked at Ryker's dead body.

Ryker's blood was still gushing out even though he had been dead for quite a while now.

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