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   Chapter 1437 Transformation

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Joris was in a state of turmoil. It was incredibly hard for him to accept that his son betrayed him.

"Carthy, my son, how could you do this to me?"

Carthy knelt before Joris, and his face contorted in aggrieved pain. "Father, I had no choice but to lie to you for the sake of my master. But please do not worry. My master has promised me that he will not kill you."

"Your master?" Joris' frown deepened.

"Yes, Father. I'm now a believer of the Conflicting Chief God. This is my master." Carthy gestured towards Darren.

Joris' heart skipped a beat. He instantly realized that his son had been subdued by a Defiant Master.

No wonder he had acted in this way! Once one became a believer of a Defiant Master, he had no choice but to be a loyal slave.

Joris felt somewhat relieved, knowing his son didn't really mean to betray him.

"Human, I didn't expect you to be a Defiant Master. I, Joris, accept defeat. But I must tell you—it's impossible for you to imprison me or make me surrender to you." Joris eyed Darren almost defiantly.

Carthy felt his heart sink. He knew his father very well. Joris would rather die than submit.

"If that is your choice, I'll fulfill your wish," Darren sneered. Turning to the other Bloodsucker Prince, he said, "You have a chance to survive. Do you want it?"

The other Bloodsucker Prince, Ryker, knew for sure he didn't want to die like this. When he heard Darren's proposal, he nodded vigorously.

"Please tell me how!"

"It's very simple. There are two humans here who need to be transformed into bloodsuckers. So as long as you fulfill this task, I'll let you live," Darren said.

Ryker couldn't believe his ears. Could it truly be so simple? Hesitantly, he silently wondered if this human was playing tricks on him.

"Humph! What do you take me for? Some kind of idiot?" he spat angrily. Ryker didn't believe a word of what Darren just offered.

"Sir, what my master says is true. As long as you have successfully transformed those two humans into bloodsuckers, you will be given your freedom."

Carthy stood up to defend his master.

Eyeing Ryker, with a hint of mockery in his tone, he said in a low voice, "But since you have refused the chance offered by my master, this chance belongs to my father now."

The fact was that even Joris felt tempted to take up this o

Gilmer and the others jumped up and down with excitement.

Connor was finally successfully transformed into a bloodsucker! Even Darren smiled. As long as Ryker was killed, Connor could possibly become a human again.

But it wasn't the time to kill him, not just yet. They needed to wait until Elsa had also been transformed.

"Bloodsucker Prince Ryker, please transform the other one," Darren calmly asked the writhing figure on the ground.

Ryker's body convulsed, and his blood vessels burst. He was in terrible shape.

"I need ten years to recover," Ryker said hoarsely.

"Ten years?" Darren frowned. "That's impossible. We can't wait that long. Transform her right now, or you can go to hell. Anyway, I still have Joris..."


Ryker forced himself to get on his feet. "Let me rest for three days, just three days. And if you can get me some fresh blood, I will recover sooner."

Wearing a cold expression, Darren didn't respond.

"Sir, I know you're a man of integrity. You won't change your mind halfway, right?" Ryker asked uneasily.

"Forget it. I'll still give you the chance. I'm going to get something for you. Prepare yourself for a while and then transform the other one."

After saying this, Darren disappeared into his small world.

A moment later, he returned with a large basin of fresh blood in his hand.

Ryker's eyes lit up greedily. The blood smelled like Joris'. Ryker was eager for the blood of a Bloodsucker Prince.

As soon as he opened his mouth and took a deep breath, the blood poured into his mouth.

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