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   Chapter 1436 The Fighting Power Of The Two Lords

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Gilmer had only realized that Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng had hidden their real strength very well, after they showed their fighting power just now.

He didn't know that these two were peerless geniuses that both had fighting power on a par with deputy gods at the top level.

They were horrible.

Gilmer couldn't help smiling bitterly. What he had witnessed today broadened his horizon.

First, it was Darren, a young man, who had cultivated in the Primitive Wilderness for less than a hundred years. He broke through to the Celestial God Realm and reached the middle-level of the Celestial God Realm within just two hours.

That was already shocking enough for Gilmer. But it wasn't only that. Darren also had half a scroll of the supreme sword skill and the fighting power that could threaten him. It meant that Darren already had the fighting power comparable to a warrior at the low-level of the Superior God Realm.

This made him a little confused. He didn't know that this kind of talent had ever appeared in the Primitive Wilderness. If there had been such a warrior, he should have seen or heard of it.

Then, an even more shocking scene transpired before his eyes.

The two legendary talents at the Superior God Realm displayed the fighting power of the deputy gods at the top level. 'What's is going on today? I've witnessed such astonishing moments that made my heart pound with shock,' Gilmer thought.

He was surprised and excited at the same time.

But he also felt that he seemed so insignificant compared to them.

Darren, who was standing aside, didn't know how excited and self-abased Gilmer was at the moment.

All his attention was focused on the ongoing fight. He even released his god's sense to the limit, so that he could see the scenes of the battle clearly.

It was rare to see a battle of this level in one's life. He thought that after watching, he might comprehend some new skills and learn a lot from them.

In the rolling blood sea, Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng kept shuttling back and forth. They were looking for the Bloodsucker Ancestor's avatar.

A bloody figure suddenly shot out from the right side of Lord Starry Sword. He had the strength that was as powerful as a Bloodsucker Prince.

Lord Starry Sword cast the bloody figure a cold glance. He then shot out a black and white sword intent and directly shattered him.

"You have really hidden your strength well enough."

Sensing the strength of the sword intent, Lord Feng, who was behind Lord Starry Sword, could not help but smack his lips.

He had fought with Lord Starry Sword once before. Their battle lasted for ten days and ten nights, and they both suffered some losses. In the end, Lord Starry S

. But... Darren is about to reach the Superior God Realm." Lord Feng frowned. An anxious look that had never been seen on him before suddenly appeared on his face.

When Lord Starry Sword heard these words, his expression changed too.

Darren was not only a Defiant Master but also a cultivator of Conflicting Cultivation. Once he stepped into the Superior God Realm, it would cause a huge turmoil. If that happened, not only the chief gods but also the ancestors of various races would figure out the human masters' real whereabouts. The Bloodsucker Ancestor would probably come from the space far away to kill them.

If their gathering place was discovered, the human race would experience the greatest crisis. Therefore, the fate of the entire human race was related to Darren's reaching the Superior God Realm.

"Let's talk about that later," Lord Starry Sword suggested as he put his black and white divine swords away.

Lord Feng fell silent. He looked into the sky, lost in thought.

After a long time, everything went back to peace again.

On the seventh floor of the Starry Tower, two Bloodsucker Princes were lying prone and trembling.

Lord Starry Sword led Darren and flew over to the two Bloodsucker Princes.

"Darren, do your business with them," he said.

Darren nodded. His main purpose was to save Elsa and the leader of the Blood Cloud Region. One of the Bloodsucker Princes here would be used to transform them while the other was Joris, Carthy's father. He had promised not to kill him, so he would naturally keep his word.

"Carthy, come out now," Darren summoned.

He then released Carthy from his small world and let him land in front of Joris.

Joris raised his head and stared at Carthy's face. Suddenly, a wound appeared in his heart, making him feel the unbearable pain.

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